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1-450 Enchanting Leveling Guide

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This guide is out of date and has been updated at the following location: Cataclysm Enchanting Leveling Guide 1-525

1-450 enchanting leveling guideLeveling enchanting is very expensive, but it pays off in the end.  Disenchanting items bring in a lot of gold through materials, which sell for top dollar on the auction house.  The reason those materials sell so well is because of players who, like you, are leveling enchanting.  As with all professions, some items are cheaper to make than others when you’re leveling enchanting.  Beside gold, you’ll also need a lot of time because you’ll find enchanting leveling is very time consuming.  In addition to all the enchanting recipes mentioned in this 1-450 enchanting leveling guide, also look for items to disenchant so you can get do your enchanting leveling even faster.

Here’s a quick 1-450 enchanting leveling guide to help you level quickly.

Enchanting Leveling Guide: Levels 1-50

  • Go to the trainer and learn Apprentice Enchanting.
  • Level 1: Runed Copper Rod (Copper Rod, Strange Dust, and Lesser Magic Essence)
  • Levels 2-50: Levels Enchant Bracer: Minor Health (Strange Dust), Enchant Bracer: Minor Deflection (Lesser Magic Essence and Strange Dust)
  • Go back to the trainer and learn Journeyman Enchanting.

Enchanting Leveling Guide: Levels 50-130

  • Levels 50-80: Enchant Bracer: Minor Stamina (3 Strange Dust), Enchant Cloak: Minor Resistance (Strange Dust and 2 Lesser Magic Essence), Enchant Chest: Minor Absorption (2 Strange Dust and Lesser Magic Essence)
  • Levels 80-100 Enchant Bracer: Minor Agility (2 Strange Dust and 1 Greater Magic Essence), Enchant Chest: Lesser Health (2 Strange Dust and 2 Lesser Magic Essence)
  • Level 100: Runed Silver Rod (Silver Rod, 6 Strange Dust, 3 Greater Magic Essence, and Runed Copper Rod)
  • Levels 101-115: Enchant Cloak: Minor Protection (3 Strange Dust and Greater Magic Essence)
  • Levels 115-125: Enchant Cloak: Lesser Protection (6 Strange Dust and Small Glimmering Shard)
  • Go back to the trainer and learn Expert Enchanting.

Enchanting Leveling Guide: Levels 130-200

  • Levels 130-155: Enchant Bracer: Lesser Stamina (2 Soul Dust), Enchant Bracer: Lesser Strength (2 Soul Dust)
  • Level 155: Runed Golden Rod (Golden Rod, Iridescent Pearl, 2 Greater Astral Essence, 2 Soul Dust, and Runed Silver Rod)
  • Levels 156-175: Enchant Cloak: Defense (Small Glowing Shard and 3 Soul Dust)
  • Levels 175-200: Enchant Cloak: Fire Resistance (Lesser Mystic Essence and Elemental Fire), Enchant Bracer: Strength (Vision Dust)
  • Go back to the trainer and learn Artisan Enchanting.

Enchanting Leveling Guide: Levels 200-300

  • Level 200-205: Runed Truesilver Rod (Truesilver Rod, Black Pearl, 2 Greater Mystic Essence, 2 Vision Dust, and Runed Golden Rod), Enchant Bracer: Strength
  • Levels 205-225: Enchant Cloak: Greater Defense (3 Vision Dust), Enchant Boots: Stamina (5 Vision Dust), Enchant Gloves: Agility (Lesser Nether Essence and Vision Dust), Enchant Cloak: Resistance (Lesser Nether Essence)
  • Levels 225-235: Enchant Chest: Superior Health (6 Vision Dust), Enchant Chest: Superior Mana (Greater Nether Essence and 2 Lesser Nether Essence)
  • Levels 235-275: Enchant Boots: Agility (2 Greater Nether Essence), Enchant Gloves: Minor Haste (2 Large Radiant Shards and 2 Wildvine)
  • Levels 275-300: Enchant Gloves: Greater Agility (2 Lesser Eternal Essence and 3 Illusion Dust) , Runed Arcanite Rod (Arcanite Rod, Golden Pearl, 10 Illusion Dust, 4 Greater Eternal Essence, Runed Truesilver Rod, and Large Brilliant Shard)
  • Go back to the trainer and learn Master Enchanting.

Enchanting Leveling Guide: Levels 300-350

  • Level 300: Runed Fel Iron Rod (Fel Iron Rod, 4 Greater Eternal Essence, 6 Large Brilliant Shards, and Runed Arcanite Rod)
  • Levels 310-350: Enchant Chest: Restore Mana Prime (2 Lesser Planar Essence and 2 Arcane Dust), Enchant Gloves: Assault (8 Arcane Dust), Enchant Chest: Major Spirit (2 Greater Planar Essence), Enchant Gloves: Major Strength (12 Arcane Dust and Greater Planar Essence).
  • Go back to the trainer and learn Grand Master Enchanting.

Enchanting Leveling Guide: Levels 350-450

  • Level 350: Runed Adamantite Rod (Adamantite Rod, 8 Greater Planar Essence, 8 Large Prismatic Shards, Primal Might, and Runed Fel Iron Rod)—This recipe is available from vendors in the Outlands (Stonebreaker Hold or Temple of Telhamat)
  • Levels 351-375: Enchant Chest: Exceptional Mana (6 Infinite Dust), Enchant Cloak: Speed (6 Infinite Dust), Enchant Bracers: Striking (6 Infinite Dust)
  • Level 375: Runed Eternium Rod (Eternium Rod, 6 Greater Planar Essence, 6 Arcane Dust, and Runed Adamantite Rod)
  • Levels 376-390: Enchant Bracers: Exceptional Intellect (10 Infinite Dust), Enchant Boots: Assault (4 Infinite Dust and 4 Lesser Cosmic Essence)
  • Levels 390-425: Enchant Boots: Icewalker (8 Infinite Dust and Crystallized Water), Enchant Cloak: Superior Agility (9 Infinite Dust), Enchant Boots: Greater Spirit (10 Infinite Dust and Greater Cosmic Essence), Enchant Gloves: Precision (4 Greater Cosmic Essence), and Enchant Shield, Defense (6 Infinite Dust and 6 Eternal Earth)
  • Level 425: Runed Titanium Rod (Titanium Rod, 40 Infinite Dust, 12 Greater Cosmic Essence, 8 Dream Shards, and Runed Eternium Rod)
  • Levels 425-450: Any recipes bought from the enchanting vendor in Dalaran.  You’ll need Dream Shards to buy them.

Patch 3.0.8 Enchanting Changes

January 5, 2009 by · 3 Comments 

Compiled list of enchanting materials changes for patch 3.0.8.

Enchantment 3.0.3 (Live) 3.0.8 (Test)
Chest – Powerful Stats 15x 4x 4x 4x
Chest – Super Health 20x 10x 20x 4x
Chest – Greater Mana Restor. 20x 8x 4x 4x
Boots – Greater Assault 35x 5x 4x 12x 1x 2x 4x
Boots – Tuskarr’s Vitality 40x 10x 1x 12x 2x 4x 1x
Boots – Superior Agility 16x 6x 16x 4x
Boots – Assault 4x 4x No changes
Boots – Greater Fortitude 3x 3x No changes
Boots – Greater Spirit 12x 5x 12x 3x
Boots – Greater Vitality 14x 4x 8x 2x
Boots – Icewalker 8x 1x No changes
Bracers – Sup. Spellpower 24x 16x 2x 6x 6x 1x
Bracers – Greater Assault 25x 15x 24x 6x
Bracers – Expertise 24x 4x 14x 3x
Bracers – Major Spirit 16x 12x 16x 4x
Bracers – Excep. Intellect 10x No changes
Gloves – Armsman 2x 2x 2x 2x 8x
Gloves – Crusher 22x 9x 1x 20x 4x 1x
Gloves – Major Agility 8x 1x 4x 4x
Cloak – Shadow Armor 20x 12x 1x 12x 1x 1x 1x
Cloak – Titanweave 20x 10x 2x 8x 2x 2x
Cloak – Wisdom 30x 10x 6x 15x 3x 2x 6x
Cloak – Mighty Armor 20x 10x 15x 2x
Cloak – Major Agility 18x 6x 2x 8x 2x 2x
Cloak – Greater Speed 24x 12x 16x 4x
Weapon – Accuracy 40x 8x 6x 20x 4x 4x 6x
Weapon – Berserking 20x 15x 10x 12x 2x 10x 10x
Weapon – Black Magic 25x 15x 10x 16x 4x 6x 8x
Weapon – Lifeward 4x No changes
Weapon – Mighty Spellpower 40x 20x 6x 16x 4x 4x 6x
Weapon – Superior Potency 30x 10x 4x 10x 2x 2x 4
Weapon – Massacre 40x 6x 6x No changes
Weapon – Scourgebane 20x 6x 6x 6x
Weapon – Giant slayer 8x 6x 2x 6x
Weapon – Icebreaker 4x 4x No changes
Weapon – Greater Savagery 6x 2x No changes
Shield – Defense 10x 10x 6x 6x

Source: mmo-champion

WotLK Enchanting Guide

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WotLK Enchanting Training


New WotLK Enchanting Materials

WotLK Enchant Listings

Best Professons for Arena

June 21, 2008 by · 6 Comments 

rogue arena strategyProfessions are without a doubt one of the most overlooked aspects of arena and pvp. Too often players are so concerned with gear, enchants, and gems that they completely overlook just how much professions can add.

3. Enchanting
So why enchanting? Simply put, the ring enchants. What we’re looking at here is:

+2 melee damage
+12 spell damage
+20 healing power
+4 all stats

Now, a lot of people just flat out overlook these, or don’t consider them worth dropping one of their current professions for enchanting. For a melee player I can see the argument, +2 melee damage is pretty lackluster and +4 stats isn’t stellar either.

That said, for casters I don’t think there is a better option. +40 healing or +24 damage is just insane.

In addition (though it’s not related to pvp), you have a ton of potential to make some serious gold with the profession. Tuesdays are great for offering your services in Shattrath City, as there are always people needing new enchants for their newest piece of arena gear.

2. Jewelcrafting
With the addition of the badge vendor through Sunwell Island dailies a whole new realm of gem socketing was opened up to the masses.

Beyond the fact that we can all get epic gems cut, any jewelcrafter with a bit of time and gold can have the best gems in the game…

Melee Gems:
+24 Attack Power
+12 Critical Strike Rating

Caster Gems:
+14 Spell Damage
+12 Spell Critical Strike
+26 Healing

Defensive Gems:
+12 Defense Rating
+18 Stamina

Since these gems are BoP you’ll only be able to use a couple of them depending on your spec and class. But even so, this gives you just that extra edge that could be the deciding factor in a game.

In addition, you’ve got various figurine trinkets for each spec and class.

And quite frankly, if spending gold equates additional wins, then I’m more than willing to take on the expenses, and considering how easy it is to farm gold so should you!

1. Engineering
When the burning crusade released I was very disappointed in engineering. They basically destroyed everything that I loved so much about the profession pre-BC.

However, I think we can all say engineering is back and better than ever. While some of the items aren’t really viable for arena, there are a few in particular that really make the profession worth it.

The two I’ve listed above are just straight up domination for arena, the goggles specifically. With those type of stats and improved stealth detection! That’s just insane.

On top of that you’ve got the Nigh-Invulnerability Belt, sheep trinket, goblin rocket launcher, and a host of grenades and other misc. items.

Rogue Arena Enchant Guide

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rogue arena tacticsDetermining the best enchants is no easy task. With so many available options out there it can be difficult to really understand the reasoning behind each choice. Since arena season 1 started enchanting theory has basically shifted from 100% defensive (stam and resilience) to 100% offensive (crit and attack power).

This change is basically due to gear getting better and better, to the point that without any defensive enchants you could still be at nearly 11,000 hp and 400 resilience unbuffed.

We’ll just go slot by slot.

Easy decision here, simply because there are really no other options. Glyph of Ferocity. Attainable via revered reputation with Cenarion Expedition.

Another easy choice since it’s the only option. You’ll want to get the shoulder enchant available to you through your primary faction choice (aldor or scryers). Scryers’ get the following enchant at exalted, Greater Inscription of the Blade. Aldor can get this one, Greater Inscription of Vengeance

If you aren’t exalted yet you can just pickup your lesser level enchant, respectively.

rogue arena teams
Without a doubt, Enchant Weapon – mongoose on both your off hand and main hand weapons. Though executioner is a nice option, especially from the PvE perspective, it just isn’t effective enough against enough classes to really make the enchant worth it in PvP.

Basically, any class with mail or plate armor is going to have so much armor anyway it’s not going to matter if you’ve got some extra armor penetration. However, all classes are equally susceptible to the haste, additional attack power, and crit that mongoose procs provide. For this reason, mongoose is the better enchant.

Enchant Cloak – Greater Agility (+12 agility), in keeping with our offensive minded stats we definitely want to go with the agility over anything else.

Enchant Chest – Exceptional Stats aka +6 all stats, once again offense, offense, offense! If you are still trying to gear up your rogue with the optimal arena and honor pieces you may want to use Enchant Chest – Major Resilience instead, but once you’ve got up above 350 resilience I think it’s better to start shooting for the offense.

+24 attack power, Enchant Bracer – Assault. Much better than your alternatives in +12 stamina or +4 all stats.

You’ve got a couple of options here, and I really think the choice will depend on your spec. For combat and mutilate rogues, I’d suggest going with the +26 attack power Enchant Gloves – Assault.

However, for 41 point shadowstep rogues you’d be better off picking up the +15 agility Enchant Gloves – Superior Agility. Comparing 26 AP to 15 agility I think the AP has it by a hair (just my personal preference for raw AP over random crits). But with +15% agility from sinister calling the +15 agility pulls ahead by a bit.

If you can afford it, and you should be able to since you’ve read my book Zuggy’s Gold Mastery Guide, you’ll want to pickup Nethercobra Leg Armor (50 AP and 12 critical strike rating).

Granted it’s a bit expensive, but well worth it. Of course, if you can’t afford this one you can always pick the lesser Cobrahide Leg Armor enchant.

As far as the boot enchant is concerned I think the only real option is Enchant Boots – Surefooted (10 hit rating and 5% snare resist).

Some may argue that the stam and run speed is superior, however I typically go with the run speed meta gem, and if I don’t have that I’ll have the talent in assassination. Either way, I think you’re going to be better off with surefooted over anything else, the hit is nice, but more than that the snare resit is awesome.

Ring Enchants—-enchanters only!
In all honestly, I think both Enchant Ring – Striking (+2 damage) and Enchant Ring – Stats (+4 all stats) are very close.

If you really want to get picky though I think it really comes down to your spec. If you’re shadowstep go with the stats, since this provides agility you’re getting a bonus from it. For mutilate I’d go with the +2 damage, and combat is purely a toss up (though +4 all stats would be my personal preference).