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Season 4 Arena Gear

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This post is in response to a question I received regarding season 4 arena gear. It has been posted here to assist other players who may have similar questions in the future.

Arena Gear Question…
When the season 4 gear bcomes available will there be new replacements for the vindicator belt, boots, bracers and neck? With alot of honor points stored up, I wouldn’t want to waste them on vindicator.

Arena Gear Answer…
When season 4 comes out all the current honor gear will be replaced with the new season’s item, I believe the new sets are called “Brutal Gladiator’s…”.

I wouldn’t worry too much about honor points, with as easy as honor is to farm now without diminishing returns and season 4 still probably 6-8 weeks out, we got some time.

Arena Season 4 Check List

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season 4 changesWell, with season 3 rapidly approaching it’s end it’s time to start preparing for season 4′s launch on June 24th. From gems to enchants, and honor to arena points, it may take you some time to get everything in order.

Honor / Arena Points
75,000 Honor Points
5,000 Arena Points

Of course, in addition to the points you should already have purchased the new pvp trinket. The extra resilience just makes it that much better, allowing you to get additional offensive stats in other gear slots.

As far as arena gear is concerned, you’ll have to weigh your individual situation. The new rating requirements may make you think twice about what S3 pieces you’d like to purchase prior to S4 starting.

Arena Gems
The gem choices you make are certainly going to depend on your class and spec choices, but generally speaking there are a few definite decisions you can make.

Honor Gems:
Bold Ornate Ruby
Gleaming Ornate Dawnstone
Inscribed Ornate Dawnstone
Potent Ornate Topaz
Runed Ornate Ruby
Smooth Ornate Dawnstone

So if you’re a healer you’re pretty much SOL for these gems, but for everyone else they are a great choice. Don’t forget, they are unique-equip so you can use them in multiple sets of gear instead of having to acquire the gems by other means.

Badge Gems:
Crimson Spinel
Empyrean Sapphire
Seasrpay Emerald
Shadowsong Amethyst

Well, in case you’ve been living under a rock and didn’t hear…you can now get BT / Hyjal quality gems for just 15 badges per gem. This may seem a bit high, but when you’re trying to build the perfect set of gear I think it’s worth the price.

PvP Enchants
No question, the biggest money sink of any prep work you’ll have to do for season 4. Furthermore, if you know how to play auction house right, you can really make a killing of this increase in demand. When season 3 began I made 4800 gold in 12 hours, if you want to see numbers like this for yourself when S4 begins make sure to check out my next article.

Back to the enchants though…I strongly STRONGLY encourage you to purchase your materials prior to S4 starting. This will save you vast amounts of time and gold.

Season 4 Arena Armor

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Below is a list of all the new weapon items that will be available when season 4 begins. However, you should note that though these items will be included in patch 2.4.2, season 4 will not begin until sometime after the patch has been released.

Looking for more season 4 items?
Season 4 Honor Items
Season 4 Arena Weapons

Brutal Gladiator’s Refuge – Restoration
Brutal Gladiator’s Sanctuary – Feral
Brutal Gladiator’s Wildhide – Moonkin

Brutal Gladiator’s Pursuit

Brutal Gladiator’s Regalia

Brutal Gladiator’s Aegis – Damage (Shockadin)
Brutal Gladiator’s Redemption – Holy
Brutal Gladiator’s Vindication – Retribution

Brutal Gladiator’s Investiture – Healing
Brutal Gladiator’s Raiment – Shadow

Brutal Gladiator’s Vestments

Brutal Gladiator’s Earthshaker – Enhancement
Brutal Gladiator’s Thunderfist – Elemental
Brutal Gladiator’s Wartide – Restoration

Brutal Gladiator’s Dreadgear – Pure Damage
Brutal Gladiator’s Felshroud – Crit

Brutal Gladiator’s Battlegear

Best Professons for Arena

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rogue arena strategyProfessions are without a doubt one of the most overlooked aspects of arena and pvp. Too often players are so concerned with gear, enchants, and gems that they completely overlook just how much professions can add.

3. Enchanting
So why enchanting? Simply put, the ring enchants. What we’re looking at here is:

+2 melee damage
+12 spell damage
+20 healing power
+4 all stats

Now, a lot of people just flat out overlook these, or don’t consider them worth dropping one of their current professions for enchanting. For a melee player I can see the argument, +2 melee damage is pretty lackluster and +4 stats isn’t stellar either.

That said, for casters I don’t think there is a better option. +40 healing or +24 damage is just insane.

In addition (though it’s not related to pvp), you have a ton of potential to make some serious gold with the profession. Tuesdays are great for offering your services in Shattrath City, as there are always people needing new enchants for their newest piece of arena gear.

2. Jewelcrafting
With the addition of the badge vendor through Sunwell Island dailies a whole new realm of gem socketing was opened up to the masses.

Beyond the fact that we can all get epic gems cut, any jewelcrafter with a bit of time and gold can have the best gems in the game…

Melee Gems:
+24 Attack Power
+12 Critical Strike Rating

Caster Gems:
+14 Spell Damage
+12 Spell Critical Strike
+26 Healing

Defensive Gems:
+12 Defense Rating
+18 Stamina

Since these gems are BoP you’ll only be able to use a couple of them depending on your spec and class. But even so, this gives you just that extra edge that could be the deciding factor in a game.

In addition, you’ve got various figurine trinkets for each spec and class.

And quite frankly, if spending gold equates additional wins, then I’m more than willing to take on the expenses, and considering how easy it is to farm gold so should you!

1. Engineering
When the burning crusade released I was very disappointed in engineering. They basically destroyed everything that I loved so much about the profession pre-BC.

However, I think we can all say engineering is back and better than ever. While some of the items aren’t really viable for arena, there are a few in particular that really make the profession worth it.

The two I’ve listed above are just straight up domination for arena, the goggles specifically. With those type of stats and improved stealth detection! That’s just insane.

On top of that you’ve got the Nigh-Invulnerability Belt, sheep trinket, goblin rocket launcher, and a host of grenades and other misc. items.

Arena Gear and Equipment

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Hey guys, this is my first addition to Zuggaming and i hope to add more. So lets start with your welfare epics!

Many people may be abused by other apparent “Leet” players about having these welfare epics (gladiators and soon to be Merciless), but i think they are just scared we might beat em!

So with that out of the way i have 5 easy steps to get geared.

1. PvE Gear
When you first hit 70 you should have a few blues and mostly greens, now you may think that this is not the best in the world, but don’t stress. Your current gear should be good enough to enter a few Pug Karazhan raids if your lucky. Many drops in Karazhan can easily upgrade your gear tremendously, even if your gear does not have the “Resilience” or “Stamina” that you may want it doesn’t hurt to have epics to replace your greens and blues. Try to set aside a day each week to pve (such as Karazhan or Daily Heroics).

2. Badge Items and Gear
Don’t waste your badges on nether vortexes or epic gems, even though this can significantly boost your stock of cash it is not worth it. Many trinkets and offhands such as relics,totems and idols cost a few badges and can be a significant upgrade. These trinkets are essential in pve and in many cases pvp. A usual set up of a pvp/arena geared player is that they will carry “Medallion of the Horde” and a Badge Trinket. To achieve these badges you can easily reach around 25 – 30 badges a week just by doing a full karazhan run and the daily heroic.

3. Save, Save, Save!
Since 2.4 hit your pvp marks can now be turned in for honor (1 of each mark = 314 honor). Even though this may sound like a good thing don’t become a slave to the temptation of wasting all your marks, it becomes very frustrating in future knowing you have the honour but you need to grind bg’s all day just to get the marks for that required item. Usually the marks even out anyway, the amount of time needed to grind the marks for your item will usually make up for the honor you need for that item, so unless your mailbox is exploding with 100′s of marks try to resist the temptation of turning in your marks for honor.

4. Arena Points and Gear
Many people in World of Warcraft do not like arena’s, in many cases i can recall myself residing pve and bg’s over constant arena games, but Arena is your friend!! Try to at least get 10 games a week with a friend, even if your team is a 1300 rating 2v2 team it still adds up. If you see that you can nearly afford those S3/soon to be S4 gloves you have always wanted and yet you do not have your Gladiator/soon to be merciless gloves, don’t waste your honor; take time to think and ask yourself is it really worth spending 11250 honor on these gloves when i will soon be replacing them? This allows you to be more efficient with your honor and allows you to gain gear faster!

and finally on to my last point..

5. Read Forums (and!) and Learn Your Class
Simply flicking through forums can have a major affect on how you play your class, many forums and dedicated world of warcraft sites such as “This site, the best unofficial WoW site ever” can give you many hints and strategies on how to maximize your playing. Many sites can offer you a wide variety of macros/guides/arena strategies and more, Who knows, this information might lead you to having a better arena team, getting into raids easier and having more fun on your behalf. One of the most important things i have seen in world of warcraft is “Don’t be afraid of criticism” even though many of us will often snob criticism off and usually tell that person a few words that are not nice many people can still have good helpful ideas and tips for you, Constructive criticism is your friend… even though you might not like being told how to play your class it does not hurt taking someones advice on different aspects of the game. Not only will criticism help you improve, but you will also earn respect among the people who criticized you, they will learn that your not that “Uber Noob”. Earning respect among people on your server earns you a greater chance of being invited to Arena teams/raids and guilds.

PS 6: Be time efficient
Know what you are going to do and set to achieve a goal, such as i want to earn X amount of honor and X amount of badges tonight. Find out what your server is best at, such as if your server is constantly winning Av’s then constantly do them, AV will always give you the most honor and is the most efficient way to farm honor.

Strategy courtesy of Electrocow

Rogue Arena Enchant Guide

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rogue arena tacticsDetermining the best enchants is no easy task. With so many available options out there it can be difficult to really understand the reasoning behind each choice. Since arena season 1 started enchanting theory has basically shifted from 100% defensive (stam and resilience) to 100% offensive (crit and attack power).

This change is basically due to gear getting better and better, to the point that without any defensive enchants you could still be at nearly 11,000 hp and 400 resilience unbuffed.

We’ll just go slot by slot.

Easy decision here, simply because there are really no other options. Glyph of Ferocity. Attainable via revered reputation with Cenarion Expedition.

Another easy choice since it’s the only option. You’ll want to get the shoulder enchant available to you through your primary faction choice (aldor or scryers). Scryers’ get the following enchant at exalted, Greater Inscription of the Blade. Aldor can get this one, Greater Inscription of Vengeance

If you aren’t exalted yet you can just pickup your lesser level enchant, respectively.

rogue arena teams
Without a doubt, Enchant Weapon – mongoose on both your off hand and main hand weapons. Though executioner is a nice option, especially from the PvE perspective, it just isn’t effective enough against enough classes to really make the enchant worth it in PvP.

Basically, any class with mail or plate armor is going to have so much armor anyway it’s not going to matter if you’ve got some extra armor penetration. However, all classes are equally susceptible to the haste, additional attack power, and crit that mongoose procs provide. For this reason, mongoose is the better enchant.

Enchant Cloak – Greater Agility (+12 agility), in keeping with our offensive minded stats we definitely want to go with the agility over anything else.

Enchant Chest – Exceptional Stats aka +6 all stats, once again offense, offense, offense! If you are still trying to gear up your rogue with the optimal arena and honor pieces you may want to use Enchant Chest – Major Resilience instead, but once you’ve got up above 350 resilience I think it’s better to start shooting for the offense.

+24 attack power, Enchant Bracer – Assault. Much better than your alternatives in +12 stamina or +4 all stats.

You’ve got a couple of options here, and I really think the choice will depend on your spec. For combat and mutilate rogues, I’d suggest going with the +26 attack power Enchant Gloves – Assault.

However, for 41 point shadowstep rogues you’d be better off picking up the +15 agility Enchant Gloves – Superior Agility. Comparing 26 AP to 15 agility I think the AP has it by a hair (just my personal preference for raw AP over random crits). But with +15% agility from sinister calling the +15 agility pulls ahead by a bit.

If you can afford it, and you should be able to since you’ve read my book Zuggy’s Gold Mastery Guide, you’ll want to pickup Nethercobra Leg Armor (50 AP and 12 critical strike rating).

Granted it’s a bit expensive, but well worth it. Of course, if you can’t afford this one you can always pick the lesser Cobrahide Leg Armor enchant.

As far as the boot enchant is concerned I think the only real option is Enchant Boots – Surefooted (10 hit rating and 5% snare resist).

Some may argue that the stam and run speed is superior, however I typically go with the run speed meta gem, and if I don’t have that I’ll have the talent in assassination. Either way, I think you’re going to be better off with surefooted over anything else, the hit is nice, but more than that the snare resit is awesome.

Ring Enchants—-enchanters only!
In all honestly, I think both Enchant Ring – Striking (+2 damage) and Enchant Ring – Stats (+4 all stats) are very close.

If you really want to get picky though I think it really comes down to your spec. If you’re shadowstep go with the stats, since this provides agility you’re getting a bonus from it. For mutilate I’d go with the +2 damage, and combat is purely a toss up (though +4 all stats would be my personal preference).