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WotLK Rogue Murder Talent Explained

September 26, 2008 by · 3 Comments 

A lot of players ask me about the murder talent from time time, wondering if it’s worth picking up over other talents in the assassination tree. Let’s first start out with a brief explanation of what murder is. I received the following question via email regarding murder earlier this week.

Hey there Zuggy…I wrote before about some rogue strategy advice and your reply was quite useful. Now I have one more question. My question is about the murder talent, some say that it counts in PVP, and some says it doesn’t. Well I thought I should ask you guys because I really don’t see the difference when I use it in my talent build, and still its 2 points which could be used on something more important… thank you for your answer :P

and my answer…

Murder is an excellent talent choice for any rogue build which requires you go into the assassination tree. Murder works on all humanoid, giant, beast, and dragonkin mobs, and players fall into the humanoid class (yes, even undead). So it will always work in PvP. Additionally, It’s also quite good for PvE since most mobs / bosses you kill fall into those categories.

Now that we have some of the basics down, let’s take a look at the major change coming to murder in WotLK. The talent is changing from 1/2% to 2/4% and moving to tier 6 in the assassination tree. For players going mutilate or other deep assassination builds then this talent will be an absolute must.

You may be thinking, “well Zuggy, it’s only a measly 4%…”, let me tell you why that 4% is absolutely crucial. Let’s break this down from a base line DPS standpoint.

  • You do 100,000 damage without murder on a boss fight
  • You do 104,000 damage with murder on the same boss fight
  • We have a net gain of 4,000 additional damage on the fight

Let’s compare this to the similar talent in the combat tree, aggression. Just like murder I get lots of questions about aggression, and many people think I’m misguided for not choosing it, but I’ll tell you why I don’t.

One brief note, don’t forget that aggression was recently changed to a 5 point talent 2/4/6/8/10%.

  • Most rogues average 65% white damage, 30% sinister strike damage, and 5% eviscerate damage on a PvE encounter (note: if you didn’t have aggression you’d just envenom)
  • So we do 100,000 damage again on a boss fight, of which only 35,000 damage receives modification bonus from aggression
  • 35,000 * 1.10 = 38,500, Net gain of 3,500
  • Total net output, 103,500

So, comparatively speaking we gain 4,000 damage for 2 points in murder, or 3,500 damage for 5 points in aggression. If murder were a 10 point talent (2/4/6/8/10%) it would beat aggression 10,000 damage to 3,500. Here in lies why I never pick up aggression, and ALWAYS pick up murder.

Murder Talent Conclusions

Murder offers the biggest bang for your buck of any rogue talent. For 2 points it’s an absolute must if you are going to spec deep into assassination. In my opinion aggression is one of the worst talents in the combat tree. It pales in comparison to murder. Murder is one of the best talents availble to the rogue class today, plain and simple. If you’re going into assassination tree you need to get it.