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Vote Zug Gaming for Most Skilled 2008!

February 10, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

It’s that time of year ago…Warcraft Movies Most Skilled of 2008! This year I managed to make the ballot, featuring the following World of Warcraft videos…

PvP Videos

PvE Videos

Upcoming Projects

  • Sluggy 1: Will be my first published video of my shaman PvP’ing. Will likely be played as restoration featuring some combination of feral druid / shaman 2v2, hunter / warlock / shaman 3v3, and hunter / mage / death knight / priest / shaman 5v5.
  • Sluggy’s 40 Shaman Alterac Valley
  • Uldar Boss Tutorials (10 and 25 man)


Please vote for me over at You have to be registered to vote, but it only takes a few moments. Also…my¬† name is listed Zuggy.

The first round end 2/15 so get your votes in early. Thanks for supporting Zug Gaming and voting for me!