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Ultimate WoW Guide: Gold, Leveling, and More

October 2, 2010 by · 18 Comments 

Welcome to Zug Gaming’s very first blog carnival! The theme of this month’s carnival is Help a Noob Day!

At some point we were all new to WoW, and chances are that someone was kind enough to help set you straight on how things go down. So this month we’re returning the favor by offering new players a complete resource developed by some of the best WoW bloggers out there. Each and every one of these guides was developed by a top WoW blogger, author, or guide writer.

These guys know their stuff…trust me. One final note before we hop in. A big thanks to Markco of Markco’s 20k Leveling. He originally gave me the idea, so we can all thank him in part for this event. He’s also been gracious enough to sponsor our event. If you haven’t already make sure to check out Markco’s 20k Leveling Guide. It’s the ultimate guide to make insane gold using tactics Markco has developed over years of extensive gaming.

wow gold guide

Also, as a special treat Markco is giving away one of his 20k Levleing Guides for free! Just a leave a comment below and you’ll be entered in the contest. We’ll randomly select a winner in a few days. Cheers!

WoW Gold Making Guides

  • Too Greedy – “how to be rich, noob’s guide”, doesn’t get much  more straight forward than that. Great tips for any new player in the art of gold making.
  • The Gnomish Coin – in-depth test and analysis for item specific targeting in the level 1-15 range. If you’ve never really spent time at all on focused gold making this is a great place to start. Reveals how Gnomer made 187 gold by leveling 15!
  • Cold’s Gold Factory – setting your very first WoW goals, and why setting goals is important. What goals should you set? Why? Cold’s got you covered.
  • Euro Gaming Radar – quick gold tip, fast, easy, and effective for players in the level 25-35 range.

WoW Leveling Guides

  • Zug Gaming – comprehensive overview of the major elements for leveling in WoW. Includes how to find stuff (anything!), questing vs. grinding, gear for leveling, dungeon leveling, power leveling, and making gold while leveling.
  • Small Badger Called Dave – helpful tips on the importance of traveling, and how to do it, while leveling up.

WoW General Guides

  • Sameul Tempus – great guide detailing the major tips to a successful WoW career by starting the correct way in a variety of areas…from leveling alts to gold and a bunch of stuff in-between
  • MMO Melting Pot – comprehsive guide with a lot of great starting tactics and resources for new players. Covers a wide range of tips including making gold, addons, dungeons, items, quests, and more.
  • Capped by Cata – how to have a fun WoW experience by interacting with other players. Includes major list of Do’s and Don’ts. (I swear, some of my old guild mates could have used this list)
  • Miss Mediocre – stories and anecdotes of major mistakes made in the early days, also some helpful tips on how you can avoid some of these same basic mistakes that everyone makes.
  • Gnomeaggedon – great intro guide for all players, how to avoid being a “nub” and what you can do to turn that ship around.

WoW Interface / Addon Guides

  • Follow the Gold Road – comprehensive overview of what an addon is, how to install, use, and a short list of some really powerful addons you’ll want to check out.

WoW Class Guides

  • The Hunter’s Arsenal – essential tips and strategy points for all new hunters out there. Great overview of the class and it’s major functions and tactics.