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PvE Boss Strategy and Etiquette

June 21, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

Hey guys i would like to talk about Etiquette and knowing what to do in PVE…especially Karazhan.

1. Research Bosses and Encounters
There nothing more annoying then someone who’s knew to a particular instance such as Karazhan going and doing everything wrong. Now i can use one such example as “Shade of Aran”, he has a variety of ability’s that can turn an awesome fight into a bloodbath.

Researching bosses is vital in pve, not knowing what to do when example Shade of Aran uses Flame Wreath or Arcane explosion can cause your group to fail miserably and leave them with a nasty repair bill. Make sure you know what to do… also if the leader is talking to you and telling you what to do talk back; there is nothing more annoying then telling someone a whole 5 minutes of information when they just run out and die again. This leads me to the point of feedback, when a leader tells you that this boss does this recap what he says e.g. “Shade of Aran will use Flame Wreath when this happens DON’T MOVE”… respond to this by saying “Ok i wont move when he uses Flame Wreath”, it just makes the leaders life easier knowing that you know what to do.

2. Loot Etiquette
There isn’t anything more frustrating then doing a 3 hour raid and then someone out rolling you on a piece of gear, with this comes etiquette. If a player that has green bracer’s rolls on a epic bracer’s and you do to but your bracer’s are far better then him “Pass” if you win the roll and let him take them, they are a far bigger upgrade to him then to you, not only will this earn you respect with that fellow player but it will also maximize your raids efficiency.
“Main set before off set” this is a neat little rule to describe before you enter the heart of an instance, it saves time and trouble over certain loots. Only if that peice of gear is better then yours and you need them the most, and it is for your main set then yes, you can have a fair chance on rolling for that epic, but it is really annoying to fellow players that a “Enhance shammy” gets those awesome healing legs off “X” boss when there is a “Resto Shammy” that needs them. If there is no one in the raid that needs them for their main set then its anyones chance to grab an offset piece, but please if you are rolling for that certain offpiece be sure that you will actually use it in future.
“Cloth,Leather,Mail,Plate” all of these different types of amour are made for different classes, if a epic leather piece of gear drops it should be automatically made that first priority is given to Druids and Rogues, if no one can use that or no one in the leather class needs them, then the next priority should be Shamans and Hunters and so on up to warriors and pallies.
“Congratulations” a simple “Congratz” or “Gratz” can be quite effective by earning another players respect, using this phrase after someone in your party/raid receives a piece of loot is a nice way of saying “good on you”. Also if you are out rolled by someone on a certain peice of gear that you both need don’t rage and start shouting about how you’ve been trying to get that for “X” amount of time, simply say “Gratz” and move on, there is many more chances in later instances/raids that you will get that piece.

3. The Blame Game
No one likes being blamed wrongly, or even blamed at all for an incident that has happened, it shows your bad side if you instantly start blaming someone for that certain “pull” or “wipe”. If you see that someone has accidentally pulled an “extra mob” or died during a “boss encounter” do not scream at them about how they “Epic Fail”, simply show your kind side and offer them tips for next time on what to do to minimize the risk of it happening again.
If you know you caused your party/raid to wipe own up, don’t stand there like a stunned mullet and keep defending that it wasn’t you and it was someone else, simply say “Sorry that was my fault for that then” or “It was my fault it won’t happen again”, many times this will work and instead of being kicked from the party for having a big argument on who’s fault it was they will recognize that you owned up for it and they will try again. This has worked many times during my “Oops i pulled Curator, omg aggro radius” times or my “What??? I pulled threat off tank”, just generally being nice in raids will help you achieve more and have more fun, it will also speed up the time your party/raid completes the instance/raid.

4. The End
When a party/raid has finished, dont just leave vent and quit party, say “Thankyou for the Run” and then leave once you have said your goodbyes. In many other cases you might want to talk to the raid leader and organise a second party/raid or organise for the next weeks party/raid, this is an easy way to make friends and have guaranteed spots for party’s/raids.

Hopefully this guide has helped you a bit with common everyday WoW play.

Strategy courtesy of Electrocow

Shadow Priest / Rogue vs. Mage / Rogue 2v2 Arena Strategy

June 21, 2008 by · 2 Comments 

In my opinion this team much scarier than Warlock/Rogue. Sure the lock has chain fears, but when it comes down to the burst ability of mage/rogue you’re really under pressure to be smart about not being taken out of the game by CC. I’ve put here two strategies you may apply and it really comes down to what you’re comfortable with.

Strategy One
Rogue Arena Strategy
Be patient at the beginning of the match. Even if you see the mage don’t attack him set a focus target on him if you have a focus casting bar mod, as this will come in handy for evading sheeps. The second you see the other rogue open up on your shadow priest partner open up on him and lock him down with CS straight into a KS. Continue to stick to the rogue and bring him down. Chances are you can probably down him 1 on 1 as he’ll be so obsessed over killing your partner.
Priest Arena Strategy
Hit the mage with a few dots and keep your shield up as the rogue is going to try and bring you down. While your rogue is busy with the other rogue you can go ahead and try and nuke him, or you can try to solo the mage. If going 1 on 1 is out of the question atleast try to help interfere CC from him.

Strategy Two
Rogue Arena Strategy
Move fast on the mage, and sap the rogue if you happen to see him. Move fast because if you get sapped you just lowered your chances of winning to slim(if not just plain none.) Use a garrote opener on the mage as CS’ing if you don’t know by now will simply be a waste of energy. Zerg down the mage with everything you’ve got and try to save trinket for the blind as it turn a good game to a bad one VERY QUICKLY!
Priest Arena Strategy
Just like strategy number one the rogue is probably going for you, so just start dispel spamming and dealing damage whilst keeping yourself alive. Pressure is going to be on this match, so keep a cool head and try to create a blind/sap opening for your rogue.

Again apply what you feel comfortable with, and I hope this helps.

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Strategy courtesy of S-Scythe

Shadow Priest / Rogue 2v2 Arena Strategy

June 21, 2008 by · 8 Comments 

Well this weekend I recently started playing with my friend who’s a Shadow priest and I have to say it’s been a blast so far. In this first section I’ll break down this combo, and with time will go into specific combos.

Rogue Arena Talent Spec:
Now in this type of team the rogue will probably want to go with either an AR / Prep build or a Shadowstep build

Personally, I’m more biased towards Shadowstep as the standard assassination talents and Vile Poisons really are just amazing. Others may like the burst ability of Ar/Prep and by all means more power to you.
Priest Arena Talent Spec:
Arena Shadow Priest Specs

Now that you have you’re talents chosen let’s begin with the way most fights work with this team.
In most fights you and your teammate will usually be trying to CC the healer and down the dps in Healer/DPS combos(druids can be an exception to this) while going for the squishier of the two dps targets in Dual Dps situations. The one thing that is going to win you a game is your ability to coordinate CC well. This means rotating fears, blinds, saps as needed and being perfect about calling out trinket pops.

Arena Trinkets
The priest will definitely want a battlemaster’s trinket as people are going to stick to you like white on rice. The rogue can justify using one as well as sometimes it will really pull through for certain combos. Now if you do grab your BM trinket try not to gimp your offensive capabilities too much.

Team Weaknessess
Well your number one problem in this combo is: Undead opponents. Will of the Forsaken can be a real killer sometimes.
Another weakness is that you guys are meant for quick 1-2 minute matches. If you don’t have someone down by the first 30-60 seconds, the chances are that you’re going down.

Hope this first section helped look out for specific combos strategies in the coming days.

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Arena Gear and Equipment

June 21, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

Hey guys, this is my first addition to Zuggaming and i hope to add more. So lets start with your welfare epics!

Many people may be abused by other apparent “Leet” players about having these welfare epics (gladiators and soon to be Merciless), but i think they are just scared we might beat em!

So with that out of the way i have 5 easy steps to get geared.

1. PvE Gear
When you first hit 70 you should have a few blues and mostly greens, now you may think that this is not the best in the world, but don’t stress. Your current gear should be good enough to enter a few Pug Karazhan raids if your lucky. Many drops in Karazhan can easily upgrade your gear tremendously, even if your gear does not have the “Resilience” or “Stamina” that you may want it doesn’t hurt to have epics to replace your greens and blues. Try to set aside a day each week to pve (such as Karazhan or Daily Heroics).

2. Badge Items and Gear
Don’t waste your badges on nether vortexes or epic gems, even though this can significantly boost your stock of cash it is not worth it. Many trinkets and offhands such as relics,totems and idols cost a few badges and can be a significant upgrade. These trinkets are essential in pve and in many cases pvp. A usual set up of a pvp/arena geared player is that they will carry “Medallion of the Horde” and a Badge Trinket. To achieve these badges you can easily reach around 25 – 30 badges a week just by doing a full karazhan run and the daily heroic.

3. Save, Save, Save!
Since 2.4 hit your pvp marks can now be turned in for honor (1 of each mark = 314 honor). Even though this may sound like a good thing don’t become a slave to the temptation of wasting all your marks, it becomes very frustrating in future knowing you have the honour but you need to grind bg’s all day just to get the marks for that required item. Usually the marks even out anyway, the amount of time needed to grind the marks for your item will usually make up for the honor you need for that item, so unless your mailbox is exploding with 100′s of marks try to resist the temptation of turning in your marks for honor.

4. Arena Points and Gear
Many people in World of Warcraft do not like arena’s, in many cases i can recall myself residing pve and bg’s over constant arena games, but Arena is your friend!! Try to at least get 10 games a week with a friend, even if your team is a 1300 rating 2v2 team it still adds up. If you see that you can nearly afford those S3/soon to be S4 gloves you have always wanted and yet you do not have your Gladiator/soon to be merciless gloves, don’t waste your honor; take time to think and ask yourself is it really worth spending 11250 honor on these gloves when i will soon be replacing them? This allows you to be more efficient with your honor and allows you to gain gear faster!

and finally on to my last point..

5. Read Forums (and!) and Learn Your Class
Simply flicking through forums can have a major affect on how you play your class, many forums and dedicated world of warcraft sites such as “This site, the best unofficial WoW site ever” can give you many hints and strategies on how to maximize your playing. Many sites can offer you a wide variety of macros/guides/arena strategies and more, Who knows, this information might lead you to having a better arena team, getting into raids easier and having more fun on your behalf. One of the most important things i have seen in world of warcraft is “Don’t be afraid of criticism” even though many of us will often snob criticism off and usually tell that person a few words that are not nice many people can still have good helpful ideas and tips for you, Constructive criticism is your friend… even though you might not like being told how to play your class it does not hurt taking someones advice on different aspects of the game. Not only will criticism help you improve, but you will also earn respect among the people who criticized you, they will learn that your not that “Uber Noob”. Earning respect among people on your server earns you a greater chance of being invited to Arena teams/raids and guilds.

PS 6: Be time efficient
Know what you are going to do and set to achieve a goal, such as i want to earn X amount of honor and X amount of badges tonight. Find out what your server is best at, such as if your server is constantly winning Av’s then constantly do them, AV will always give you the most honor and is the most efficient way to farm honor.

Strategy courtesy of Electrocow

Shadow Priest / Rogue vs. Shadow Priest / Rogue 2v2 Arena Strategy

June 21, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

Nobody likes these, and to be quite honest this fight comes down to racials. If you’re Undead gratz you made the right race choice as the other team is going to be struggling with you. You know unless they happen to be undead too…

Rogue Arena Strategy
If you see the opposing rogue it’s never a bad idea to sap. Anyways open up on the priest and do everything in your power to get him down as fast as possible. You will want to blind/sap the rogue if you’re permitted to do so.

Priest Arena Strategy
The opposing rogue will be starting on you, and you’ll probably want to do as much damage and give out as many DoTs as you can before this happens. If you’re opponents are undead a CC train is almost out of the question.

In the end this fight will come down to luck and your amount of damage, best of luck to you.

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Strategy courtesy of S-Scythe

Shadow Priest / Rogue vs. Shaman / Warrior 2v2 Arena Strategy

June 21, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

This team has an advantage over Priest/Rogue, but not over you!
Rogue Arena Strategy
Alright you just want to start off the combat quick in this match. Sap the warrior(Shadowstep sap if he’s like right next to his shaman partner). Open up on the shaman and unload. The warrior will probably try to lock you down so Ghostly Strike + Evasion and continue to unload on the shaman. You’ll also want to conserve energy for kicks, as they shaman will be spam healing themselves every time they don’t move

Priest Arena Strategy
Using your mount get to the shaman ASAP. Unload damage upon him, and help your rogue with interrupts via silence. Fear bomb every now and again to give your rogue or yourself some breathing room from the warrior.

Very simple match-up, have fun!

Need more strategies? Check out the full shadow priest / rogue 2v2 arena guide!

Strategy courtesy of S-Scythe

Shadow Priest / Rogue vs. Rogue / Druid 2v2 Arena Strategy

June 21, 2008 by · 4 Comments 

This match will be very similar to the Shaman/Warrior. Kill the healer, and CC the DPS if you’re allowed.

Rogue Arena Tactics

Alright this will come down to you finding the opposing rogue or not. If you find the druid do not open on him until that rogue is out of stealth too, he can make things hell for your partner! If the opposing rogue opens on your priest, then counter open(without popping CD’s), and the second you see the druid vanish and reopen on him. Lay out your damage, and CC the opposing rogue if racials allow it. Shiv Crippling is your friend! This is where a Shadowstep build with vile poisons really pulls through. Restrict yourself to blowing only one set of CD as Shadowstep as if you’re late on killing the druid it might come down to a 1 on 1 with the opposing rogue.

Priest Arena Tactics
Careful of the opposing rogue, if you’re a Human good luck finding him. Once you see the druid help your rogue take him out, and fear the rogue calling out the trinket if you can. Basically get the druid down within a 30 second window and it will be a smooth ride. Any later than that it might come down to rogue @ rogue and nobody likes a CD fight.

Need more strategies? Check out the full shadow priest / rogue 2v2 arena guide!

Strategy courtesy of S-Scythe

Shadow Priest / Rogue vs. Warlock / Rogue 2v2 Arena Strategy

June 21, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

Caster/Melee DPS @ Caster/Melee DPS! This fight comes down to who gets the opener. I pray your opponents aren’t undead or humans. This match will be quick, so get moving. Priest I recommend fear ward on your rogue.

Rogue Arena Strategy
Alright, open up on the lock in all your fury ASAP. If you see the opposing rogue, great give him a sap this is just a pure bonus. Careful of when you pop your trinket, as the opposing rogue can turn the tables via blind/sap.

Priest Arena Strategy
Get on the warlock too and just burst him down with everything you’ve got. The rogue will really be trying to pressure you, so if race permits use a fear—>blind/sap combo to get him outta your hair and win the game!

Act fast, be cool and show them your game face.

Need more strategies? Check out the full shadow priest / rogue 2v2 arena guide!

Strategy courtesy of S-Scythe

Moonkin Druid / Rogue 2v2 Arena Video: Buddhist & Lewt

June 21, 2008 by · 9 Comments 

rogue moonkin druid strategyFor those of you that have been even vaguely aware of the
rogue community then the name Buddhist should sound very familiar. Previously Buddhist has been known for his humorous videos, but I hope his most recent release is a sign of things to come.

Without question, this is one of the best moonkin / rogue 2v2 videos I’ve seen. In addition to be quite entertaining, Buddhist has included textual commentary throughout the video. These notes, though brief, give a some great insights into each strategy on a team by team basis.

If you’re having some trouble really finding success with druid / rogue 2v2 I’d strongly suggest checking out this video. It’s got great pointers and a wide variety of matchups.

Download here or stream below.

Author: Buddhist
Title: Lewt carries me in 2v2
1) Lewt – Druid – 48/0/13
2) Buddhist – Rogue – 41/20/0 and 20/0/41

Rogue / Druid 2v2 Arena Strategy

June 21, 2008 by · 11 Comments 

rogue druid arena strategyThe druid / rogue combo is an excellent team matrix and has the potential to go to the highest ratings. At times it may seem weak, but with practice you’ll learn to master the mechanics of coordinated crowd control that this matrix requires.

As with any team, there are distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Rogue / Druid Advantages:
-Awesome crowd control via the druid
-You can go out of combat (OOC) at virtually any time if something goes wrong or you need mana.
-Dual stealth.
-Lots of control via the rogue’s stuns and interrupts
-Very strong cooldowns and the ability to kite quite well.
-Ability to play both very offensively and defensively (spec depending)

Rogue / Druid Disadvantages:
-The druid must rely heavily on the rogue to lock down opposing targets, thus allowing the druid to crowd control and heal effectively
-Very precise matrix, timing is key in this matrix (specifically with cyclone)

Druid Arena Talent Builds
8/11/42 This is the baseline restoration build. It offers the most healing of any viable talent build for druids.
11/11/39 Similar to the build below, slightly less offensive allowing for additional points in healing centric talents.
13/11/37 A more offensive version of the restoration build. Drops points in some of the excessive healing talents for 20% range on balance spells, insect swarm, and improved moon fire.

34/0/27 This talent spec is vastly different than the above 3 I have listed. I requires a very offensive approach on both the rogue and druids part. While you pickup some of the good restoration talents you don’t have the ability to survive long durations as easily with this talent specs. However, plays comfortable with quickly shifting from defensive to offensive roles (IE..spamming wrath during bomb periods once you’ve got some crowd control out) will find this build well suited to them.

Need more spec advice? Druid Arena Talent Specs

Rogue Arena Talent Builds
49/0/12 (Heavy Poisons)
Mutilate is a viable spec, but it requires a very distinct “finesse” play style. If you’re not experienced with mutilate already I would not suggest playing it until you’ve had a chance to thoroughly advance your abilities with it.

16/45/0 (my preference)
20/41/0 (Vile poisons version)
20/41/0 (Riposte + Vile poisons version)


These are just a few of the potential specs you could choose to go with under the combat category. There are an infinite number of possible talent specs, you’re personal play style will determine which talents suit you better.

Need more spec advice? Rogue Arena Talent Specs

Rogue / Druid Arena Matchups:

Additional Resources:
Rogue Macro Guide
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Rogue / Druid PvP Arena Videos
Moonkin / Rogue 2v2 Video – Buddhist and Lewt

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