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Site News and Upcoming Guide Dates

November 16, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

Hey guys, just a brief news announcement regarding both my upcoming premium and free site guides. Please note, during the next few days there will not be many posts on the site. This is so I can enjoy the initial leveling blitz of the expansion. Once things die down I’ll be releasing scores of new and updated guides.

…also, don’t forget that my best hair cut of Azeroth contest is still going on! You can win a free 60 day game card, the deadline is this Friday!

Premium Guides:

  • Zuggy’s Gold Mastery Guide – WotLK Update, 11/30/08
  • Zuggy’s Powerful Professions Guide – WotLK Update, 11/30/08
  • Zuggy’s Speed Leveling 1-80 Horde Guide – WotLK Update, 11/30/08

Free Site Guides:

  • Class Talent Builds – first guides will release 11/21/08, will continue through 11/30/08 with additional updates added as needed.
  • Class Macros – updates for existing macros will begin 11/21/08, otherwise these guides are already completed.
  • Class Focus Macros – updates for existing macros will begin 11/21/08, additional class focus macros will be added through 11/30/08.
  • Professions Guides – existing guides will be updated following my premium guides launch, sometime around 12/1/08 to 12/7/08. No ETA on new profession guides.
  • Instance Guides - 5 / 10 man instances will begin as soon as I start completing these instances, which will likely be around 11/20/08 and continue into the coming weeks and months. These will include in depth strategies, video, and possible audio explanations of encounters and bosses.
  • Arena Strategies – early updates will begin 12/9/08, major strategy overhaul will begin 12/16/08 and continue through arena season 5. Most current guides will be updated and additional guides will be added for other classes, comps, strategies, etc.

If you have a guide would like to suggest just drop me an email via the contact link in the menu bar up top. I’m more than willing to divert time to a subject matter if there is a need for it. Your feedback is always appreciated to me.

I”m still working on hammering out a better way to organize all of these guides for easy viewing, and I think I’m fairly close to a workable solution. All of these new guides will be organized in such a way that they can be easily browsed and navigated.