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Classic WoW Zuggy Video!

March 26, 2009 by · 7 Comments 

old-shcool-zuggyHey guys, while this certainly doesnt’ fall into line with my “usual” post, I managed to come across some really old video footage that I thought might get a few laughs. Both of these videos were shot in my first real raiding guild, Entropy of Smolderthorn. This was my raiding guild during the majority of classic WoW and I’m still playing with a good chunk of the same guys today. Both of these videos are fairly short (2 minutes each).

This first video is our guild’s first Ragnaros kill (keep an eye out at 1:00…there’s a shot of 1.0 Zuggy!) and the second video is from our first Onyxia kill. Enjoy!

Entropy vs. Ragnaros

Entropy vs. Onyxia