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WoTLK Honor Gear Prices

October 13, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

For those that have been waiting to hear the dreaded honor point costs of gear ever since Zuggy first talked about it, I logged on the beta realms today to get the scoop.

There are two different sets of honor gear in Wrath of the Lich King for level 80′s to try out.  The first set is called the Hateful Gladiator set and that will include pieces that have no arena rating requirement and are accessible to all players who saved up some points as soon as they hit level 80.

  • Hateful Gladiator Belt - 49600 Honor
  • Hateful Gladiator Bracer – 31600 Honor
  • Hateful Gladiator Boots - 49600 Honor
  • Hateful Gladiator Neck – 38000 Honor
  • Hateful Gladiator Cloak – 38000 Honor
  • Hateful Gladiator Ring – 38000 Honor
  • Medallion of the Horde - 49600 Honor (This has 84 Resiliance)

For the more experienced Gladiator, you can buy Deadly Gladiator gear with the following amount of honor and credentials:

  • Deadly Gladiator Belt – 62000 Honor and 1630 Personal Rating
  • Deadly Gladiator Bracer - 39400 Honor and 1660 Personal Rating
  • Deadly Gladiator Boots - 62000 Honor and 1720 Personal Rating
  • Deadly Gladiator Neck – 47400 Honor and 1600 Personal Rating
  • Deadly Gladiator Cloak - 47400 Honor and 1750 Personal Rating
  • Deadly Gladiator Ring – 47400 Honor and 1690 Personal Rating
  • Battlemaster’s Trinket – 62000 Honor and 1800 Personal Rating

Mage / Rogue Vs. Warlock / Rogue 2v2 Arena Strategy

September 25, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

This is really quick match, and it will only be quicker if anything goes wrong for either team.

Rogue Arena Strategy

Rush the warlock with everything you’ve got, and try to avoid as much of the opposing rogue’s damage as possible. Attempting to find a rogue with paranoia is an unnecessary risk.The lock will probably be dotting both of you, so if you’re dotted and caught in a Kidney shot feel free to trinket to finish up on the lock.

NEVER let the lock get a fear off, as that’s almost a guaranteed loss. Once the lock is down, you’ll probably have used up most of your cooldowns at this point, it’s up to your mage for a smooth get away from the rogue.

Mage Arena Strategy

Shatter combos on the lock as fast as possible. Sheeping the rogue might not buy you the full window of CC you’re used to, but it can buy you atleast 3 seconds as it will take time for the lock to send his fel hunter for a dispel. The pressure is really on for you to keep your rogue out of the danger zone and to shatter the warlock on demand. When the lock is dead attempt to control the rogue to let yours heal up, as a 1v1 while in your advantage is annoying and time consuming.

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Mage / Rogue vs. Warrior / Druid 2v2 Arena Strategy

September 3, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

mage rogue 2v2 strategyOh man for every one of you guys out there, you’ll see about thirty of these. Some are competent, others face roll.


See if you can find the druid in stealth. Before opening try to sap the warrior if possible. Do a KS lockdown to force the druid to trinket. Once you and your mage have a good CC train rolling on the warrior, Kidney shot again to shatter burst the druid.


Control the warrior in any way possible. Freeze effects, sheeps, whatever just take him out of the game and kill his carrier.

If the druid can’t be found:

Rogue open on the warrior(save premeditation) to force the druid to come out. Vanish and pull a switch to the druid, run cc trains on the warrior and win. It’s a good idea to not wait for the stealth detect eyes, as a smart druid will go into bear form at this point.

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Mage / Rogue 2v2 Arena Strategy

August 26, 2008 by · 5 Comments 

Mage / Rogue has been around for a long time, and one of the most popular dual dps cookie cutters around. That said, novices beware this comp is no walk in the park. Your success relies on good communication between you and your partner, also keeping a cool head. This setup has the potential to rob you of your sanity if you don’t relax.

Rogue Talent Spec

Take a standard 20/0/41 Shadowstep spec. If you’re looking for the point break down, check out Zuggy’s rogue arena specs guide.

Mage Talent Specs

I highly recommend a 17/0/44 deep frost, but some may prefer a full 61-point frost build. I’ve found Imp CS really helpful though. Make sure to check out Zuggy’s full guide on mage talent builds for further information.

Trinket Selection

The rogue will probably want to run with a Battlemaster’s Trinket, the mage might want to aswell but my partner prefers an offensive trinket so it really comes down to what you think you’ll benefit most from. In the end it’s your personal preference. I like the idea of having the battlemaster’s so you have a few final seconds to pull together a win.


PVE gear is in no way required or even really wanted. True that your damage output is important, but you’ll be running CC trains so it’s more about control than damage really. Gem offensively rogues, while mages might want to gem for some stam and resil, while keeping spell damage at a good amount. Don’t run into a match without atleast 10k health.


Much like any other dual dps team there is little to no room for error. You mess up your CC, your goose could..and probably will be cooked in a matter of seconds.

Other advice

Take a look at this 2v2 guide for mages by Orichi.

Mage /Rogue Arena Match-ups:

Rogue / Rogue vs. Priest / Rogue 2v2 Arena Strategy

August 9, 2008 by · 2 Comments 

rogue 2v2 strategyThis match-up is usually longer than most other combos. You can play it like Priest/Warlock, but it’s hard if you don’t get the sap off the rogue. If you’re sapped that can possibly work in your advantage, but usually it’s a bad thing(depending how far apart the priest and rogue are.)

Rogue 1

Get on the priest, burn your first set of cooldowns on him. The opposing rogue will likely counter open on you, but continue to wail on the priest. If you’re dotted think of them as a comfort zone to trinket. Your ultimate goal is to force the priest to trinket.

Rogue 2

Counter open the counter opening rogue. Use everything you’ve got on him, and lock him down as much as possible. You and your partner together have to pressure heals from the priest. Meaning you have to pump out damage to panic the priest into having to desperately heal his partner, while your partner forces the priest to have to heal themselves. Try to avoid dotting the rogue as you might have to keep him fresh for a blind.

Once either target trinkets simply blind them and train their partner. If both are resilient and neither decide to trinket they will likely die within the same time, as one can only survive so long on instants. To simplify the strategy in one phrase: Split dps, until one slips up.


You can play this out like priest/Warlock

Rogue 1

Hop on the priest, hit the rogue with a blind once he comes out and continue to dps the priest. If the priest lives through your onslaught and your partner is under pressure peel the rogue off him to let him bandage.

Rogue 2

Get on the priest as well, hit the rogue with a second blind. You both now have 5 seconds to kill the priest, or vanish sap the rogue. If the priest lives through your damage and the rogue is pressuring your partner peel him off to give your partner a chance to bandage.

I personally prefer strategy number one, but everyone has a preference. This is kind of a hard match-up so don’t take it too hard.

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Rogue / Rogue Vs. Warrior / Paladin 2v2 Arena Strategy

August 3, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

rogue arena strategyRogue / Rogue vs. warrior / paladin 2v2 is going to give you a headache, and has a very heavy advantage over you, even if you play 100 percent perfectly you still might get a loss, don’t let this cookie-cutter get you down. There’s two strats you can apply do whichever you feel most comfortable with.

Strategy Number 1

Rogue #1(the one with improved EA)

Bust out on the paladin with your first set of cooldowns, you can do a Cs==>Ks combo, or SnD. Honestly with the huge amount of armor a paladin has, SnD would simply be the better use of points here. Pop Evasion + GS(if the warrior is locking you down) and interrupt as many heals as possible. Hit the warrior with a blind. Once the pally pops bubble run away and reset the fight via vanish(try your best to LoS the warrior during bleed effects so he can’t charge and screw you over. Also keep in mind warriors have a 8 yd. dead zone so stay within that you can evade the intercept) Bandage if you have to, and when you can. Once bubble fades down the paladin.

Rogue #2

Get on the paladin aswell, hit the warrior with a quick sap first. Your choice of opener doesn’t matter as much in this phase of the fight. Pop GS + Evasion(If the warrior focuses on you) and cycle through interrupts with your partner, once the paladin bubble pops get ready to reset the fight. Heal up a bit if you have to, and go in with a garrote opener on the paladin snuff ‘em. Hit the warrior with your blind, during the paly blow-up phase(your partner forced his trinket with his frst blind earlier on in the match).

Strategy Number 2

Rogue #1

Get on the paladin, and manage energy for interrupts. Keep up SnD as it will help damage pressure. Evasion +GS if the warrior gets to you. Once the pally bubbles reset the fight and down him once his bubble is up. Be ready to CC the warrior when going for the kill

Rogue #2

Lockdown the warrior with CS going into KS. Keep him off your partner in anyway you can. Be ready to use Evasion + GS yourself as the warrior might get aggravated and attempt to down you. If the warrior pops his trinket on anything hit him with a blind, and help your partner force the pally bubble. Once the pally’s bubble is up snuff ‘em. Again be ready for a CC train on the warrior when you’re going for a kill on the pally.

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Rogue / Rogue Vs. Warlock / Rogue 2v2 Arena Strategy

July 22, 2008 by · 2 Comments 

This rogue / rogue vs. warlock / rogue 2v2 arena strategy demands you move fast. If you’re dealing with human rogues then you have to get on the warlock quick no question. If you’re talking a human with paranoia you’re done. The sheer amount of stealth detection will make it extremely difficult to get an opener.

Rogue #1

Open up on the lock with CS going into Expose Armor. Continue to wail on him, the opposing rogue will most likely open on you (as you should be the first one to open), hit him with a quick blind and call his trinket. If you’re dotted don’t cloak quite yet(DoTs give you the freedom to trinket something like a KS lockdown or maybe a fear, but really never let a lock get a fear off.) Manage your energy wisely, as you’ll have to be on the alert with interrupts.

Rogue #2

Open on the lock with a garrote, and hit him with a Kidney shot. Once the enemy rogue trinkets blind him(You now have 5 seconds to down the lock OR 5 seconds before you have to vanish/sap him). Again don’t immediately Cloak while you have DoTs as you’re given the freedom of trinketing.

This is a very quick match, and it’s almost a win every time if you get the opener. Locks are good at surviving burst damage, so don’t get frustrated.

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Rogue / Rogue Vs. Warrior / Druid 2v2 Arena Strategy

July 19, 2008 by · 2 Comments 

rogue arena strategyRogue / Rogue vs. warrior / druid 2v2 can be a difficult match up. If you get the opener you win, if not you’ve probably lost. Pay attention if your opponents are human and if that’s the case stay away from them for 20 seconds. Once the match begins you have about 2 minutes to find the druid(before stealth detect eyes come up). If you don’t find the druid, don’t worry Zuggaming has you covered on what to do.

If you find the druid…

Rogue #1 Strategy

Alert your partner the druid has been found, wait for them to get near you, then open up with a cheapshot going into an expose armor. Get ready to pop Evasion + GS because the warrior is going to be wailing on one of you. Blind the warrior and call his trinket. If your partner needs to bandage try to slow down the warrior any way possible to let them get away.

Rogue #1 Strategy

Once your partner finds the druid and you’re alerted hit the warrior with a real quick sap and get ready to down the druid. Open with a garrote going into a kidney shot(as your partner opened with CS and did an expose armor). You should also be ready to pop Evasion + Ghostly Strike as again the warrior will be wailing on one of you. Once the warrior pops his trinket on the first blind, you hit him with a second and continue to kill the druid. If your partner needs to get away to bandage stunlock the warrior or slow him down any way you can.

If the druid can’t be found:..

Rogue Arena Strategy

Both open with garrotes on the warrior followed by ruptures, once the druid pops vanish and do all of the above.

Hopefully you two will find the druid as it will make the match easier, but if not best of luck to you.

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Rogue / Rogue vs. Warlock / Priest 2v2 Arena Strategy

July 17, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

rogue arena strategyThis combo can be a very tricky one, if you save your Cloak of LOLspellsdon’thitme, then you victory will be much more easily guaranteed(a good time to use it is when the lock is lighting you up with about 4-6 DoTs.)

Rogue 1

Immediately get on the priest CS=>Expose Armor, blind the lock(or wait for your partner to force the trinket with their blind) and down the priest. Sorry you can’t vanish sap a lock unless the pet’s down and the energy use isn’t worth it.

Rogue 2

Sap the lock and garrote the priest going into a kidney shot. Blind the lock(or again wait for your partner to force the trinket with theirs) and continue to down the priest.

Fast match, if you can avoid ridiculous chain fears and being eaten <50% by DoTs you’ve won.

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Shadow Priest / Rogue vs. Mage / Rogue 2v2 Arena Strategy

June 21, 2008 by · 2 Comments 

In my opinion this team much scarier than Warlock/Rogue. Sure the lock has chain fears, but when it comes down to the burst ability of mage/rogue you’re really under pressure to be smart about not being taken out of the game by CC. I’ve put here two strategies you may apply and it really comes down to what you’re comfortable with.

Strategy One
Rogue Arena Strategy
Be patient at the beginning of the match. Even if you see the mage don’t attack him set a focus target on him if you have a focus casting bar mod, as this will come in handy for evading sheeps. The second you see the other rogue open up on your shadow priest partner open up on him and lock him down with CS straight into a KS. Continue to stick to the rogue and bring him down. Chances are you can probably down him 1 on 1 as he’ll be so obsessed over killing your partner.
Priest Arena Strategy
Hit the mage with a few dots and keep your shield up as the rogue is going to try and bring you down. While your rogue is busy with the other rogue you can go ahead and try and nuke him, or you can try to solo the mage. If going 1 on 1 is out of the question atleast try to help interfere CC from him.

Strategy Two
Rogue Arena Strategy
Move fast on the mage, and sap the rogue if you happen to see him. Move fast because if you get sapped you just lowered your chances of winning to slim(if not just plain none.) Use a garrote opener on the mage as CS’ing if you don’t know by now will simply be a waste of energy. Zerg down the mage with everything you’ve got and try to save trinket for the blind as it turn a good game to a bad one VERY QUICKLY!
Priest Arena Strategy
Just like strategy number one the rogue is probably going for you, so just start dispel spamming and dealing damage whilst keeping yourself alive. Pressure is going to be on this match, so keep a cool head and try to create a blind/sap opening for your rogue.

Again apply what you feel comfortable with, and I hope this helps.

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Strategy courtesy of S-Scythe

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