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Oct. 1 WotLK Updates Wrap Up!

October 2, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

Well, pretty big day today with loads of changes across the forums, beta, and here at Zug Gaming. To make sure you didn’t miss anything I thought this occassion calls for my first WotLK wrap up post.

Honor Points Will NOT Reset In Expansion

Title pretty much sums this one up. Blizzard reversed their earlier decesion to reset honor / honor marks prior to expansion. Honor points will not be reset prior to the expansion.

Updated WotLK Glyphs

New / revised glyphs for all classes.

WotLK Beta Build 9014 Class Changes

Nothing major here, most of the changes are pretty minor and focus more on balancing. Never the less, some interested and positive adjustments to every class.

Arena Season 4 End Date / Patch 3.0.2 Launch Date

Season 4 will end October 14th, 2008, additional information regarding details and patch 3.0.2 speculation.

Major Warrior Buffs – Berserker Rage Change

Berserker rage change may be used in any stance now, confirmed by blue.

WoW Gold Tip – Jewelcrafting and Prospecting

Gold tip #6 from yours truly, check out the tutorial video regarding jewelcrafting, prospecting, and the auction house.