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WotLK Hunter Pet Changes

September 18, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

A lot of interesting fixes and overall “smoothing” for lack of a better word, for hunter pets coming up in the next WOTLK beta build. While there’s been a lot of truly major changes for WOTLK, it’s great to see these type of small…seemingly insignificent changes as well. Honestly, these are the things that have polished the game to the point it is, and will continue to polish and perfect it into the future.

  • Taunt no longer shares a cooldown with Growl and Cower.
  • Avoidance, not Great Resistance, is the prereq for Wolverine Bite.
  • We are still trying to rework Heart of the Phoenix to get around the shortcomings.
  • Tenacity and Ferocity pets lost their armor multiplier but it was given to all pets at base. The net effect is that Cunning pets won’t be at a stat deficit compared to the other trees.
  • Roar of Recovery provides more mana.
  • Lick Your Wounds now with faster licking technology.(lol?)
  • Carrion Feeder cooldown dropped to 30. We can’t easily change the range because this spells uses the same tech as the undead racial.
  • Focus cost removed from Bullheaded.
  • Not directly talent-related, but rather than reworking Prowl, cats got a second damage ability, Rake. It felt odd for them to shift from most desired pet to one of the least desired.

As far as who belongs to which tree, those decisions were made largely based on the pet special ability, not what ecologically makes more sense with the tree’s theme. Strong CC or other PvP-useful abilities were generally given the Cunning tree, just because we didn’t also want to see those same pets as the most popular when raiding or soloing. The goal is to have a lot more options about which pet you’re going to bring. With the Cunning stat change and tree rework, hopefully that will include those animals as well.

Rather than start another thread, feel free to talk about any of the pet family abilities (Rake, Web, Poison Spit etc.) as well within this one.

Cats have Rake, Prowl and Bite. Prowl has almost no combat use. Bite is spammable. Rake has a short cooldown like other pet abilities, but it’s a bleed like the druid attack.

WotLK Hunter Pet Changes

August 1, 2008 by · 2 Comments 

Good news for all you hunters out there. The guys over at Manias Arcania discovered a host a undocumented hunter pet changes appearing the most recent patch update. Check out the new hunter pet stuff below.

  • Exotic pets do not seem to be implemented yet.
  • The talent points were all refunded but the pets were not.
  • The pet talent trees now have an obnoxious background.
  • The bug with the tooltips that said they required too many talent points has been fixed.
  • And there are a bunch of pet talent changes, although most are pretty small. Let’s list those by tree …

Shared Pet Talents

  • Dash/Dive now says it works for 16 seconds and has a 32 second cooldown.


  • Mobility now reduces the cooldown of Dash/Dive by 8 seconds per rank, which means that you can bring the cooldown down to 16 seconds — exactly the length of the effect.
  • Wolverine Bite now says it does 330 damage instead of 5 damage.
  • Owl’s Focus has a greater chance of a free special ability: it’s now 15%/30% instead of 5%/10%.


  • Loyalty has been renamed Bloodthirsty (and has a new icon). It now increases happiness by 5% when it triggers instead of 10%. (Health is unchanged at 5%.)


  • The Stamina boost of Blood of the Rhino has been increased slightly (to 2%/4% instead of 1%/2%).
  • Improved Growl has been renamed Guard Dog and now generates 10% happiness in addition to 10%/20% additional threat when your pet Growls. This gives the Tenacity tree a way to regen happiness without food.
  • Roar of Fortitude has been replaced by Roar of Sacrifice: Your pet absorbs damage from the friendly target up to a maximum of 50% of the pet’s total health. Lasts 12 sec. (60 Focus, Instant, 40 yd range, 3 sec cooldown)

Pet skills changes
Boar – Gore

  • Was: Gores the enemy, causing damage. This attack has a 50% change to inflict double damage, or triple damage if used during a Dash.
  • Now: Your boar gores the enemy for damage. Causes double damage if used during a Dash.

Cat – Prowl

  • Was: 40 Focus
  • Now: No focus cost

Crab – Pin

  • Was: Pins the target in place, and squeezes for damage over 6 sec. (20 sec cooldown)
  • Now: Pins the target in place, and squeezes for damage over 4 sec. (1 min cooldown)

Crocolisk – Bad Attitude

  • Was: Snap back for damage at any target that strikes you for the next 2 min.
  • Now: Snap back for damage at any target that strikes you for the next 45 sec.

Nether Ray – Nether Shock

  • Was: Instantly lashes an enemy for Shadow damage. Also interrupts spellcasting and prevents any spell in that school from being cast for 1 sec. (30 sec cooldown)
  • Now: Instantly lashes an enemy for 35 to 47 Shadow damage. Also interrupts spellcasting and prevents any spell in that school from being cast for 2 sec. (1 min cooldown)

Tallstrider – Dust Cloud

  • Was: Kick up an obscuring cloud of dust, lowering the chance for enemies to hit by 30%. Effects last 8 sec. (20 sec cooldown)
  • Now: Your tallstrider kicks up an obscuring cloud of dust, causing all enemies within 10 yards to miss their next attack. Lasts for 8 sec. (40 sec cooldown)

Warp Stalker – Warp

  • Was: 25 Focus
  • Now: No focus cost

Wind Serpent – Lightning Breath

  • Was: No cooldown
  • Now: 10 sec cooldown

All Pets – Growl

  • Was: Taunt the target, increasing the likelyhood the creature will focus attacks on you.
  • Now: Your pet growls at the target, generating threat and increasing the likelihood the target will attack it.

Zul’Aman Bear Boss Strategy

July 13, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

bear boss strategyNalorakk is the first boss of Zul’Aman and is known as the bear avatar of the dungeon. While it is the first encounter it is by no means an easy fight. More than anything is encounter requires both very attentive tanks and healers with quick reaction.

Bear Boss Strategy

Nalorakk has two forms, troll and bear. These two forms will alternate throughout the fight and require a separate tank for each stage. For simplicity purposes let’s go through all of the attacks you’ll be dealing with in each stage.

Troll Form

Brutal Swipe – This is a physical damage attack that deals 28,500-31,500 in a 180 degree cone in front of the boss. Now obviously this would be too much damage for even the best geared tanks, so it’s of utmost importance that both tanks stand on top of each other. This will split the damage between the tanks, making it a manageable amount for your healers to handle

Surge – The bear boss will charge a target, knocking them back and doing 3,700 to 4,300 damage. Nalorakk periodically will use this ability, typically on the ranged classes standing furthest away from him. For this reason it’s important healers stand between tanks and ranged DPS, so they can continue to heal without interruption.

Mangle – Causes all bleed effects to do 100% damage for 60 seconds. Only a factor between transitions, not much you can do it avoid this. If a tank gets mangled they should make certain to call it out in raid chat or on your voice communication server. This way healers can increase healing on that target in the event he gets hit by a lacerating slash or rend flesh.

Bear Form

Lacerating Slash – Causes the target to bleed for 1735 damage, ticks ever 2 seconds for a duration of 18 seconds.

Rend Flesh – Deals 5,525 to 7,475 physical damage and also applies a 2335 damage bleed, the bleed ticks every 1 second for 5 seconds. As I mentioned above, you need to be very aware of both of these bleed attacks. If you take a mangle and a bleed immediately after you’re going to be feeling it. Informing your healers immediately of these debuffs is crucial.

Deafening Roar – This ability will deal 1235 to 1365 to all members of your raid. Additionally, it also casts a 2 second silence on your raid. This is the major make or break point for the healers in your raid. Granted, 2 seconds is quite short, if a tank isn’t properly HoT’d up and is taking large amounts of damage they could easily die. The bear boss will roar twice during his bear phase, be aware of this and plan ahead.

Bear Boss Tanking Strategy

In order to properly tank the bear boss you will need two tanks, one of each of Nalorakk’s two phases. While any tanking class is capable of doing either phase it is preferential not to have a protection paladin tank the bear phase. This is due to the deafening roar ability, which will silence the paladin, preventing him from using his most potent threat producing abilities.

The most important aspect of this encounter revolves around the tanks maintaining proper positioning. If both tanks are not standing in front of the bear boss during a brutal swipe then the damage will not be split, likely killing the tank in one shot.

General Bear Boss Mechanics

The only other major point you’ll want to be aware of is the engage timer. Nalorakk will enrage after 10 minutes, that said, the only way you’d hit this timer is if your damage dealers were severely lacking. Just maintain the raid’s focus, settle in, and get done what has to be done.

Now, enough boring mechanics…onto the loot!

Bear Boss Loot

Badge of Justice (Drops 100% of the time, everyone in the raid gets one)
Fury of the Ursine
Bladeangel’s Money belt
Jungle stompers
Robes of Heavenly Purpose
Pauldrons of Primal Fury
Mask of Introspection
Formula: Enchant Weapon – Executioner