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Agility vs. AP Gems

June 21, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

This post is in response to a question I received from a fellow arena player. I’ve posted it here as a reference for future players who may encounter a similar question.

Rogue Arena Gem Question…
Recently ive wondered if its better to stack agility (8agi) gems or attack power (16ap) gems. I have seen some rogues with one or the other, and now im not sure which is more beneficial. If anyone knows or can recommend something, please do!

Rogue Arena Gems Answers…
Zuggy’s Response:

Personally, I’m a fan of the attack power gems. Simply because stacking AP gives you a direct increase in damage on every hit. Greater AP = Greater damage.

Agility gives you ap / armor / crit / dodge…and while some rogues find this school of thought appealing, it’s just not for me. I don’t really care about defensive stats and crit is simply a chance to do additional damage.

The only way you could really justify all agility gems would if you were a fully committed sub rogue. Otherwise, I still think you should stack AP gems instead.agility vs. attack power

S-Scythe’s Response:

I prefer AP simply because I play more than one spec for PVP. I play Shadowstep and Combat so AP serves use for both of these specs. Whereas Agility really only benefits the 15% bonus of a Shadowstep spec. So if you only utilize a shadowstep spec in pvp I’d definitely say go for it, but if you change up specs for different teams AP is your optimal choice.

Diggu’s Response:

This is a question that doesn’t have a straight-forward answer imo. I like Zug’s comment about the different specs. I personally enchant/gem for Agility (if it’s not a hit gem) for PvE. Assuming you’re Combat PvE spec, the Agi (according to Elitist Jerks spreadsheets and others) maximizes your dps.

For PvP most of what I have seen is AP gemming. I seem to remember a lot of our top PvP rogues on Manno used to gem Agi back before/during S1, but now that everyone in Arena has 400+ resil, they all have AP gems.

Combat vs. Shadowstep Arena Spec

June 21, 2008 by · 2 Comments 

This post is in response to a question I received from a fellow rogue. It’s posted here in the event other rogues encounter similar questions.

Rogue Arena Questions…
I started with shadowstep and for the longest time loved it. After playing arenas for a few weeks as combat when I go back to shadowstep it feels like its much harder to kill geared players. Currently, my gear is all season 2/3 and my weapons are maces.

What am I missing?

Perhaps im missing something, but with a geared paladin or shaman spamming heals in shadowstep spec most of my energy is used kicking or kidney shotting to stop him from healing. Thus reducing in barely enough energy to hemo. If I focus on the healers partner, even with cyclone (from my partner) the shadowstep build seems hard to override the healing ability of the healer.

My partner (druid) and I can win most of these games but it always ends in one of the other team running out of mana. With combat spec, we can time a 3 cyclone cycle from the druid with my adrenaline rush when my target is 50-60 percent and its almost guarenteed to kill him.

Except for 5s, I am having a hard time seeing how anyone can feel a shadowstep build is superior, even though its 4 times more popular than combat maces.

Even when I am shadowstep, its not hard to stay on target enough to justify the points in the talent tree. The extra stats are great +attack pwer and agility but I still do way less damage, so to what benefit?

Rogue Arena Strategy Answers..

It’s hard to judge without really watching a match all the way through. Generally speaking I would guess it just comes down to managing your energy consumption a bit better.

One of the big strengths of combat spec is the raw damage output, while shs doesn’t have quite as good of output it’s still solid. But you absolutely must keep your slice and dice up, without it you’re really going to have difficult time taking out healers.

In my experience when fighting healers virtually 100% of my energy goes to stopping heals, because I know if I can get ahead briefly I can immediately send the healer into a panic mode situation.

So I basically open up, get a slice and dice going with my initial CPs then just play the position game making certain to always stop the healer.

Here’s the interrupt sequence I use.
1) kick
2) KS
3) gouge
4) vanish / CS
5/ blind

preferably I’d rather not get to 4 and 5, but If it means stopping a heal in a clutch situation it’s something I have to do.

Additionally you might enlist the help of your druid here to help stop heals. You can very easily just cyclone one target, go through all your rogue CC…kick, into, ks, into gouge…then you switch targets, pressure the other guy with just good auto attacks, get another slice and dice going.

Meanwhile your druid is putting a 3 cyclone combo on your previous target. Once DRs are up on the cyclones you can switch back to your previous targets, now you’ve got a SND cooking, hopefully full energy and all your CDs.

I would say with virtually any rogue spec keeping a constant slice and dice up is an absolute must. There just is no better use of energy or combo points.

Even though you don’t have imp. snd and not as much +hit, it’s still an insane amount of damage. Consider the fact that your rupture does…well just using round numbers let’s say 2000 damage over it’s duration.

If you get just 4-5 extra attacks you’ve probably already exceeded the damage of your rupture. Toss a trinket + mongoose proc on that…you’ve got some serious white damage coming out.

About the only time I think rupture is the better finisher is vs. a defensive stance warrior / feral spec’d bear druid / protection paladin.

Similarly the only time I really use expose as shs is vs. priests and some warlocks.

Shadow Priest / Rogue 2v2 Arena Strategy

June 21, 2008 by · 8 Comments 

Well this weekend I recently started playing with my friend who’s a Shadow priest and I have to say it’s been a blast so far. In this first section I’ll break down this combo, and with time will go into specific combos.

Rogue Arena Talent Spec:
Now in this type of team the rogue will probably want to go with either an AR / Prep build or a Shadowstep build

Personally, I’m more biased towards Shadowstep as the standard assassination talents and Vile Poisons really are just amazing. Others may like the burst ability of Ar/Prep and by all means more power to you.
Priest Arena Talent Spec:
Arena Shadow Priest Specs

Now that you have you’re talents chosen let’s begin with the way most fights work with this team.
In most fights you and your teammate will usually be trying to CC the healer and down the dps in Healer/DPS combos(druids can be an exception to this) while going for the squishier of the two dps targets in Dual Dps situations. The one thing that is going to win you a game is your ability to coordinate CC well. This means rotating fears, blinds, saps as needed and being perfect about calling out trinket pops.

Arena Trinkets
The priest will definitely want a battlemaster’s trinket as people are going to stick to you like white on rice. The rogue can justify using one as well as sometimes it will really pull through for certain combos. Now if you do grab your BM trinket try not to gimp your offensive capabilities too much.

Team Weaknessess
Well your number one problem in this combo is: Undead opponents. Will of the Forsaken can be a real killer sometimes.
Another weakness is that you guys are meant for quick 1-2 minute matches. If you don’t have someone down by the first 30-60 seconds, the chances are that you’re going down.

Hope this first section helped look out for specific combos strategies in the coming days.

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Shadow Priest Macros

June 21, 2008 by · 7 Comments 

This guide is dated, please is our more complete and updated guide here: Priest macro guide.

These macros are ideal for the a shadow priest, though several of them could also be used with a more traditional holy or discipline talent spec.

Spam Mass Dispel without losing targeting circle
#showtooltip Mass Dispel
/cast !Mass Dispel
*This is for those of you who want to spam mass dispel without losing that “green targeting circle” it helps for those quick dispels

Shield yourself
/cast [target=player] Power Word: Shield
Note: You can also set the option in your interface to cast spells on yourself when no target is present

Flash heals your “mouse over” target
/cast [target=mouseover] Flash Heal

Shadow Form Healing
/castsequence Flash Heal, Shadowform

Mana burns your focus target
/cast [target=focus] Mana Burn

Summon pet and auto attack
/cast [nopet] Shadowfiend

Strategy courtesy of Dumblepizzle