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The Iron Council Boss Strategy Guide

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The Iron Council is the 5th boss encounter of Ulduar. This encounter includes 3 separate bosses: Steelbreaker, Runemaster Molgeim, and Stonecaller Brundir. After killing any of the 3 the other 2 will receive a +25% damage increase. Killing one of the remaining 2 bosses grants the final boss left alive additional abilities.

The Iron Council Abilities

  • Health Points: 30,000,000 (total, heroic), 10,000,000 (total, normal)
  • Enrage timer after 10 minutes
  • Supercharge – after one of the other bosses die the remaining bosses gain a +25% damage increase and an additional ability.
  • Elemental Adds:
    • Lightning Blast – When these adds get to their targets they deal 14,138-15,862 nature damage 30 yard radius explosion, killing the add. Spawned by Rune of Summoning (detailed below).
  • Steelbreaker:
    • Health Points: 10,000,000 (heroic), 3,000,000 (normal)
    • Fusion Punch – Deals 100% weapon damage an an additional 8,000 nature damage per second.
    • High Voltage – An aura that deals 2,500 nature damage every 3 seconds.
    • Static Disruption – Steelbreaker gains this buff when one of the other bosses has been killed first. It deals 7,500 nature damage and increases nature damage taken by 50% for 20 seconds.
  • Runemaster Molgeim:
    • Rune of Power – 5 yard radius group buff that deals more damage to anyone standing in it.
    • Rune of Death – Runemaster gains this buff when one of the other bosses has been killed first. Deals 6,000 damage per second to anyone standing in this 13 yard radius of this AoE on the ground.
    • Rune of Summoning – Runemaster gains this buff when two of the other bosses has been killed first. Summons elemental adds that explode when they touch players (detailed above).
  • Stormcaller Brundir:
    • Chain Lightning – Deals nature damage that arcs up to 5 different targets. Can be interrupted.
    • Overload – Deals 25,000 nature damage to anyone within a 30 yard radius. Goes off after the emote “PEASANTS HAS CROSSED THE LINE”.
    • Lightning Whirl – Stormcaller gains this buff after one of the other bosses has been killed first. Hurls a lightning bolt at a random target, deals 6598-7402 nature damage, 5 second duration.
    • Lightning Tendrils – Stormcaller gains this buff after two of the other bosses have been killed first. Runs around the room very fast and deals 8,000 damage per second to anyone nearby. Should be taunted back to the floor, where you can DPS him.

The Iron Council Boss Strategy

Phase 1 – All 3 Bosses Up

Raid groups can kill the 3 bosses in any order you wish, however, the generally accepted easiest route is Steelbreaker –> Molegeim –> Brundir. Step one in this fight is simply setting up your tanking positions. Steelbreaker and Molgeim should be tanked in the front corners of the room. Due to the overload explosion you must tank Brundir away from the raid, generally towards the back of the room is the optimal position.

Boss Specific Notes

  • The tank on Brundir needs to run away from the boss as Overload is going off, minimizing damage.
  • Players attacking Brundir should always try to interrupt chain lightning casts.
  • Molgeim will drop rune of power throughout the fight underneath Brundir and Steelbreaker. Tanks should reposition these bosses when this occurs to remove them from getting the buff and allow your DPS to get the buff.
  • Steelbreaker will be fusion punching your tank. When this occurs he will need additional heals and a dispel.

Phase 2 – 2 Bosses Up

After your raid has killed the first boss the other two bosses will gain new abilities. If you are killing the bosses in the order suggested above then you’ll have Molgeim and Brundir up at this point.

Boss Specific Notes

  • Molegeim now has Rune of Death. Massive green AoE rune on the ground, deals 6,000 damage per second to those players standing within it. Move out of it.
  • Brundir now has lightning whirl. Randomly tosses lightning bolts at raid members, heal through it.

Phase 3 – 1 Boss Up

At this point only Brundir is left up, so let’s take him down! With Molegeim now dead Brundir gains a new ability, lightning tendrils. Using these tendrils he will lift up into the air. Anyone standing nearby will take massive amounts of nature damage…so, don’t stand near the boss if you’re not a tank.

You can keep Brundir in the same location by rotating taunts with 3 tanks. Thus allowing your range DPS to deal more damage. In addition, Brundir will occasionally drop to the ground, allowing melee DPS a chance to get some DPS in.

At this point it’s simply a matter of continuing to burn Brundir down and keeping heals flowing. Keep it up and you’ll have Brundir down in no time.

The Iron Council Hard Mode Strategy

To complete The Iron Council on hard mode you must kill Steelbreaker last.

Complete strategy for hard mode will be added in the coming days.

The Iron Council Video (10 man)

The Iron Council Video (25 man)

Ulduar Instance Guide & Boss Strategies

April 10, 2009 by · 9 Comments 

Ulduar is blizzard’s newest instance creation and the first major patch development project for Wrath of the Lich King. This instance features some of blizzard’s finest design work and will certainly be one of the most challenging dungeons yet.

Ulduar is the first dungeon to be developed with various in-fight difficulty levels. Of course, there are normal and heroic (10 / 25 man) modes, but in addition many fights now have a “hard mode”. This works similar to the way Sartharion worked, with the addition of each drake ramping up the overall difficulty of the fight. All normal, heroic, and “hard mode” difficulties will be covered below in the individual ulduar boss strategies guides below.

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