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Priest Talent Builds

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Priest talent builds you need. Fortunately, priest utilize all their specs in end game wow so whatever your preference is you can spec it! Priest is a class where their talents are more precise for the class, so most Priest talent builds have very little differences for each bracket.

Priest PvP Talent Builds

Priest are a very strong class in pvp and can play two different specs. Disc spec priest dominate 3v3 bracket with the famous MPR comp while shadow priest are good in 2s and 5s. All priest specs are good because they have a lot of controlled burst and great healing output.

Priest PvE Talent Builds

For raiding, most priest spec holy for healing. Priest can raid as any talent spec though, because disc provides great main tank healing. Shadow spec priests are great for raid with one of the highest output of any classes on aoe packs and still maintain high damage on single target mobs.

Priest Leveling Talent Builds

Most priest spec shadow for leveling. Shadow has high damage output with replenishment buy cialis online and talents to increase mana regen after killing mobs. Fortunately for priest who like to instance level, most talent builds


also give you enough dps to solo outside of instances.

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