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Druid Talent Builds

March 8, 2009 by · 13 Comments 

This guide is outdated, please view the updated guide here: Cataclysm Level 85 Druid Talent Builds

druid_talent_buildsLooking for the best druid talent builds? Well, look no further…at ZugGaming we’ve got you covered! Personally I don’t know a whole lot about druid talent specs, but for this article I enlisted the help of Smolderthorn’s best druid and a personal friend of mine, Suganem. So, big thanks to him for his assistance here. With that said, let’s get right into the druid talent builds.

PvP Druid Builds

PvP as a druid can be one of the most amazing or frustrating experiencing in WoW. A large part of your success is going to depend on having the right pvp druid talent build. With the right druid talent spec you’ll be on the fast track to success, have the wrong build and you’re just wasting your time.

PvE Druid Builds

If you’re a druid in PvE you should feel really fortunate, you have the option of playing 3 different specs…all of which are incredibly good. Every raid is going to want at least one feral or balance druids in their raid and well…restoration is just always going to be amazing. Which every build you elect to go with you can rest assured you can find one of the best PvE druid builds available below.

  • PvE Balance Build -  You’ll have 2 points left over, either placed into Dreamstate (mana regen), Improved Faerie Fire (If hit is needed), or Owlkin Frenzy (extra damage). If 3% hit is needed (no shadow priest), take one point out of Celestial Focus and place the 3 points into Improved Faerie Fire.
  • PvE Resto Build – You’ll have 4 points left over, either placed into Balance to get Celestial Focus, or Tranquil Spirit if you use Nourist a lot.
  • PvE Feral DPS Build – top DPS feral cat build
  • PvE Feral Tanking Build – feral tanking build
  • PvE Feral Hybrid Build – feral hybrid build for off tanking and DPS

Druid Leveling Builds

For leveling purposes you have a few different options, there’s no real “must have” spec here. That said, I’ve always felt feral is simply the best route. You don’t really have to worry about mana, you have the ability to grind like none other, and you can still hold your on in PvP. If you are absolutely against feral builds for leveling you could opt for a balance / moonkin build, however I wouldn’t go balance until you’ve made it to Outlands. Also, if you’re looking for a kick ass leveling guide make sure to check out Zygor’s 1-80 power leveling guide. I’ve used it myself and have nothing but positive things to say about it.

Rogue Stealth Guide

August 28, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

rogue stealth guideIn theory this rogue stealth guide should be very simplistic. In essence, you gain stealth to become semi-invisible. However, there are many factors which can dramatically influence your ability to remain surreptitious during combat.

Basically, default level of stealth is 300 (Rank 4 at 70), same with druids Prowl (Rank 3 at 70). There are several ways to improve your stealth; various trinkets, a few boots, talents, enchants, potions, and presumably glyphs in the expansion.

At 61-70 lvl, there are overall 4 boots that increase your stealth (2 boots before TBC, Boots of Displacement and Darkmantle Boots ):

The Master’s Treads (+5 Stealth levels)
Silent-Strider Kneeboots (+5 Stealth levels)
Whisperwalk Boots (+5 Stealth levels)
Nightscape Boots (+5 Stealth levels)

Jewelcrafting trinkets:

Figurine – Shadowsong Panther (+5 Stealth levels)
Figurine – Nightseye Panther (+5 Stealth levels)
Figurine – Black Pearl Panther (+3 Stealth levels)

Enchants and consumables:

Enchant Cloak – Stealth (+5 Stealth levels)
Sneaking Potion (+30 Stealth levels)
Stealth of the Stalker (+8 Stealth levels)

Rogue/Druid talents, skills and racials:

Master of Deception (1/5, +3 Stealth levels)
Master of Deception (2/5, +6 Stealth levels)
Master of Deception (3/5, +9 Stealth levels)
Master of Deception (4/5, +12 Stealth levels)
Master of Deception (5/5, +15 Stealth levels)
Vanish (Rank1 to Rank 3, +70 Stealth levels to stealth with Rank 3, 370 stealth in total)

Feral instinct (1/3, +5 stealth levels)
Feral instinct (2/3, +10 stealth levels)
Feral instinct (3/3, +15 stealth levels)

Night elf racial:
Shadowmeld Passive (+5 Stealth levels)

That pretty much covers it as far as stealth improvement goes, but now let’s move on to your detection chance.

Detection is pretty much like a counter of stealth, you don’t have be a stealth user yourself to get additional stealth detection. There are many ways to improve your stealth detection such as engineering goggles, talents, consumables, racial abilities, class abilities, etc.

Engineering goggles:

Hyper-Vision Goggles (+30 detect, when “used”)
Catseye Ultra Goggles (+18 detect, no level requiment but 220 engineering required)
The Night Watchman (+10 detect, random world BoE drop)
Bloodvine Lens (+10 detect)
Deathblow X11 Goggles (+5 Stealth detection)
Quad Deathblow X44 Goggles (+5 Stealth detection)

Talents, race/class abilities:
Heighened senses (+3 Detect, Rank 1 rogue talent)
Heighened senses (+6 Detect, Rank 2 rogue talent)
Perception (+50 Detect, Human racial ability)
Hunter’s Track Hidden (+30 Detect, Hunter class skill)
Warlock Felhunter’s Paranoia (+30 detect, Warlock class skill, pet)
Druid PVP Gloves (+10 detect, druid PVP reward)

Additionally, there is also one other special “Buff” called Shadow sight in arena that increases detection for an unknown amount. I’m pretty sure that it’s something unreachable by normal means, lets say over 1000 stealth detection. It could be even more considering you can see virtually any areas of the arena where a rogue or druid might be stealthed.