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Thorim Boss Strategy Guide

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Thorim is the 10th boss encounter of Ulduar. This boss is located in the Clash of Thunder.

Thorim Boss Abilities

  • Health Points: 11,300,000 (heroic)
  • Stormhammer – deals 2,451-2,551 damage, knocking down and stunning for 2 seconds. Causes deafening thunder to all nearby enemies.
    • Defeaning Thunder – inflicts 4,625-5,375 nature damage to enemies in close proximity of a stormhamer. Silences for 6 seconds
  • Beserk – Increases damage by 500%, attack / cast speed by 200% and health by 300% of Thorim and his allies.
  • Unbalancing Strike – Deals 250% weapon damage and leaves the target unbalanced, reducing defense by 200 for 15 seconds
  • Lightning Charge – absorbs energy from a target, deals nature damage to all enemies in a frontal cone between caster and the targeted enemy. Increases the caster’s melee damage / attack speed by 20%.

Gauntlet Mobs and Abilities

  • Jormungar Behemoth
    • Acid Breath – deals 12,000 nature damage and 1500 additional damage every 2 seconds.
    • Sweep – deals 6,000 damage and knockdown for 3 seconds.
  • Captured Horde / Alliance Soldier
    • Barbed Shot – deals 4,513-4,987 physical damage and an additional 500 damage every 3 seconds for 12 seconds.
  • Captured Horde / Alliance Soldier 2

    • Heroic Strike – strong melee attack that deals 5,088-5,912 with a high amount of threat
    • Devastate – sunders armor and causes 50%, sunder armor stacks up to 5 times
  • Captured Horde / Alliance Healer
    • Heal – area of effect healing (details needed)
  • Dark Rune Acolyte
    • Holy Smite – deals 7,500 holy damage
    • Greater Heal – heals an ally for 86,500 (confirmation needed on this number)
  • Dark Rune Champion
    • Whirlwind – standard area of effect whirlwind damage plus an additional 100
    • Mortal Strike – deals 250% weapon damage and reduces healing by 50% for 5 seconds.
    • Charge – charges and enemy knocking them down and dealing normal weapon damage plus 120.
  • Dark Rune Evoker
    • Runic lightning – deals 7.875-10,125 nature damage
    • Runic Mending – heals an ally for 18,500-21,500 then heals an additional 6,000 health every 1 second for 15 seconds.
  • Dark Rune Commoner
    • Low Blow – standard attack and reduces the target’s damage dealt by 3% for 20 seconds.
    • Pummel – interrupts spell casting for 5 seconds.
  • Dark Rune Warbringer
    • Runic Strike – deals nature damage equal to weapon damage with an additional 1000
    • Iron Honor Guard
    • Cleave – deals 150% of melee damage, standard cleave mechanic
    • Hamstring – Deals 50% of normal melee damage and reduces movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds
  • Iron Ring Guard
    • Whirling Trip – 2 second knockdown, dealing weapon damage
    • Impale – causes target to bleed until healed past 90% of maximum health. Deals 1750 damage per second until removed.
  • Ancient Rune Giant
    • Stomp – weapon damage plus a 2 second knock down.
  • Runic Colossus
    • Smash – deals 13,875-16,125 damage, knocking them up
    • Charge – charges an enemy, deals normal damage with an additional 120 and a knock back
    • Runic Barrier – reduces physical damage taken by 50% and deals 2,000 arcane damage to attackers

Thorim Boss Strategy

Before the fight even begins you’ll want to split your raid into 2 groups. Group 1 will be the gauntlet group and should be composed of at least 2 tanks, 3 healers and caster DPS. Group 2 will be the Colosseum group and will fight the mobs in the arena area. This group should also have 2 tanks, 3 healers and your melee / hunter dps (due to the silence). The gauntlet group will work their way up to Thorim and the Colosseum group will simply fight the mobs and survive until group 1 makes it to Thorim.

After group 1 completes the gauntlet Thorim will jump down into the Colosseum, group 1 will follow him. At this point it’s a pretty standard tank and spank fight. When Thorim hits a tank with unbalancing strike another tank will need to taunt. Continue pumping out as much DPS as possible. Now it’s just a DPS race against lightning charge, which will 1 shot tanks.

Thorim Hard Mode Strategy

Most are saying the hard mode encounter includes Sif, Thorim’s dead wife. She won’t be tankable and will simply run around producing additional raid damage. Note that this has yet to be confirmed.

Thorim Video Strategy (10 man)

Thorim Video Strategy (25 man)