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Best of Season 6

April 26, 2009 by · 2 Comments 

As always, with a new arena season comes new “cookie cutter” comps. This season, almost underway for a week has already seen the power of priests buffs and other class nerfs. Rogues are doing amazingly well, considering almost all other classes got

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nerfed and they got a few minor buffs it puts them as one of the top classes this season.

Hunters and Warlocks make this section of the post. Warlocks didn’t get completely nerfed since destruction does a lot of damage and has survivability. Warlocks can no longer kill someone in a fear, have undispellable dots, and continually do damage out of line of site. You will still see some unstable affliction locks, but the population in top 100 will definitely decline. Hunters also took some heavy nerfs to survival. Playing with a hunter, they will be forced to wear raid gear to get their damage high enough to get a kill in. I expect both these classes to get some kind of mid season buffs.

2v2 Arena Tactics:arena tactics

Priest / Rogue- This is the new paladin/dk comp. 44% of the top arena teams ( 4/25) are running this comp. This comp did well last season if the rogue could wear full raid gear to burn

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down a dk. Now, with all other classes nerfed and priests get huge survival/mana efficiency buffs this comp will probably be the majority of the 2v2 bracket until a future content patch.

Druid / Warrior- Warriors got huge buffs this season to arms including some nasty overpower changes that dominate healers. This team won’t be at its glory days of Burning Crusade arena but it will definitely be more popular this season in the higher ratings.


Arena Tactics:

Paladin / Warrior / Death Knight- I’m not sure how well this comp will do later on in the season, but with everyone running melee cleave teams this one is pretty good. I have seen a lot of these teams at high ratings, if the paladin can coordinate his CC along with a warriors fear this team can be pretty deadly.

Mage / Priest / Rogue- Ever since season two this team has been a dominate comp. This season with almost all other classes nerfed and priest are buffed, they will definatly dominate. On sk-gaming this comp already takes #1 in popularity for 3v3 bracket. The team has heavy CC and turns the game into a 3v2, combined with amazing controlled burst from both the rogue and the mage makes this a very strong comp.
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Season 6 Preview

April 23, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

season6Worried about the new system? Don’t worry, in case you haven’t stepped into arena yet you win 47 p

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oints and lose 0. It seems you will continue this trend past 1k and won’t win less till around 1500 or so. To be exact at 1079 you win 45 points. It may take a couple extra games but don’t

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sweat it, you will get there after a while. Remember the goal of the hidden rating is to go 50-50 whatever your team rating is. Also, you get to see your matchmaking rating now in the arena window, so make sure to check that out.


Killing healers in a global has changed. With the increase in resilience and survivability buffs you can probably focus on getting healers oom before setting up a kill . Priest can penance themselves, Shamans have a 4400 shield usable while silences, Druids armor buffs in tree form.

Shamans get a 4400 shield from glyph of stoneclaw totem. Since totems are physical now you can use while silenced. Druids armory value in tree form was increased from 100% to 240% and barskin reduces chance spells will be dispelled by 60%

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and reduce chance you will be melee crit by 25%. Priest can pain surpression themselves while stunned and penance is now usable on themselves.

Season 6 Tier 2 weapons:

Finally, what all the pvpers have been waiting for. Weapons that are equivalent to the pve ones. If you can’t get 2200, dont worry there are still tier 1 weapons available at 1850 rating. Season 5 was dominated by Turning Tides and Betrayer of Humanities, but you probably won’t see many pve weapons anymore. Also, the new pvp weapons come with gem slots.
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