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Wrath of the Lich King Wrap Up Post

November 12, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

The time has finally come, we are now just a few short hours away from the greatest expansion World of Warcraft has ever seen. I know I can’t hit all the changes in this wrap up, but I’ll do my best to hit all the major additions, changes, and other note worthy points regarding the WotLK.

WotLK Preparations



Patch Information






note: more to come later

WotLK Northrend Daily Quests & Profession Token System

September 9, 2008 by · 3 Comments 

As many of you may have expected there are going to be a host of new daily quests in Northrend once wrath of the lich king releases. Just like with the burning crusade’s daily quests these will have a variety of awards, including:

  • Reputation
  • Gold
  • Items
  • Patterns
  • New Token System

Daily Quests Token System for Professions

Now before we get into all these new daily quests let’s talk about the new token system. In order to really do anything with your professions up to this point you had to.

  1. Grind reputation to buy patterns
  2. Farm / purchase very rare patterns
  3. Join a raiding guild and be fortunate enough to be given rare patterns

These were really the only ways you could get any long duration use out of your profession, but blizzard is chaging this random success factor quite a bit. In the expansion many professions will have daily quests associated with them, these daily quests will award you a specific token for that professions. These tokens may then be turned in for various patterns, formulas, schematics, etc.

Profession Daily Quests

wotlk daily professionsA few of these new profession daily quests have already been revealed.

Cooking Daily Quests

Once you train grand master cooking you’ll get a set of base line cooking recipes, these recipes use a variety of fish and meat that you’ll get in Northrend. In addition to these baseline recipes you also have the option of acquiring the upgraded versions of these recipes.

You can get these improved cooking recipes by completing the cooking daily quest, which will award you 1 Dalaran Cooking Award. You can turn in 3 of these to get 1 new recipe.

Jewelcrafting Daily Quests

After completling the daily jewelcrafting quest you will be awarded 1 dalaran jewelcrafter’s trophy. These tokens may be turned in for various gems and designs.

  • 1 Token = Uncut Jewelcrafter’s BoP Gem
  • 2 Tokens = Low Level Designs
  • 5 Tokens = High Level Designs
  • 8 Tokens = Meta Designs

I really think this is a great change, it will create a very interesting dynamic as far as supply and demand are concerned with designs amongst jewelcrafters. I’m very interested to see how this system is adapted for the remainder of the professions, but overall I feel it’s a great and welcome change.

Other Daily Quests

Quite honestly, none of the other daily quests were really all that exciting. So far only a handful of the new Northren dailies have been implemented. Most of which are designed around the time honored formula of collecting X of some item or killing X of what ever mob, you know the drill. That said, the group of daily quests located around Venture Bay in the Grizzly Hills does look pretty awesome.

There are 4 total daily quests here, of which include objectives such as…wotlk

  • Slaying Goblins
  • Killing player’s the opposing faction
  • Taking down the opposing faction’s captain

Ideally this area will become the location of some really good world PvP. Genreally when there’s gold + pvp glory in the same area it’s going to be good times for all. On top of the 15g you get for every quest here you also receive 10 venture coins for every quest. These coins be turned in for various PvP’ish items, check out the full list of venture coin item rewards here.

WotLK PvP Achievements: Part 1

September 5, 2008 by · 6 Comments 

Now that most of the PvP achievements are out in the open, I’m gonna take a minute to go over all the things you will need to do in your journey to a Battlemaster title.

(Note: Some of these are Alliance Only, the Horde have equivalent achievements based on the bosses on the Alliance side of the map.)

Alterac Valley

Everything Counts – 10 Points

Win Alterac Valley while your team controls both mines.

Hero of the Stormpike Guard – 10 Points

Gain exalted reputation with the Stormpike Guard.

Loyal Defender – 10 Points

In Alterac Valley, kill 50 enemy players in the Hall of the Stormpike.

Stormpike Battle Charger – 10 Points

Obtain a Stormpike Battle Charger.

Stormpike Perfection – 20 Points

Win Alterac Valley without losing a tower or captain. You must also control all of the Horde’s towers.

Alterac Grave Robber – 10 Points

Take 50 graveyards in Alterac Valley.

Alterac Valley All-Star – 20 Points

In a single Alterac Valley battle, assault a graveyard, defend a graveyard, assault a tower, defend a tower, and slay someone in the Field of Strife.

Alterac Valley Veteran – 10 Points

Complete 100 victories in Alterac Valley.

Alterac Valley Victory – 10 Points

Win Alterac Valley.

The Alterac Blitz – 20 Points

Win Alterac Valley in 6 minutes.

The Sickly Gazelle – 10 Points

In Alterac Valley, kill and enemy in the Field of Strife before they dismount.

To the Looter Go the Spoils – 10 Points

Loot the Autographed Picture of Foror & Tigule in Alterac Valley.

Tower Defense – 10 Points

Defend 50 towers in Alterac Valley.

Master of the Alterac Valley – 25 Points

Complete all Alterac Valley achievements.


Brutally Dedicated – 10 Points

Win 300 ranked arena matches at level 80

Death Touch – 10 Points

Kill someone within 15 seconds of the start of an arena match at level 80.

High Five: 1550 – 10 Points

Earn a 1550 personal rating in the 5v5 bracket of the arena at level 80.

High Five: 1750 – 10 Points

Earn a 1750 personal rating in the 5v5 bracket of the arena at level 80.

High Five: 2000 – 10 Points

Earn a 2000 personal rating in the 5v5 bracket of the arena at level 80.

High Five: 2200 – 10 Points

Earn a 2200 personal rating in the 5v5 bracket of the arena at level 80.

Hot Hot Hot Streak – 30 Points

Win ten ranked matches in a row with a rating above 2000 at level 80.

Hot Streak – 10 Points

Win ten ranked matches in a row at level 80.

Hotter Streak – 10 Points

Win ten ranked matches in a row with a rating above 1800 at level 80.

Just the Two of Us: 1550 – 10 Points

Earn a 1550 personal rating in the 2v2 bracket of the arena at level 80.

Just the Two of Us: 1750 – 10 Points

Earn a 1750 personal rating in the 2v2 bracket of the arena at level 80.

Just the Two of Us: 2000 – 10 Points

Earn a 2000 personal rating in the 2v2 bracket of the arena at level 80.

Just the Two of Us: 2200 – 10 Points

Earn a 2200 personal rating in the 2v2 bracket of the arena at level 80.

Last Man Standing – 10 Points

Be the sole survivor at the end of a ranked 5v5 match at level 80.

Mercilessly Dedicated – 10 Points

Win 100 ranked arena matches at level 80.

Steamroller – 10 Points

Win a 5v5 ranked arena match in 45 seconds or less at level 80.

Step Into the Arena – 10 Points

Win a ranked arena match at level 80.

Three’s Company: 1550 – 10 Points

Earn a 1550 personal rating in the 3v3 bracket of the arena at level 80.

Three’s Company: 1750 – 10 Points

Earn a 1750 personal rating in the 3v3 bracket of the arena at level 80.

Three’s Company: 2000 – 10 Points

Earn a 2000 personal rating in the 3v3 bracket of the arena at level 80.

Three’s Company: 2200 – 10 Points

Earn a 2200 personal rating in the 3v3 bracket of the arena at level 80.

Vengefully Dedicated – 10 Points

Win 100 ranked arena matches at level 80.

World Wide Winner – 10 Points

Win a ranked arena match in Blade’s Edge, Nagrand, The ring of Valor, Dalaran Sewers, and the Ruins of Lordaeron at level 80.

The Arena Master – 50 Points

Complete all Arena Achievements.

Consortium Gem Bag Day!

September 2, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

consortium gem bagWell it’s that time of the month again…no, not the time you’re girl friend is a QQ’ing, it’s consortium gem bag day! Actually it was yesterday, but it completely slipped my mind. Don’t forget to run by and pick up your free gems from the consortium vendor in Nagrand.

If you’re wondering what the hell I’m talking about here,’re a bit late considering how close we are too expansion, but for all you lazy people out there here’s how the consortium free gems work.

Each month you get one of the following gem bags based on your reputation.

Also, make sure you check out my most recent gold strategy tip. This week’s tip relates directly to these gems and preparing for the upcoming expansion, Wrath of the lich king. Check it out! Gold Strategy #3 – WotLK Prep and Changing Markets.

Consortium Reputation Gems – Today’s the Day!

August 1, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

consortium reputationHey guys, it’s the first day of the month…and you know what that means! Consortium reputation gem bags are here! Don’t forget to pick up your pack at the vendor out in Nagrand.

If you’re reading this and thinking…what the hell? Then you probably have never been to this NPC, but should go RIGHT NOW!

Once a month you can visit Gezhe out in Nagrand to get your Consortium reputation rewards. These gem bag rewards vary based on your current reputation with the consortium, the more rep you have the more / better gems you get.

The Violet Eye Reputation Guide

June 30, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

the violet eye reputation guideThe Violet Eye is the reputation associated with the 10-man raid instance, Karazhan. Being it’s the first 10-man instance in the Burning Crusade, chances are you’ll be spending plenty of time there. There is a host of great items, patterns, and other rewards you can attain from this faction.

How do I gain reputation with The Violet Eye?
Gaining reputation with the Violet Eye is very straight forward, kill trash mobs and kill the bosses inside of Karazhan. In addition to kill the monsters inside the dungeon you can also complete the few quest chains associated with the dungeon. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you’re looking at it) most of the quest objectives and starting locations are right outside of Karazhan itself.

The first quest you’ll pick up is your ring quest. There are 4 quests, one for each class of ring: healer, damage caster, melee dps, and tank. Each quest has 4 tier of rings you’ll be rewarded with as you gain reputation.

Path of the Violet Assassin

Path of the Violet Mage

Path of the Violet Protector

Path of the Violet Restorer

The Violet Eye Item Rewards:
Inscription of Endurance – Requires Honored Reputation
Mysterious Arrow – Requires Revered Reputation
Mysterious Shell – Requires Revered Reputation

The Violet Alchemy Recipes:
Recipe: Flask of Chromatic Wonder – Requires Honored Reputation

The Violet Eye Blacksmithing Patterns:
Plans: Iceguard Breastplate – Requires Honored Reputation
Plans: Iceguard Helm – Requires Honored Reputation
Plans: Iceguard Leggings – Requires Revered Reputation

The Violet Eye Jewelcrafting Designs:
Design: The Frozen Eye – Requires Honored Reputation

The Violet Eye Enchanting Formulas:
Formula: Enchant Weapon – Greater Agility – Requires Exalted Reputation

The Violet Eye Leatherworking Pattern:
Pattern: Shadowprowler’s Chestguard – Requires Revered Reputation
Pattern: Cloak of Darkness – Requires Exalted Reputation

Aldor vs. Scryer Comparison Guide

June 30, 2008 by · 3 Comments 

aldor vs. scryer reputation guideOne of the first major decisions you’ll have to make after entering the Outlands is your choice of the Aldor or Scryer faction. The various items, enchantments, quests, and other rewards will play a huge factor in your choice. And believe me, it’s important you choose correctly the first time.

So let’s get right down to it. There are many rewards available from each faction, for this comparison I am going to detail all of the big hitters from each faction.

Aldor Shoulder Enchants:
Greater Inscription of Warding
Greater Inscription of Vengeance
Greater Inscription of Faith
Greater Inscription of Discipline

Scryer Shoulder Enchants:
Greater Inscription of the Blade
Greater Inscription of the Knight
Greater Inscription of the Oracle
Greater Inscription of the Orb

Now, statistically speaking the shoulder enchants provide the same benefit. For this one it really comes down to personal preference. In all honesty I think most players make a much bigger deal about the shoulder enchant differences than can really be made.

Shattered Sun Offensive Rewards:
Shattered Sun Pendant of Acumen
Shattered Sun Pendant of Might
Shattered Sun Pendant of Resolve
Shattered Sun Pendant of Restoration

While all of these necklaces are better than many blue rewards, the big hitters are for healers, specifically aldor. The proc on restoration neck provides a direct heal on your current target for just over 600…good, yes, but for aldor it gives a +220 healing buff for 10 seconds. From a PvE perspective this is simply amazing, and I’d argue it’s the best neck outside of Sunwell loot.

If you’re a healer this neck is reason enough to choose Aldor, and generally speaking the Aldor procs are superior to the Scryers. As all of the aldor procs provide buffs (the scyrer provide instant procs), meaning the aldor procs scale much better with gear.

Scryer Tailoring Pattern Rewards:
Mystical Spellthread
Runic Spellthread

Aldor Tailoring Pattern Rewards:
Silver Spellthread
Golden Spellthread

This may or may not be a deal breaker for you. As aldor you’ve got the better healing leg enchants, as scryer you’ve got the superior damage. Once again, I wouldn’t determine your reputation choice based on tailoring patterns alone, but they will play a factor in your decision.

Aldor vs. Scryer Reputation Rewards Comparison:
Obviously I haven’t listed off every single item available from each of these respective factions. The above items I have listed are the ones that I consider to the biggest factors in your decision. While many of the other rewards and items will have short term influence on your decision the above items will be long lasting.

If you’re looking for additional information on the items available from each reputation or how to most efficiently level each faction check out these other helpful guides.

Scryer Reputation Guide
Aldor Reputation Guide

Aldor Reputation Guide

June 21, 2008 by · 2 Comments 

aldor reputation guideThe aldor is the second of the main factions you’ll encounter in the Burning Crusade. But, as I mentioned in my Scryer reputation guide, you can only choose one of these.

How do I choose Aldor?
To choose the aldor as your faction you’ll have to first complete the Shattrath City introduction quest. Once you’ve had the grand tour of the place simply talk to Khadgar, he will allow you to choose either the scryers or aldor at this point.

Make sure you don’t choose the wrong one because it is incredibly difficult, time consuming, and expensive to change your reputation later.

How do you gain reputation with the Aldor?
Gaining reputation with the aldor is fairly straight forward. You have a few basic avenues to increase your reputation. The first one you’ll encounter is obviously questing.

There are aldor quests located in nearly every zone after you first make it to Shattrath City. I’m not going to list all of them out, but generally speaking keep an eye out for any NPC quest givers that have an “Aldor” tag under their name, or are Draenie.aldor reputation guide

Farming Mark of Kil’Jaeden
The first place you can farm for your reputation is in Terokkar forest. You’ll be seeking out Mark of Kil’Jaeden. These items drop off nearly all of the Cabal soldiers located in central Terokkar forest.

Farming Mark of Sargeras
This will be one of your primary avenues for gaining reputation. Mark of Sargeras drop off mobs over level 67 and are generally located in Shadowmoon Valley, Netherstorm, and some 5-man instances.

The mobs they drop off of are easy to kill, but you’ll want to be at least level 67 before attempting to venture to the zones where they are located. Generally speaking any mob classified as a “demon” will drop these marks.

Farming Fel Armaments
Finally, the last method of gaining reputation is through fel armaments. Quite honestly, this is your best bet for gaining reputation. Not only do you gain the most reputation (350 per), but you will also receive a holy dust

farming fel armamentsYou can use this dust to purchase the aldor shoulder enchants. Since you’ll probably be changing your shoulder from time to time you’ll always need new enchants. So it’s best if you can purchase or farm enough fel armaments to not only gain reputation, but also to plan for your future shoulders.

To the left you ca see my favorite place to farm for fel armaments
Note: All of the above reputation items are turned in on the Aldor’s tier in Shattrath City

Aldor Shoulder Enchant Rewards
Inscription of Warding – Requires Honored & Holy Dustx2
Inscription of Vengeance – Requires Honored & Holy Dustx2
Inscription of Faith – Requires Honored & Holy Dustx2
Inscription of Discipline – Requires Honored & Holy Dustx2

Greater Inscription of Warding – Requires Exalted & Holy Dustx8
Greater Inscription of Vengeance – Requires Exalted & Holy Dustx8
Greater Inscription of Faith – Requires Exalted & Holy Dustx8
Greater Inscription of Discipline – Requires Exalted & Holy Dustx8

Aldor Item Rewards
Anchorite’s Robes – Requires Honored
Vindicator’s Hauberk – Requires Revered
Lightwarden’s Band – Requires Revered
Auchenai Staff – Requires Revered
Medallion of the Lightbearer – Requires Exalted
Vindicator’s Brand – Requires Exalted
Aldor Tabard – Requires Exalted

Aldor Blacksmithing Plans Rewards
Flamebane Bracers – Requires Friendly
Flamebane Gloves – Requires Honored
Flamebane Breastplate – Requires Revered
Flamebane Helm – Required Exalted

Aldor Jewelcrafting Design Rewards
Gleaming Golden Draenite – Requires Friendly
Royal Shadow Draenite – Requires Honored
Pendant of Shadow’s End – Requires Exalted

Aldor Leatherworking Pattern Reawrds
Blastguard Belt – Requires Honored
Flamescale Belt – Requires Honored
Blastguard Boost – Requires Revered
Flamescale Boots – Requires Revered
Vindicator’s Armor Kit – Requires Revered
Blastguard Pants – Requires Exalted
Flamescale Leggings – Requires Exalted

Aldor Tailoring Pattern Rewards
Flameheart Bracers – Requires Friendly
Flameheart Gloves – Requires Honored
Silver Spellthread – Requires Honored
Flameheart Vest – Requires Exalted
Golden Spellthread – Requires Exalted

Scryer Reputation Guide

June 21, 2008 by · 2 Comments 

The scryers are one of two main factions in the Burning Crusade (the other is aldor; aldor reputation guide). Both of these factionsscryers reputation provide great rewards, but as they are at war with each other you can only pick one.

As you gain reputation with the scryers your reputation will go down with the aldor, and vice versa.

How do I choose Scryers?
First things first, you must choose between the aldor and scryers. You do this by talking to Khadgar after you’ve done the Shattrath City intro walk through quest. You can find him in the middle of Shattrath city.

How do you gain reputation with the Scryers?
There are several ways. The most straight forward is by simply doing quests for NPC’s of the Scryer’s faction. These are located throughout the world, and generally speaking they all give loads of experience.

Once you’ve chosen the Scryer faction you can get quests from the Scryer’s tier in shattrath city, and at other scryer outposts in Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley.

Initially you’ll be turning in firewing signets. These drop from all of the mobs in Firewing point, located along the eastern edge of Terrokar forest.

scryer reputation farming Once you are honored you can no longer turn in firewing signets, but now you’ll be turning in sunfury signets. Generally speaking, you’ll want to be level 68+ before attempting to farm these. They drop off higher levels monsters in Netherstorm and Shadowmoon valley, so it’s a real pain if you aren’t high enough.

In addition to sunfury signets, you’ll also want to be turning in your arcane tomes

In addition to reputation, you will also get an arcane rune for turning in the tome. This will be used to get the shoulder enchants from the scryers reputation vendor.

Speaking of rewards…let’s move on to the good stuff!

Scryers Item Rewards
Gauntlets of the Chosen – Requires Revered
Seer’s Cane – Requires Revered
Scryer’s Bloodgem – Requires Revered
Seer’s Signet – Requires Exalted
Retainer’s Blade – Requires Exaulted
Scryers Tabard – Requires Exalted

Scryers Shoulder Enchants
One of the main rewards from the scryers faction is the shoulder enchants. There are 2 levels of shoulder enchants, one of honored and one for exalted. In addition to the reputation you must also have arcane runes to purchase the enchants.

Honored & 2x Arcane Runescryers items
Inscription of the Blade
Inscription of the Knight
Inscription of the Oracle
Inscription of the Orb

Exalted & 8x Arcane Rune
Greater Inscription of the Blade
Greater Inscription of the Knight
Greater Inscription of the Oracle
Greater Inscription of the Orb

Scryers Alchemy Recipe Rewards
Recipe: Elixir of Major Firepower – Requires Revered

Scryers Blacksmithing Recipe Rewards
Enchanted Adamantite Belt – Requires Friendly
Enchanted Adamantite Boots – Requires Honored
Enchanted Adamantite Breastplate – Requires Revered
Enchanted Adamantite Leggings – Requires Exalted

Scryers Jewelcrafting Recipe Rewards
Runed Blood Garnet – Requires Friendly
Dazzling Deep Peridot – Requires Honored
Pendant of Withering – Requires Exalted

Scryers Leatherworking Recipe Rewards
Enchanted Clefthoof Boots – Requires Honored
Enchanted Felscale Gloves – Requires Honored
Enchanted Clefthoof Gloves – Requires Revered
Enchanted Felscale Boots – Requires Revered
Magister’s Armor Kit – Required Revered
Enchanted Clefthoof Leggings – Requires Exalted
Enchanted Felscale Leggings – Requires Exalted

Scryers Tailoring Pattern Rewards
Mystical Spellthread – Requires Honored
Runic Spellthread – Requires Exalted