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Wrath of the Lich King Wrap Up Post

November 12, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

The time has finally come, we are now just a few short hours away from the greatest expansion World of Warcraft has ever seen. I know I can’t hit all the changes in this wrap up, but I’ll do my best to hit all the major additions, changes, and other note worthy points regarding the WotLK.

WotLK Preparations



Patch Information






note: more to come later

Gold Making Tip #5 – Mining and Jewelcrafting

September 17, 2008 by · 2 Comments 

This weeks gold farming tip is really more of a preview of a major concept I’d like to setup with my next video. Which details how we can use mining and jewelcrafting together to make a lot of gold through the process of auction house speculation, prospecting, crafting and ore farming.

In my opinion mining is the one of the most profitable professions currently out there. Granted, it has to be used and I really think is where most players just miss the boat. There’s a common misconception that to farm crazy gold per hour you just go wave a magic wand and poof…gold. In the immortal words of President George W. Bush…

if there was a magic wand, I’d wave it…(lawl bushisms)

But back to the topic at hand. Mining is pretty crazy as far as gold farming is concerned, in my experience just an hour worth of ore farming per day could yield 300-400g. It’s an excellent source of income I’ve used for years now and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a pretty easy profession you can use to bring in constitent and repeated profits.

Aldor Reputation Guide

June 21, 2008 by · 2 Comments 

aldor reputation guideThe aldor is the second of the main factions you’ll encounter in the Burning Crusade. But, as I mentioned in my Scryer reputation guide, you can only choose one of these.

How do I choose Aldor?
To choose the aldor as your faction you’ll have to first complete the Shattrath City introduction quest. Once you’ve had the grand tour of the place simply talk to Khadgar, he will allow you to choose either the scryers or aldor at this point.

Make sure you don’t choose the wrong one because it is incredibly difficult, time consuming, and expensive to change your reputation later.

How do you gain reputation with the Aldor?
Gaining reputation with the aldor is fairly straight forward. You have a few basic avenues to increase your reputation. The first one you’ll encounter is obviously questing.

There are aldor quests located in nearly every zone after you first make it to Shattrath City. I’m not going to list all of them out, but generally speaking keep an eye out for any NPC quest givers that have an “Aldor” tag under their name, or are Draenie.aldor reputation guide

Farming Mark of Kil’Jaeden
The first place you can farm for your reputation is in Terokkar forest. You’ll be seeking out Mark of Kil’Jaeden. These items drop off nearly all of the Cabal soldiers located in central Terokkar forest.

Farming Mark of Sargeras
This will be one of your primary avenues for gaining reputation. Mark of Sargeras drop off mobs over level 67 and are generally located in Shadowmoon Valley, Netherstorm, and some 5-man instances.

The mobs they drop off of are easy to kill, but you’ll want to be at least level 67 before attempting to venture to the zones where they are located. Generally speaking any mob classified as a “demon” will drop these marks.

Farming Fel Armaments
Finally, the last method of gaining reputation is through fel armaments. Quite honestly, this is your best bet for gaining reputation. Not only do you gain the most reputation (350 per), but you will also receive a holy dust

farming fel armamentsYou can use this dust to purchase the aldor shoulder enchants. Since you’ll probably be changing your shoulder from time to time you’ll always need new enchants. So it’s best if you can purchase or farm enough fel armaments to not only gain reputation, but also to plan for your future shoulders.

To the left you ca see my favorite place to farm for fel armaments
Note: All of the above reputation items are turned in on the Aldor’s tier in Shattrath City

Aldor Shoulder Enchant Rewards
Inscription of Warding – Requires Honored & Holy Dustx2
Inscription of Vengeance – Requires Honored & Holy Dustx2
Inscription of Faith – Requires Honored & Holy Dustx2
Inscription of Discipline – Requires Honored & Holy Dustx2

Greater Inscription of Warding – Requires Exalted & Holy Dustx8
Greater Inscription of Vengeance – Requires Exalted & Holy Dustx8
Greater Inscription of Faith – Requires Exalted & Holy Dustx8
Greater Inscription of Discipline – Requires Exalted & Holy Dustx8

Aldor Item Rewards
Anchorite’s Robes – Requires Honored
Vindicator’s Hauberk – Requires Revered
Lightwarden’s Band – Requires Revered
Auchenai Staff – Requires Revered
Medallion of the Lightbearer – Requires Exalted
Vindicator’s Brand – Requires Exalted
Aldor Tabard – Requires Exalted

Aldor Blacksmithing Plans Rewards
Flamebane Bracers – Requires Friendly
Flamebane Gloves – Requires Honored
Flamebane Breastplate – Requires Revered
Flamebane Helm – Required Exalted

Aldor Jewelcrafting Design Rewards
Gleaming Golden Draenite – Requires Friendly
Royal Shadow Draenite – Requires Honored
Pendant of Shadow’s End – Requires Exalted

Aldor Leatherworking Pattern Reawrds
Blastguard Belt – Requires Honored
Flamescale Belt – Requires Honored
Blastguard Boost – Requires Revered
Flamescale Boots – Requires Revered
Vindicator’s Armor Kit – Requires Revered
Blastguard Pants – Requires Exalted
Flamescale Leggings – Requires Exalted

Aldor Tailoring Pattern Rewards
Flameheart Bracers – Requires Friendly
Flameheart Gloves – Requires Honored
Silver Spellthread – Requires Honored
Flameheart Vest – Requires Exalted
Golden Spellthread – Requires Exalted