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Positioning in Arena

April 18, 2009 by · 1 Comment 

dalaran_arenaPositioning is the difference betwe

en a good player and a great player in arena. If you have ever watched one of the pro players PvP video and think you are doing everything they are doing, look at where they stand. PvE and PvP are alike in this aspect, except in PvE you can be told where to stand since the encounters are limited by an AI. With the new patch release, RMP returning to possibly the strongest they have ever been, positioning will be huge in 3v3 this coming season.

Preparing for switches (RMP):

What I usually like to do is focus the mage, then you can see the CC target which is the first sign of a switch. I’m

a shaman, so I end up shocking/grounding the mage anyway but the best positioning against RMP is hugging a pillar. Watch the mage’s target, if you start getting dispelled by the priest or the mage starts casting a Frost Bolt, the rogue will come on you shortly. If you think a switch is coming, stay out of line of site. A full kidney shot from a rogue combined with a shatter combo from a mage can usually finish most healers off if they don’t have a trinket. If you can keep out of LOS

from the mage you can usually cost them the game by countering the switch. Have your teammates try to CC the rogue and decrease the burst from the mage.

Playing Aggressively:

It’s true that this is important, for some comps a healer being aggressive is more important then others. When your team is going for a kill and need the healers help make sure it is well coordinated. Going out in the open to land a fear bomb or CC a healer is great but don’t let it cost you the game. Make sure that you are making the other team play defensive and don’t leave yourself out in the open if your team fails. Remember with the way arena burst is right now, one mistake will likely cost you the game.

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Blizzcon WoW PvP Panel

October 11, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

Finally, the panel I’ve really been waiting for is here!

The Ring of Valor – Orgrimmar.

  • Animated Platforms – Pillars that rise up at timed intervals. Trying to stay away from randomness to let it be skill based. Pillars block line of sight, you can ride up and down on pillars.
  • Dynamic Fire Hazard – Strips on the ground that damages players. On a timer. If you are CC’d on the fire you will not be killed. Designed as a choice.
  • Close Starting Positions – Start on platforms that rise up at the start.
  • New, dynamic feel to the Arenas while keeping it skill based.
  • Pillars on opposite timers as fire to force decision making
  • Landmarks on pillars and around arena to give players more ways to communicate where they are during a game.

Dalaran Sewers – Under Dalaran, the Central City for WotLK

  • Small, to the point
  • Dynamic Water Feature – Pillar on timer that blocks LOS. If you are standing on water pillar when it turns on it knocks you back so you can’t get stuck. Terming this dynamic – “area denial”
  • No mounts allowed. Travel forms will work.
  • Starting areas off-limits: Start in pipes that are elevated from the ground. Jump down into the arena at start. If you stay in at start, you get knocked out by water.

Strand of the Ancients

  • Attack/Defend Map – Destructible Buildings and Vehicles. Play both sides of the teams.
  • Time each attack run, if the other team can’t defeat you in the same amount of time that team loses.
  • Increased player limit to 15v15 from 10v10
  • Doubling amount of Siege vehicles from current Beta
  • Siege Combat – Series of walls that lead to capturable objective at the top. Land on beach, get into siege engines and begin moving through the walls. If you aren’t in a vehicle, you will be able to pick up and drop mines to do siege damage. 3-4 seconds where the opposite team can disarm mine. Something for everyone to do.
  • Multiple angles for attack viable. All walls have unique icon and color so players can identify and communicate where they are going.

Wintergrasp – Entire Zone PvP in Northrend

  • Huge Numbers of Players – hundreds, with siege vehicles and destructible buildings.
  • Non-Instances PVP
  • Attack/Defend Map. You have a fortress with surrounding walls. Break through walls…choose any of 30 walls to break through. Capture and then sides flip with a cooldown – currently 2.5 hours. Cooldown to allow victor to reap the benefits of winning.
  • Victor gets daily quests, portal from Dalaran to Wintergrasp, opens a unique raid instance. Archivon (raid boss), with wide select of loot – one day cooldown, open for everyone on the winning faction. All bosses around wow drop a shard for the current victor as currency to buy, mounts, gear, gems, wide variety.
  • Victor defends the next round.
  • Ranks to earn vehicles – Ensures players are contributing. Get and HK, get rank. Currently 2 Ranks required to get in a siege vehicle. Different vehicles require different ranks.
  • Vehicles still vulnerable to players. Necessity for players on the ground to defend siege weaponry.
  • Spent majority of design time ensuring servers will handle the load and play smoothly.

Whats Next – Future of PVP with Chilton

  • Revisit PvP itemization, including arena and BG rewards
  • Support all the play styles and balance the rewards from all – BGs, Non-instanced pvp, arena
  • Queue from anywhere in the Azeroth.
  • Competitive battle grounds. Potential rating system to measure individual success in BGs.
  • Potential for Guild Battlegrounds
  • Allow players to level up in Battlegrounds.

Additional Q & A

Q: Why can’t Hunter’s shoot within melee rang
A: Different than a caster – not wearing mail armor. Don’t want Hunter’s to be able to blast away while tanking. Disengage gives a more fun mechanic than just standing there.

Q: Why Can’t Pets have resilience?
A: Tuning the benefits of a pet. Find the balance to make sure its viable strategy to kill the Hunter’s pet, but also costs enough to decide to kill the pet. Lost of new options to customize pets with talent points to increase defense.

Q: Will the old BGs and Arenas get a facelift with the new Dynamics?
A: Does tends to be PVP content burnout. Want to address it by making better effort to introduce new Battlegrounds.

Q: Future changes to help Paladins stay in Melee range? (Loud booing ensues!)
A: No intention to give Paladins Shadowstep or Intercept. Make sure the control that Paladins have are more useful. Glyph that increases HoJ range a lot.

Q: Population imbalance on Wintergrasp? Anything planned to balance with a Buff?
A: Buff called Tenacity. Scales based on imbalance of BG to make the smaller side stronger by scaling damage input and stops incoming damage as a percentage. Still tuning the balance.

Q: How will Ranks reset in Wintergrasp. Still get HKs while idling. How will it be fixed?
A: No forced grouping, so you would have to be in a group that carries you and feeds you the HKs. Rank will reset each battle for Wintergrasp

Q: Ring of Valor. With fire, will range be an immediate benefit.
A: Visual Queues for fire (gears and doors opening). Can certainly shoot through the fire as a ranged class

Q: Balance for Druid PVP. Resto overpowered, how can you lower Restos effectiveness without hurting Balance or Feral
A: Changes with WotLK going to be very different balance. Does not look like Druids will be the dominant force they are now in WotLK, especially in the lower brackets.

Q: Any plans to remove or balance racials in arenas?
A: Make sure they don’t change rules of Arena too much or it feels like it isn’t part of World of Warcraft. We have already limited consumables, to take that burden off each match. With WotLK arena is going to change a lot and we are certainly watching the role racials play. If it continues to be a problem in WotLK, they will address it in the future.

Q: As a healer, in a BG that doesn’t force grouping you just have to spam target other players on your team to see if they need healing. Is there any way to give healers a way to heal more effectively in that situation?
A: Avoiding that for the time being. Grouping system only supports 40 players ATM. And that would need to be addressed before any mechanic like that is added.

Druid Guide

September 21, 2008 by · 5 Comments 

In this druid guide you will find all current strategy guides related to the druid class on Zug Gaming. This druid guide will be continually updated to reflect patch changes, new content, updated strategies, etc. If there’s is an area you think this guide need improvement on please drop us a note on the Zug Gaming forums.

Druid Arena Strategy

Druid Talent Builds

Druid Macros

Other Helpful Strategy Guides

Dalaran Sewers Arena Video

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Another job well done from Blizzard here for the new Dalaran Arena map. This map is located within the sewers of Dalaran and Northrend. Much like the new Orgrimmar arena map, dalaran includes a much more dynamic and intuitively designed map.

  • Multiple levels of elevation
  • Line of sight positions located both in the inner and outer rings of the arena
  • Dynamic water jet that periodically fires in the middle of the map. This can be used as an LoS position.
  • Generally speaking it’s a very small map, should make for more aggressive and high intensity game play.


I know the video is kind of short / bad…I’ll try to get a more complete video up tomorrow.

Nagrand Arena Position and Line of Sight Breakdown

September 5, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

arena strategy line of sight, positioning and kitingWhen I think about Nagrand arena position strategies one word comes to mind…pillars. If you’ve played arena for any stretch of time then you are probably more than familiar with this mechanic.

That said, learning to effectively use line sight in combination with proper positioning is no easy task. It requires a lot of practice and a bit of know how, which we’re going to discuss below.

Mastering The Pillar Kite

The first and most important factor in Nagrand Arena is going to be mastering the pillar kite. As you can see on the map to the right there are 4 pillars in Nagrand arena. Which we’re going to use both as LoS positions and kiting locations (aka “pillar humping”).

If you’re a healer this is where you live in arena. Sticking near the pillar allows you to quickly move in and out of line of sight and run circles around the pillar to avoid damage. The green squares represent your prime locations for maintaining healing LoS on the arena floor.

You will need to continually change your position around these pillars so that you can…

  1. Adjust your position so you can maintain healing / dispel LoS on your partners
  2. Kite opposing DPS in a circular manner around the pillar. If things are really bad you could have your team mates help you by snaring / crowd controlling the DPS that’s chasing you. Giving you additional time to catch up heals.

DPS Positioning

Most of the time people associate kiting and line of sight purely with healing, but even DPS, both ranged and melee can do their part to take advantage of line of sight positions. First off we need to consider the effect that these positions are going to have on our healer’s position.

  • Your healer will always want to be LoS’ing around / behind a pillar.
  • Knowing this we want to position so we can still do damage, but also allow the healer to avoid taking damage / being crowd controlled.

Secondly, let’s talk about the defensive role of using the pillars as a DPS. Just like your healer uses the pillars to dodge cc and damage you should be doing the same. Granted, you aren’t going to be pillar humping as excessively as your healer may be it is still important to take advantage of this strategy. This will save your nagrand arenahealer mana and buy you one very important thing…time. Time to drink, time cast, and time to catch up on heals. Sometimes even just a few short seconds is enough for your team to gain a mana edge and ultimately come away with the win.

General Nagrand Position Strategy

Of all the arena maps Nagrand is certainly the most simplistic. What ever way you look at it you’re going to be using pillars in your position strategy. As a healer most of your role with LoS is centered around using them to avoid damage and CC, while also turreting up to well positioned heals in the locations I’ve listed above.

As a DPS class you need to focus on always understanding where your healer is, thus allowing them an easier time to heal you. Additionally, using the pillars to LoS behind to prevent damage and / or kite melee classes will allow your healer additional time they may need during high burst damage periods.

For more position strategies check out the full guide on Line of Sight Strategy and Positioning!

Blade’s Edge Arena Strategy and Positioning

August 6, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

Often I hear of team’s and player’s who struggle on Blade’s Edge arena. This is in part because its’ the most complicated of any arena map and doesn’t offer the clear cut protections of a pillar or coffin to LoS around. That said, learning to LoS and positioning properly is still an attainable goal.

blade's edge arena

For the purpose of this guide I’ll be referring to all position references from a healer’s point of view, and the ideal locations team’s should attempt to position both DPS and healer positions in order to maintain LoS for heals, but avoid being relentlessly attacked.

To the right I’ve detailed a small map of Blade’s Edge arena with various positioning options you have available.

  • Red lines – these are short range positions that take advantage of the pole extensions on the 4 corners of the bridge. Ideally the DPS would be centered in the bridge while you heal from the top ramp positions.
  • Purple lines – these are long range heal positions where you’re simply trying to take advantage of healing range over the range of other casters. Same thing as above, heal from the ramp, fight in the middle.
  • Position swaps – the green dots represent a few of the possible positions you could choose to stand at. None of these are set in stone. A healer or a DPS could stand in either one of them since the line of sight continues regardless.
  • Ground level pillars – I’ve indicated them with red circles, you can use these just as you would use a pillar in Nagrand arena. In addition, while I have not indicated it on the map you can also use the pillar posts that hold up the bridge in the same manner. This can be a disadvantage though (discussed in next point).
  • Plane of Interaction – there are 2 planes of interaction in blade’s edge, one on the ground level and another on bridge level. Generally speaking the bridge level plane is superior in every way. You have both position and distance LoS easily at your disposal, and you can quickly reposition to heal teammates on the bottom. For this reason choosing to fight on the ground level may not be an option. If your opposition sticks their healer or a ranged character up top you could be in a lot of trouble. At this point the advantage is 100% into their favor, especially if you are unable to completely avoid being attacked by the players on the ground you’re attempting to kite.
  • Bridge Overhangs – there is one other location that can be particularly devastating from a LoS perspective if used correctly (and with the right classes). It’s positioned directly underneath the bridge right as the ramp part begins the bridge. There are small obstructions that jut out here, allowing a healer or DPS class (typically hunters) the ability to stick themselves in there and avoid most LoS. This is because it’s so difficult to find continued LoS to attack them, since you can move to either the left or right side of these small obstructions in these locations.

The overall strategy we’re going for with these positions is the development of a fluid and constantly moving line of sight technique. As a healer not moving is just not an option. You need to continue the constant position change in order to effectively heal, regain mana, and avoid damage. If you can successfully accomplish this then you’re well on your way to becoming a top tier arena team.

For more position strategies check out the full guide on Line of Sight Strategy and Positioning!

Priest Guide

July 29, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

priest guideThis priest guide offers all current priest strategy guides Zug Gaming has to offer. The priest guide will be continually updated as new strategy offerings become available. Additionally, if you would like to suggest a new priest guide to be added to this list please make a comment below or drop me a note on the Zug Gaming forums.

Priest Talent Guide

The following priest talent guide details various talent specs. In addition to providing varying talent specs this priest talent guide will include specs for differing game styles; PvE, PvP, raiding, arena, world pvp, leveling and more.

Priest PvP Guide

Playing a priest in PvP is no easy task, it requires advanced knowledge of game mechanics and the ability to make quality decisions very quickly. This priest pvp guide aims to provide it’s users with this know how. Offering advanced strategies and techniques to allow you to take your game to the next level.

In addition to understanding the importance of individual priest pvp strategies, it’s important to also understand the underlying mechanics within these strategies. The section immediate below details other priest guides you may find helpful to your WoW endeavors, both PvP and PvE wise.

Priest / Rogue vs. Shadow Priest / Warlock 2v2 Arena Strategy

June 23, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

shadow priest warlock 2v2 arenaYet again, not the most popular combo these days, but it still pops up every once and a while. The strategy here isn’t too complicated, open on the priest and just punish him. The only really important thing to remember here is to save your cloak for when your priest is really controlled.

Between all the fears, death coil, silence, and spell lock your priest is going to be hurting for casting time. You’ll want to try and save it to clear as many DoTs as you can and also keep yourself alive until your priest can cast again.

As the priest your best bet is going to be spamming instants every time you aren’t controlled. Prayer of mending, shield, renew are all important, all the while attempting to stay out of line of sight as much as possible to avoid other controlling spells.

Can’t get enough arena strategy? Check out the complete priest / rogue 2v2 arena guide!

Locking Down Warrior as Rogue

June 21, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

This post is in response to a question I received from a fellow rogue. It’s been posted here in the hope that it’s contents may be of assistance to other players who have similar questions.

Arena Strategy Questions…
Hey Zug, I’ve asked you questions here and there in the past, and there’s a few more that I’d like you to answer. My priest and I hit our highest rating of 2091 about two weeks ago, and since then have struggled a bit.

The warrior/healer teams that we seemed to have no trouble with have been really giving us a hard time. I find that in nearly all cases the warrior is sticking onto my priest, and I have a hard time keeping him locked down. They can break out of gouge, and I’m wondering if I should use my blind on the warr. (I feel like I should)

Another team, although rare, which we seemed to have no hope of beating, was the hunter/priest teams. Getting on the priest is out of the question, as doing that caused my priest to go OOM within a minute. We try to kill the pet, but when we can’t keep pressure on the hunter, my priest gets drained hard.

Is 41/20 the best priest spec?

Arena Strategy Answer…

As far as your first question is concerned, I find that it really is more of a 2 part solution. Generally speakingrogue vs. warrior arena guide you are going to be sticking to the warrior the entire time, making it as difficult as possible to get both position and line of sight on your priest.

However, your priest needs to be very aware of both your position and the warrior’s position. He needs to constantly reposition himself in order to allow you to do your job easier.

If the warrior is just relentless to get to the priest then this really opens you up to drop bombs on the warrior. Position yourself on his back and just lay into. Beyond that, just use everything within your power…including blind if necessary to prevent that warrior from getting on your priest.

Then again, even if he does get on your priest you’ve got reflective shield going for you, further increasing the damage output.

As far as hunter / priest goes…well, it’s just a rough match man. It’s so far one sided in their favor that even winning 1 out of every 10 of these matches is a good ratio. Our typical strategy just revolves around a gig strategy on the hunter with a lot of very early CC on the druid.

It’s very fast paced and risky, but it’s still the best strategy we’ve come up with at this point.