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Season 4 End Date and Patch 3.0.2 Launch Announced

October 1, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

After the initial broad scope season 4 end date we’ve finally got the official end date for season 4. Do remember, this is the end of the ladder season not the arena system shutdown, meaning your rankings at as of 10/14/08 will be used to determine your end of season rewards. Following this date you can still play arena and get points.

We’re currently planning to end the fourth Arena season on October 14, 2008, and as always — this date could easily change. This Arena Season is only ending in respect to the ladder, meaning we’ll be taking a snapshot of the season’s ladder and then go through our normal process to determine who is eligible for the end-of-season rewards. This process should take approximately one week. It’s very important for players who feel that they may be eligible for the arena-specific title and/or Armored Nether Drake to refrain from transferring their character to another realm between the date outlined above, and when the end-of-season rewards are physically awarded.

Upon the end of this Arena Season, teams and ratings will not be wiped, and will carry forward allowing players to earn points each week and purchase gear until the launch of the expansion (November 13, 2008)

So where does patch 3.0.2 fall into this whole equation? Well, Blizzard has already announced that the patch will not go live until the arena ladder season ends, citing the reason that the new 51 point talents are balanced for level 80, not 70…oh, and retribution paladins are insane.

Anyway, this puts patch 3.0.2 out at the earliest date of October 14, 2008. If I were to place my bets I’d say this is a likely day. This still gives Blizzard nearly a full month to make any additional changes prior to the WotLK launch date to fix any unforeseen issues. In addition, the most recent beta build featured a variety of changes that were for lack of a better word “boring”…haha, but really the class changes were mainly minor balances and adjustments, meaning things are hopefully wrapping up on the PTRs.

Honor Points Will NOT Be Reset in WotLK

October 1, 2008 by · 10 Comments 

Wow…simply wow, I cannot believe what I’m reading. Bornakk shocked everyone with this…

We had hoped that the introduction of some new Honor rewards in the upcoming patch would give players a great opportunity to spend any of their remaining Honor. However, many players would still be surprised by an Honor and token reset as it isn’t something we’ve done in the past. As such, we’ve decided to not reset Honor or tokens upon the release of Wrath of the Lich King. Players who save their Honor will be able to spend it on level 80 rewards, although those rewards will be significantly more expensive than their level 70 counterparts.

This is just seems insane to me, especially after Blizzard already officially announced the honor points and tokens WOULD reset, citing several valid reasons for this change. I agreed with much of their reasoning and really do not understand why they would choose to pull a complete 180 and decide to now not reset.

Especially considering many players have already gone out and purchased other honor items they might not have upon the early announcement that points were resetting. Major /fail for Blizzard on this one.