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Warrior Talent Builds

June 23, 2009 by · 3 Comments 

warrior-talent-buildZugGaming has the bes

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t Warrior talent builds for you. All of Warriors talent specs are used in end game raiding and pvp. Although most warrior talent builds are pretty basic, make sure to check the spec for your weapon.

Warrior PvP Talent Builds

Unfortunately for Warriors, they are limited to specing arms for pvp. Except for season 5, arms is the most viable spec for warriors

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in arena. The biggest difference in warrior talent builds is the difference in weapon spec.

Warrior PvE Talent Builds

In pve Warriors can spec for

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dps or tanking. Most raid groups will consist of one prot spec warrior and one dps spec warrior. Arms dps is usually lower then fury, but has talents to improve bleed effects which is beneficial to the raids.

Warrior Leveling Talent Builds

Warriors are a great class to level because you can play all specs and learn your class. Both prot and arm talents specs are great for aoe leveling. Fury has the least down time because bloodthirst heals back most of the damage taken. All warrior leveling specs are great for instance leveling also.

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