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WotLK Rogue Developer Q & A

October 21, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

Just a brief foreword. I know I normally put all of my commentary at the top, but I think I’m going to try a new point to point analysis breakdown. Blizzard text, like always, will be in blue, and my commentary and analysis points will be in green.

Like what you plan to do with sub?
We recently made some changes to boost it, such as moving Dual-Wield Spec to tier 1 combat.

Sub is a very interesting spec right now. It still feels quite a bit weaker than combat or mutilate, but it’s got a lot of potential I think, especially if used in the correct environement. I’m very interested to see how the build preforms at 80 with all the new abilities and a full 71 talent points.

Why is hemo so bad?
It has a great debuff that boosts raid damage. It’s not intended to be Sinister Strike.

Hemo is not bad, this is a common misconception many rogue players have. With a 51 point sub build you’re looking at a 30 energy move vs. sinister strike which is a 40 energy move. The damage to energy ratio is appropriate, especially considering the debuff.

Why is Shadow Dance dagger only?
We agree with the above comment that it can do a lot of different things. You may just be focusing too much on it as a +dps cooldown.

I agree 100% with the blue poster here, this is another common misconception of shadow dance. Players focus so much on the spam ambush aspect of it they forget how powerful an extra garrote or premed cheap shot can be during a fight. I’ve been playing the build (with swords) since 3.0.2 went live and I’m loving this talent for this aspect. I’ll have a more complete write up on the build later this week.

Whether you feel rogue mobility is fine?
Rogues have a lot going for them in the way of stuns, damage avoidance and “get out of jail” cards. When you get up on other classes, they do have a tendency to die. We’re not sure we want rogues to also be zipping around the battlefield like warriors.

Yes…(sarcastic), we shouldn’t be “zipping around the battlefield like warriors.” 15 second intercept is broken beyond all belief, particularly for arena. Any scrub can successfully play a warrior with mobility like that. I’d trade mobility for lockdown any day.

What is happening with Lightning Reflexes?
We mentioned this as a possible change (or perhaps we even promised it — I don’t recall) but it didn’t materialize because we found other knobs to turn in combat that felt better during playtesting. Because LR is a passive talent, the side benefits would also end up being passive.

Nothing to say here, who cares about LR, I haven’t picked up this talent in years.

What is the deal with the Glyph of Sprint?
If I understand the qustion, I think it’s just a tooltip bug. The glyph was made before the base cooldown of Sprint was lowered from 5 minutes to 3 minutes (2 min talented). If that’s not the issue, can you elaborate a little more?

The dev is wrong, the glyph is bugged, but it’s an irrelevant question as they are changing the glyph of sprint anyway to increase speed at which you sprint and reduce the duration, effectively making it worthless.

Why is there a major glyph of feint?
Basically, rogues have relatively few abilities, and we were desperate for something that wouldn’t have serious PvP balance ramifications. I agree this might be a good candidate for a minor glyph. Remember that we are going to be adding a lot more glyphs over time. You shouldn’t view this as one of your very few useful glyphs is less useful, because you’ll eventually have a lot of choices.

Yet again, another pointless glyph.

Why is Fan of Knives so weak with daggers, and even weak with swords?
It’s designed to give you a button to hit when you want to AE. It’s not supposed to turn you into an AE class, if that makes sense.

See my notes here on fan of knives changes.

Are you happy with Hunger For Blood being horrible for PvP, and like the old Rampage for PvE?
No, not completely. We understand that CC + a short duration limit how often you can benefit from it. Obviously, we think removing MS and Hamstring was a little too good, just because those are generally hard debuffs to get out of.

Nothing really to say here yet, I haven’t personally played the build on live. I’ve heard these complaints before and they appear to be justified, but I’d like to get some experience with the build before I start talking about it’s flaws or successes.

How exactly are expose, mind numbing and wound major raid utility, when they so obviously are not?
Couple of things here, and forgive me for being a little brief.

First, I am reading between the lines a little here that it would be really nice to have a unique buff or debuff. Everyone asks for that, but it defeats the whole point.

Second, Expose is one of the strongest debuffs in the game. The dps increase can be 30% or more. So I suspect what you’re really getting at is that “we’ll always have a warrior with us doing that debuff.” The whole point of the revamp is we can’t assume you have anyone but we still want you to be able to get the buff. Mind Numbing is a cast speed debuff that is only offered by one other class (that doesn’t even exist in the game at the moment). Granted, it doesn’t offer the benefit of Expose. Wounding Poison offers the strongest debuff in the game for PvP, and also offers some dps to not over-penalize rogues who are balanced around poison damage.

Third, ultimately we still want raids to want rogues because they bring good dps. We just don’t want it to feel that only the rogues (hunters, mages and locks) are doing the group’s dps.

This massive block of text sounds more like a complete cop out for…”just kidding, we aren’t giving rogues real raid utility, see you in the next expansion!”.

Will there be a mutilate/HFB/cold blood/Assassination oriented glyph made before release?
Probably. We do want to add more glyphs over time, just like new gems started to show up in BC.

Rhetorical, why do players waste the dev’s times with questions like these? Side note: is it ironic that I would respond rhetorically to a rhetorical statement?

Overkill – why is it the pre-req to mutilate?
It’s always a hard call to decide what prereqs to what. We do like talent prereqs, and it seems like a good talent regardless. Are you wanting to skip it?

Quite ironic that mutilate rogues would be crying. Assassination is decked top to bottom with kick ass talents, most which would be 5/5 stars…so the 4/5 star talents just seem like filler now.

2. It has been stated that there is a plan to still have some poison immune mob/bosses in WotLK, what can a mutilate rogue do during these situations. Mages were helped with frostfire to combat the fire immune/frost immune mobs, but the poison requirement on mutilate still exist and when dealing with poison immune mobs, we’re(for the lack of a better term) seriously screwed in our dps. I still don’t understand why our signature move(for assassination) still has this requirement when it still cost 60 energy.
Poisons are what the rogues are balanced around, so we need to be pretty careful about that now. I can’t promise there won’t be any poison immune bosses — resistance and immunity are things we can change on a boss to make the fight play out pretty differently from the previous boss. But there won’t be a lot of them.

This is a valid issue, but one which I think blizzard understands and is fully capable of balancing encounters and talent specs around. I don’t expect mutilate rogues will have many issues dealing with poison immune encounters.

Rogue / Rogue Vs. Warlock / Rogue 2v2 Arena Strategy

July 22, 2008 by · 2 Comments 

This rogue / rogue vs. warlock / rogue 2v2 arena strategy demands you move fast. If you’re dealing with human rogues then you have to get on the warlock quick no question. If you’re talking a human with paranoia you’re done. The sheer amount of stealth detection will make it extremely difficult to get an opener.

Rogue #1

Open up on the lock with CS going into Expose Armor. Continue to wail on him, the opposing rogue will most likely open on you (as you should be the first one to open), hit him with a quick blind and call his trinket. If you’re dotted don’t cloak quite yet(DoTs give you the freedom to trinket something like a KS lockdown or maybe a fear, but really never let a lock get a fear off.) Manage your energy wisely, as you’ll have to be on the alert with interrupts.

Rogue #2

Open on the lock with a garrote, and hit him with a Kidney shot. Once the enemy rogue trinkets blind him(You now have 5 seconds to down the lock OR 5 seconds before you have to vanish/sap him). Again don’t immediately Cloak while you have DoTs as you’re given the freedom of trinketing.

This is a very quick match, and it’s almost a win every time if you get the opener. Locks are good at surviving burst damage, so don’t get frustrated.

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Rogue / Rogue Vs. Warrior / Druid 2v2 Arena Strategy

July 19, 2008 by · 2 Comments 

rogue arena strategyRogue / Rogue vs. warrior / druid 2v2 can be a difficult match up. If you get the opener you win, if not you’ve probably lost. Pay attention if your opponents are human and if that’s the case stay away from them for 20 seconds. Once the match begins you have about 2 minutes to find the druid(before stealth detect eyes come up). If you don’t find the druid, don’t worry Zuggaming has you covered on what to do.

If you find the druid…

Rogue #1 Strategy

Alert your partner the druid has been found, wait for them to get near you, then open up with a cheapshot going into an expose armor. Get ready to pop Evasion + GS because the warrior is going to be wailing on one of you. Blind the warrior and call his trinket. If your partner needs to bandage try to slow down the warrior any way possible to let them get away.

Rogue #1 Strategy

Once your partner finds the druid and you’re alerted hit the warrior with a real quick sap and get ready to down the druid. Open with a garrote going into a kidney shot(as your partner opened with CS and did an expose armor). You should also be ready to pop Evasion + Ghostly Strike as again the warrior will be wailing on one of you. Once the warrior pops his trinket on the first blind, you hit him with a second and continue to kill the druid. If your partner needs to get away to bandage stunlock the warrior or slow him down any way you can.

If the druid can’t be found:..

Rogue Arena Strategy

Both open with garrotes on the warrior followed by ruptures, once the druid pops vanish and do all of the above.

Hopefully you two will find the druid as it will make the match easier, but if not best of luck to you.

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Shadow Priest / Rogue vs. Mage / Rogue 2v2 Arena Strategy

June 21, 2008 by · 2 Comments 

In my opinion this team much scarier than Warlock/Rogue. Sure the lock has chain fears, but when it comes down to the burst ability of mage/rogue you’re really under pressure to be smart about not being taken out of the game by CC. I’ve put here two strategies you may apply and it really comes down to what you’re comfortable with.

Strategy One
Rogue Arena Strategy
Be patient at the beginning of the match. Even if you see the mage don’t attack him set a focus target on him if you have a focus casting bar mod, as this will come in handy for evading sheeps. The second you see the other rogue open up on your shadow priest partner open up on him and lock him down with CS straight into a KS. Continue to stick to the rogue and bring him down. Chances are you can probably down him 1 on 1 as he’ll be so obsessed over killing your partner.
Priest Arena Strategy
Hit the mage with a few dots and keep your shield up as the rogue is going to try and bring you down. While your rogue is busy with the other rogue you can go ahead and try and nuke him, or you can try to solo the mage. If going 1 on 1 is out of the question atleast try to help interfere CC from him.

Strategy Two
Rogue Arena Strategy
Move fast on the mage, and sap the rogue if you happen to see him. Move fast because if you get sapped you just lowered your chances of winning to slim(if not just plain none.) Use a garrote opener on the mage as CS’ing if you don’t know by now will simply be a waste of energy. Zerg down the mage with everything you’ve got and try to save trinket for the blind as it turn a good game to a bad one VERY QUICKLY!
Priest Arena Strategy
Just like strategy number one the rogue is probably going for you, so just start dispel spamming and dealing damage whilst keeping yourself alive. Pressure is going to be on this match, so keep a cool head and try to create a blind/sap opening for your rogue.

Again apply what you feel comfortable with, and I hope this helps.

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Strategy courtesy of S-Scythe