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Rotface Boss Fight Strategy Guide Tactics

January 12, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

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Rotface is Festergut’s brother, and the battle against him is simply a case of managing your oozes.  That’s right, Rotface comes with two different size oozes, and you’ve got to manage them while you’re taking him out.

Rotface Boss Abilities

Hit Points: 8,645,000 (normal) – 36,257,000 (heroic)

Mutated Infection

  • 3,900 – 4,100 damage per second
  • Cuts healing received in half
  • Lasts 12 seconds
  • Creates a little ooze when it ends

Ooze Flood

  • 5,363 – 5,637 damage per second
  • Reduces movement speed 25 percent
  • Lasts 5 seconds

Slime Spray

  • 5,363 – 5,637 damage per second
  • Nature damage
  • Lasts 5 seonds

Little Ooze

  • Sticky Ooze: 2,925 – 3,075 damage per second, reduces movement speed 50 percent
  • Weak Radiating Ooze: 3,413 – 3,587 damage every 2 seconds, merges little oozes with big ooze

Big Ooze

  • Sticky Ooze: 2,925 – 3,075 damage per second, reduces movement speed 50 percent
  • Radiating Ooze:  4,388 – 4,615 damage every 2 seconds, merges big ooze with little oozes
  • Unstable Ooze:  Increases damage dealt 20 percent, stacks 10 times
  • Unstable Ooze Explosion: 9,750 – 10,250 damage, 6 yard radius

Rotface Boss Strategy Guide

  1. Use two tanks for this fight.  One tank stays on Rotface the entire time, while the other breaks off to pick up the little ooze, which is cast periodically throughout the fight against Rotface.  Keep Rotface in the center of the room and have your second tank kite the oozes around him.
  2. Little oozes spawn every time Mutated Infection ends, and they spawn from the location of the raid member affected by Mutated Infection.  When the first little ooze spawns, whoever it spawns from will have to kite it around until a second little ooze forms.  That is, unless your ooze tank can suddenly pull the little ooze’s aggro off the raid member it spawned from, but this is very hard to do because they hold a huge amount of aggro at the spawning.
  3. After a second little ooze is formed, bring the two together and get them to merge.  It can easily be done by the raid member taking the newest ooze over to where the other ooze is being kited.  The healer should then cleanse the raid member when he’s close to the other ooze.  This will cause the two to merge and will definitely allow your ooze tank to pick up the big ooze.  Then he just keeps tanking the big ooze around the circle.  The big ooze will explode after five little oozes have come together, so healers should watch for this to keep the tank alive, and the tank that’s kiting the ooze should steer it clear of the rest of the raid.  DPS have four seconds to run from the ooze if they happen to be near it when it’s about to explode.
  4. Stay out of the Ooze Flood, which is basically the green areas on the floor.  The room is flooded periodically with it, which will kill you slowly if you’re standing in it.  It’s not difficult to avoid the Ooze Flood.
  5. Whenever Rotface turns his head, run away immediately to avoid Slime Spray.  It’s pretty obvious right before he uses this ability, so just watch for the head turn and run if you’re in front of the direction he turned his head.

Rotface Boss Video Strategy