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How to install WoW Addons?

August 1, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

Well, if you’re here then you want to know how to install WoW addons. Good news, it’s incredibly easy! If you can copy and paste then you can install WoW addons and mods. In case your the lazy type like me and don’t want to read the rest of this tutorial just check out the video below.

It details the step by step process you must take in order to install and activate a World of Warcraft addon.

For you reading types, let’s get to it.

  1. Download your desired addon / mod. Just unzip it to your desktop.
  2. You need to copy the addon folder into the your World of Warcraft directory. For most of you this directory will be located here: C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons
  3. Once you have the addon file in your addons folder you now need to open World of Warcraft, if you already had it open exit out of the program and open it up again. In the lower left corner of your screen once you’ve logged in you’ll see a button that says “addons”. Click this.
  4. Now, find the addon you just installed and make certain it is clicked.
  5. Select your character and login
  6. The addon is now active, most mods / addons use menus located around the mini map or a series of text command. Read the mods instruction files if you don’t figure out how to configure it in game.

WoW Addons

Below is a short list of all my favorite sites to download wow addons and mods. There are lots of addon respositories out there, but these are the largest and fastest sites.

Zuggy’s WoW User Interface Package

August 1, 2008 by · 4 Comments 

By popular demand I’ve finally put together my full user interface package up for download. If you’re new to World of Warcraft addons or don’t know how to install an addon checkout the short video I’ve included below. It should clear up any confusion.

A brief note for new players, a World of Warcraft addon (aka “mod”) is a small file which enhances your WoW user interface, this could be changing the way a frame looks, adding a different action bar, or any number of other items.

Now, enough of the introduction, let’s get on to the addons.

Download Zuggy’s U.I. Package

wow addons

Ace3 – This is the foundational addon used for the majority of my addons. It runs lean and mean and is a product of the Ace development team. You need this addon to run virtually all addons and mods from wowace.

AG_Unit Frames – This mod is a lightweight yet highly configurable unit frame addon. It replaces the blizzard default unit frames. You’ve got a new player, target, party, focus, raid, pets, target’s target, target’s target’s target, focus’ target, etc (you get the idea, virtually anything you can think of).

Bulk Mail2 – Now, this mod isn’t exactly needed to get the basic functionality of the user inteface I use. But, since I do a lot of auction house farming It’s incredibly helpful to have this available. Using this you can send multiple mail messages at the same time.

Closet Gnome – This nifty addon allows you to specify a set of gear and equip all the pieces of that set in one click. For example, I have a PvP healing set on my shaman that equips all of my pvp gear instantly.

Grid – While AG Unit frames does have raid frames it’s not ideal. Grid solves this problem, it’s highly configurable frame allows you to fit up to 40 raid frames into it’s box.

OmniCC – Adds textual overlays of your cooldown’s timers on top of your action bars. An absolute MUST HAVE.

OmniCC Options – Options menu for OmniCC.

Open All – Another non-essential addon, this mod allows you to take all the cash or all items from your mailbox in one click. Another awesome addon for auction house farmers.

Proximo – This arena addon brings up a frame with all of your opponents names and HP percentages. This list is populated by simply hovering over the enemies unit frame. Absolutely crucial for serious arena players.

Quartz – This mod replaces the blizzard casting bar. In addition, it adds a customizable target’s casting bar, focus’ casting bar, and many others.

SCT – Replaces the blizzard default floating combat text with this configurable (and signifigantly cleaner) scrolling text mod.

SCT Options – Creates an options / config. menu for SCT.

Download Zuggy’s U.I. Package

Zuggy 2 – Rogue Arena Video

July 3, 2008 by · 9 Comments 

rogue arena teamsZuggy 2 – Return of the Troll…

This is my 2nd arena video and features myself in all 3 arena brackets. The footage showcases clips from my rogue / priest 2v2 team, rogue / mage / priest 3v3 team, and rogue / hunter / elemental shaman / druid / priest 5v5 team.

All clips were filmed at or above 2300 rating during season 3.

2 talent specs were used in this video, 16/45/0 combat and 20/0/41 shadowstep. (Note: combat is only used for the very first rogue / priest match)

Download Zuggy 2

Rogue Arena Addons / User Interfaces Used

  • AG Unit Frames
  • SCT
  • Proximo
  • Quartz
  • Bongos2
  • OmniCC
  • NECB (2s / 3s only)

Other U.I. notes, because several people asked this question about my last video. The large bar which shows cast bars towards the middle of my screen is a focus casting bar. You can see the focus frame to the left of my screen.

I use it to watch for incoming crowd controls / heals so I can adjust before they land.


  • Queen – Another One Bites the Dust (intro only)
  • Nightwish – Dark Chest of Wonders
  • Muse – Assassin
  • Trivium – Ascendancy
  • The Arcade Fire – Rebellion
  • Motely Crue – Kick Start My Heart

Looking for my first arena video? Check it out now! Zuggy 1 – Rogue / Priest 2v2

Creating the Perfect User Interface

June 21, 2008 by · 6 Comments 

ag unit frames

Building the perfect user interface in WoW is no easy task. With an endless of addons, modifications, and scripts, it’s easy to get lost. So, let’s just start with the very basics of user interface building, the stock blizzard view.

When I construct a user interface I do so with a few basic principles in mind.

  1. Performance – The blizzard default U.I. can be considered our baseline. As far as FPS performance is going to be concerned the Blizzard U.I. will generally represent the maximum
  2. Information – What info do you need to know? What information is the most important (you’ll want this prominently displayed)?
  3. Design – Organizing your frames and bars in such a way that your view field isn’t obstructed is absolutely essential

User Interface Performance
In a day where video cards have pushed to 1 GB and having 8 gig of memory can be attained for a couple hundred bucks this might not be as big of an issue for you. Even so, I’m a minimalist, I strive to build my user interface as lean as performance

For a lean U.I. there’s only one option, library of functions, ace mods are different because they are all built off the same library. Meaning mods use less memory, run leaner, and faster than their counterparts.

Even better, there is a great community of addon developers who are constantly updating mods. Popular mods are updated several times a week with changes, new features, bug fixes, and patch updates.

Ace Mod Downloads

Addon Information
If you’ve browsed through addon repositories at all then you know the immense amount of information available via mods. The vast majority of this information is parsed through blizzard default combat log (even if you don’t use a combat log it’s still stored). Mods are able to gather information that would otherwise buzz right pass you and rebuild it in such a way that it’s easy for you to see and decipher in the heat of combat.

Mods like Natur’s Enemy Cast Bar (NECB) is a great example of this. The mod produces bars and timers for other players (both friend and foe) casts, cooldowns, and other abilities. Allowing you to make faster judgments based off quick information.

The big problem with this mod is it simply does its job too well! By default the amount of bars it can produce is simply too much. Bars are created so quickly it’s difficult to really tell what’s going on. It’s very important to turn off unnecessary options in the mod, for example you really don’t need to see the cool down refresh on a winter’s chill every time a mage casts a frostbolt.

The overall point here is, make sure you take a look at the options in each addon you download. Information is great, but if you don’t filter out to get just what you need then you end up in a situation where you have more information than you can easily handle while still fulfilling your classes primary role.

best user interface
Designing a great user interface is like art, sometimes the most simplistic creations are the most elegant. Here we have a few basic categories to consider.

  1. Unit Frames
  2. Action Bars
  3. Other Mods

We’ll start with unit frames. Here we kind of go back to how much information you really need. Your role in an arena match will really determine what you need. For instance, the party frames on my rogue are really point less. I basically need to know 2 things about my partner members, their health and their debuffs. So the U.I. on my rogue is literally just a health bar with debuffs below, they are are small and out of my way.

Healers are a bit different, issues like a range checker, buffs, debuffs, health, mana, and casts are all potential attributes you may want to include in your unit frames. Just remember to avoid excess information where possible. I haven’t tried it out in arena yet, but based on my raiding experienced with it, grid could be the ideal unit frame mod for healers, combining lots of information in a very small area.

Action bars are probably the most simplistic aspect of your U.I. Though, you’ve got some options to further reduce the amount of clutter in your U.I. Most action bar mods include options to change size, position, and visibility.

So for example, on my restoration shaman I really don’t need to see most of my action bars. Healing spells and many totems really don’t need to be shown since I have all of my hotkeys memorized. So basically I only show the cool down based items: bloodlust, grounding totem, nature’s swiftness, mana tide, etc.

Since unit frames and action bars are the bread and butter of your U.I. other addons and modules can simply be placed around these. Depending on the type of information these mods provide will determine their position on your screen.

Items like target’s casting bar and focus’ casting bar are very important, as such they are dead center of my screen. Other mods like NECB’s cool down times are located along the outer ring. It’ll be up to you to determine information which is most crucial to your class.

If there’s one thing I cannot stress enough it’s just…keep it simple. If you are struggling to handle multiple addons and mods and a hundred other pieces of information at once you’re probably doing yourself more harm than good.

In my opinion you’re just better off going with a more simplistic approach and allow yourself to make quick decisions based off a greater view field and more simplistic approach to PvP.