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Paladin Talent Builds

June 23, 2009 by · 7 Comments 

paladin-talent-buildHere at ZugGaming we have a great set of Paladin Talent

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. Paladins are a great class to play because all specs have lots of healing and are very viable for raiding. Most Paladin talent builds also give a lot of utility making the paladins a very useful class.

Paladin PvP Talent Builds

Paladins are a very fortunate class in pvp right now. Retribution and holy spec Paladins are a high makeup of the 3v3 bracket and Holy paladins are always great in 5v5. With lots of survivability with bubble and nice burst healing, paladins will be a very good pvp class for a while.

Paladin PvE Talent Builds

All three talent specs for Paladins are used in end game raids. All raids usually consist of at least one of every spec paladins with Holy being the most popular. Prot paladins are one of the best tanks because of the

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short cooldowns they have to keep themselves alive.

Paladin Leveling Talent Builds

Paladins are a great class to level. With paladin changes in for Wrath of the Lich King retribution paladins have no down time while leveling. Most Paladin specs for leveling will work great since they rely on judgement damage which all specs improve.

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