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Cho’Gall Boss Strategy Guide and Tactics

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cho'gall boss fight strategy guide tacticsCho’Gall is the 4th and final (excluding the optional boss) encounter of the Twilight Bastion. Cho’Gall is a challenging fight that requires you to manage a stacking debuff with numerous effects. Our Cho’Gall tactics guide is designed to prepare you for any and everything you might encounter!

Cho’Gall Boss Abilities

  • Corrupted Blood – increases damage taken from the spell, Corruption of the Old God, by 2%. Stackable to 100.
  • Corruption: Sickness – Deals 39,000 – 41,000 shadow damage to raid members in front of you within a 5 yard cone. Also inflicts Corrupted Blood.
  • Corruption: Accelerated – Inflicts 2 stacks of Corrupted Blood every second for 60 seconds. Inflicted at 25% Corrupted Blood. Can be dispelled.
  • Corruption: Malformation – A malformation grows out of your character model and casts shadow bolts at nearby raid members. Inflicted at 75% Corrupted Blood.
  • Corruption: Absolute – Transforms you into a Faceless One. You cannot receive healing and now deal +100% damage with insta-cast spells. Inflicted at 100% Corrupted Blood.

Phase 1 Abilities

  • Fury of Cho’Gall – Deals 30,000 shadow and 30,000 physical damage. Also, increases damage taken by 20% for both physical and shadow schools. Will be cast on the target with the highest threat.

Cho’Gall Boss Fight Tactics and Strategy


  • Everyone will have an insanity meter, aka Corrupted Blood
  • Standing in the fire, allow adds to hit you, long mind-control durations, etc. will all cause you meter to increase
  • The higher your meter the more negative impacts, at 100% you are mind-controlled and removed from the battle

Phase 1

  • Your 2 primary tanks will want to position Cho’gall in the middle of the room.
  • Melee will stand behind the boss and healers / ranged should spread out in an arc behind as well.
  • When Cho’gall casts Fury of Cho’Gall the tanks should switch.
  • Special Abilities
    • Fury of Cho’Gall lasts for 45 seconds, when it’s over you should switch the tanks back.
    • Fire and void zones will be periodically cast around the room, move away from these.
    • Cho’gall will periodically cast conversion (aka mind control) on 3 random players. DPS / dispellers can interrupt Cho’gall’s mind control.
  • Elementals
    • A fire elemental will periodically be summoned, dealing huge damage to the tank.
    • A shadow elemental will periodically be summon, dealing huge damage to the raid.
  • Adherents of Cho’gall
    • Summons 2 large adds. The first add will appear to Cho’gall’s left side, one of your off tank should pick it up immediately.
    • Drag the add to the stairs. All DPS should switch and burn it down.
    • The second large addon will appear on Cho’gall’s right side.
    • Same thing, pick it up, drag to stairs, burn down.
    • This order will repeat with new adds alternating left / ride sides until you get to phase 2.
  • Adherent Corpse Adds
    • Cho’gall will summon adds from the corpses of his adherents.
    • You will know they are coming when he starts the spell, “Fester Blood”.
    • AoE these adds down as quickly as possible.

Phase 2

  • Cho’gall enters phase 2 at 30%
  • At this point adds will stop spawning.
  • The entire raid should stack on top of the small.
  • Cho’gall will cast Darkened Creations (aka tentacles) that reduce healing and damage done by 75%, also deal moderate shadow damage. Lasts 10 seconds.
  • You can interrupt the casting of the tentacles. DPS should switch to tentacles as they spawn.
  • Use all your cooldowns to burn him through this phase.

Cho’gall Raid Strategy Setup

As you begin to improve your gear and competence you may find you need fewer tanks / healers.


  • 3 Tanks
  • 3 Healers
  • 4 DPS


  • 3 Tanks
  • 7 Healers
  • 15 DPS

Cho’gall Video Strategy Guide