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Mutilate Rogue / Shadow Priest 2v2 Video – Tuska 4

September 18, 2008 by · 5 Comments 

My initial impression of this video was just wow…I’ve been playing World of Warcraft and watching PvP videos for years now and in all that time I’ve never seen a 2v2 video that even comes close to this. This video features a mutilate rogue / shadow priest 2v2 combo from Doom Squad on EU. It’s filmed in the 2100-2350 bracket and features some of Europe’s best teams and players.

The video offers a strategy break down for each different match up they fight and points out some of the subtle strategic decisions they make throughout the fight in order to secure a win. All the strategies are sound and executed to perfection.

On top of being an excellent tutorial video it’s also an incredibly entertaining and enjoyable movie. The editing and music fit very nicely together and the whole package just comes out looking beautifully. 5 / 5 stars.

Talent Specs
Rogue – 54/0/7
Priest – 20/0/41

Music used:
P.O.D. – The Messenjah
Papa Roach – Getting away with murder
Static-X – Burn to burn
The Offspring – Hammerhead
P.O.D. – Satellite

Xperl Unitframes
Morganti’s Buffbars
Telo’s Bottom Bar
Second Bottom Bar

Mage / Rogue Vs. Mage / Rogue 2v2 Arena Strategy

September 11, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

rogue arena

Ah yes, the mirror match. Mage / rogue arena strategy mirrors can be particularly difficult, as they require quick reaction time and well executed strategy in order to successfully gain the edge on your opponent. As with any double DPS team even the slightest of errors can quickly lead to a loss

Rogue Opener Strategy

Ideally you want to find the rogue and immediately open up on him. However, this is easier said than done. Chances are both rogues are going to have max stealth talents, so it’s pretty much a toss up that you’re going to get the opener. However, if you do happen to get the opener on the rogue you’re in a great position, you’ve immediately forced the opposing team to have to react to you.

If they don’t make the correct decision with an immediate crowd control they are going to be far behind and well on their way to losing.

Mage’s 2v2 Strategy Role

If your rogue does happen to get the opener then you need to be able to go right into action. If at all possible get immediate CC on the opposing mage and start dropping shatter combos on the rogue. This is where things start moving really quickly.

Side Note: Mage 2v2 Tips Compendium

What If I can’t find the rogue?

This is where things can get really sketchy. If the match timer gets to the point where the shadow sight buffs come up it’s probably just going to be a wash as far as the opener is concerned. Your only concern at this point is to not get absolutely screwed.

How can you get completely screwed you ask?

  1. Both mages are going for the buff, your mage gets sapped, then the mage and / or rogue gets the shadow sight buff, finds you and the rogue opens on you.
  2. The opposing rogue picks up the buff, vanishes and shadowstep + cheap shots you.

That said, these are the techniques we are going to try and use against the opposing team in order to gain the advantage. A lot of rogues will simply let their mage pick it up and trade the openers, and this is a fine strategy I suppose. But for me I’d much rather have the fight in my hands, so picking up the stealth buff and immediately going after the rogue is my game plan.

All the while my mage is either going for the other buff and / or keeping the other mage temporarily distracted and /or crowd controlled. If all goes well you’ll have the opener shortly there after and have a huge lead early on.

Game Pace and Reaction Time

More than anything else your reaction time and understanding the pace of these games is going to be a key factor in your success. If your a mage you’re prime goal early on is going to be keeping the other mage out of the fight so you can assist your rogue. Additionally, if you’re the rogue you need to do everything within your power to avoid taking damage while locking down and punishing the opposing rogue.

Rogue’s Crowd Control and Damage Avoidance

Always be watching for the possible crowd control trains on you. While most teams will just play the mage vs. mage CC battle some may go for a switch, especially if you are without a trinket (this should always be in the back of your mind because you can do the same thing to them!).

If the rogue makes a stupid decision on the trinket you can simply go blind into a sap combo and bomb on the mage. Even if you aren’t able to kill the mage you’re put him into an immediate defensive position, potentially allow your team to regen / bandage some life, and certainly made the mage go through a lot of mana kiting you.

Whether it’s damage or crowd control, as the rogue you have a lot of tools to really make the mage’s job hell.

  • Vanish immune shatter combos or sheeps
  • Cloak of Shadows shatter combos or sheeps
  • Toss a gouge if the mage is within range to cut casts
  • Toss a kick if the mage is withing range. Brief note here, using focus kick macros makes this incredibly easy, so you can conduct drive by kicks on the mage without even having to target him.
  • Use blind to stop casts. Not always worth it, but sometimes necessary if you are close to dying.

Mage’s Crowd Control and Avoidance

Just like the rogue the mage has the ability to prevent / break many of the potential CC’s. Versus most 2v2 teams you’d want to use these on a bit slower pace, but in an arena matchup as face paced and furious as this you simply CANNOT take a full duration poly or blind. So be prepared to quickly use your…

  • Ice Block / Trinket on sheeps and blind when necessary
  • Help your rogue cut the mage’s casts via sheep and crowd control, especially on shatter combos

Using focus macros for your sheep and counterspell macros will really help you out with this, I strongly recommend you get comfortable with them as they are fastest way to making quicker decisions.

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Rogue / Rogue Vs. Druid / Rogue 2v2 Arena Strategy

September 10, 2008 by · 5 Comments 

rogue 2v2 strategyRogue / Rogue vs. Druid / Rogue is no easy match, typically any team with a druid is going to be a tough match for a double rogue team. That said, using systemic decision making and quick reflexes we can learn how to effectively counter these 2v2 teams.

Ideal Strategy, Jump the Druid in Stealth

Ideally what we’re going to try and do is find the druid in stealth and immediately open on him. This serves 2 purposes.

  1. Gets you into combat and prevents you from being sapped
  2. Puts immediate pressure on the druid

If everything goes as planned you’ll kill the druid straight up, but for any of you who have played double rogue for any stretch of time you know this is rarely how it happens.

The Druid is in Bear form, what do I do?

Often times druids are wise to double DPS teams and will immediately exit stealth as soon as they realize there are rogues and enter bear form. This is when this combo can be very difficult.

Let’s be frank, you probably aren’t going to burst a druid in bear form out. So you have a few options. First, and probably the most effective is going to be attack the open and drop a bomb on the rogue. If you get a solid opener and / or if the druid is out of position you can immediately red line the rogue. Make sure you have your rupture up on the rogue as you know he’ll be going for a vanish.

druid arena strategyOnce you’ve got the opener going on the rogue you need to be looking to crowd control the druid. Either via gouge, kick, or if the druid is dumb enough a blind / sap combo. Most games the druid is still going to get a few HoTs and the NS off, but this doesn’t mean you lose. Keep up the damage, evasion tank the rogue and keep working to get the druid out of the fight. You’ve got 2 blinds, a potential sap combo, kick and gouge to punish the druid with.

Is Switching Targets a Good Strategy?

I think many double DPS teams really are reluctant to try a target switch, in some cases this fear is rational. However, if a switch is handled in the proper way it can be very effective. For example, many rogues may panic when they see a two other rogues attacking them. In the event he trinkets a CS or  KS you’ve got him right where you want him.

What if the rogue trinkets my blind?

At this point you should throw the blind, which you’re going to transition into at least 1, probably 2 saps. This will give you a minimum of 20 seconds to have unrestricted damage on the druid. Even if the druid is sitting in bear form 20 seconds is a long period of time, especially if you can evasion tank the rogue for an additional 15 seconds after your crowd controls have ended.

Final Points on Avoiding Crowd Control

On a double DPS team every second counts, it is absolutely crucial you avoid being crowd controlled at all times. In the case of this team you are going to want to save your trinket for a blind, the only scenario you wouldn’t want to use your trinket on blind is if the rogue was just reeling on you and caught you medium / low health in a KS.

It’s very helpful to set the druid as your focus target, this will allow you to watch incoming crowd control on you so you can take the appropriate action to avoid being taken out of the fight. These actions include:

  • Preemptive Cloak of Shadows on cyclone / root
  • Vanish immune on cyclone / root
  • Vanish immune on feral charge
  • Preemptive evasion if you believe the druid may attempt to bash you
  • Preemptive evasion if you believe the rogue is about to blind you (if your trinket is down, note: This is very hard to watch for, especially if you don’t have your focus on the rogue)

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Mage / Rogue 2v2 Arena Strategy

August 26, 2008 by · 5 Comments 

Mage / Rogue has been around for a long time, and one of the most popular dual dps cookie cutters around. That said, novices beware this comp is no walk in the park. Your success relies on good communication between you and your partner, also keeping a cool head. This setup has the potential to rob you of your sanity if you don’t relax.

Rogue Talent Spec

Take a standard 20/0/41 Shadowstep spec. If you’re looking for the point break down, check out Zuggy’s rogue arena specs guide.

Mage Talent Specs

I highly recommend a 17/0/44 deep frost, but some may prefer a full 61-point frost build. I’ve found Imp CS really helpful though. Make sure to check out Zuggy’s full guide on mage talent builds for further information.

Trinket Selection

The rogue will probably want to run with a Battlemaster’s Trinket, the mage might want to aswell but my partner prefers an offensive trinket so it really comes down to what you think you’ll benefit most from. In the end it’s your personal preference. I like the idea of having the battlemaster’s so you have a few final seconds to pull together a win.


PVE gear is in no way required or even really wanted. True that your damage output is important, but you’ll be running CC trains so it’s more about control than damage really. Gem offensively rogues, while mages might want to gem for some stam and resil, while keeping spell damage at a good amount. Don’t run into a match without atleast 10k health.


Much like any other dual dps team there is little to no room for error. You mess up your CC, your goose could..and probably will be cooked in a matter of seconds.

Other advice

Take a look at this 2v2 guide for mages by Orichi.

Mage /Rogue Arena Match-ups:

Rogue / Rogue Vs. Paladin / Warlock 2v2 Arena Strategy

August 18, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

warlock paladin 2v2This match-up is pretty similar to Warrior / Pally, but much easier in my opinion. The one thing that will get you killed here is if you get chain feared into oblivion by the Warlock, but you two won’t let that happen to you, right?!

Rogue #1

Get a sap on the lock if possible, and pretty much just try to force the pally to bubble. Conserve energy for interrupts. Once the paladin pops bubble you simply Cloak and Vanish to reset the match. Down the paladin after bubble fades.

Rogue #2

You can do one of either things: Get on the lock, or simply force a bubble on the paladin with your partner. Either option is viable, simply do what you and your partner are comfortable.

Rogue / Rogue Vs. Shaman / Warrior 2v2 Arena Strategy

August 12, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

shaman warrior 2v2This match is pretty much a Druid/Warrior, except you don’t have to go through the trouble of finding the druid.

Rogue #1

Hop on the shaman preferably before he sets up shop(by shop I mean totems), hit the warrior with a blind and interrupt every heal possible. Pop Evasion + GS if the warrior is focusing on you. Downing the shaman asap, and praying the warrior doesn’t RNG your face off is all you can really do.

Rogue #2

Hop on the shaman as well and keep up with interrupts. Hit the warrior with your second blind, and do your best with your partner to down the shaman in that 5-second window. Use Evasion + GS if you’re being focused.

This match-up is usually very quick, I’m sorry the strategy can’t be more elaborate, but as with every warrior team RNG decides who wins.

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Rogue / Warlock vs. Priest / Rogue 2v2 Arena Strategy

August 10, 2008 by · 3 Comments 

rogue warlock 2v2 strategyRogue / Warlock vs. Priest / Rogue 2v2 is a very difficult match up for you to win simply due to the nature of the priest’s spells. As a rogue / warlock 2v2 team you have a few main objectives you must achieve in order to win the match.

  • Crowd control and lock down (both on healers and DPS)
  • Minimize damage taken (this is usually no problem if you achieve point number 1)
  • Force the other team into situations where misusing a trinket will cost them the game

Achieving these goals is no easy task, especially if the priest / rogue team have undead players on there team. Ideally you want to sap the rogue and immediately open on the priest. This allows you maximum time to apply all DoTs and have strong damage before the fight has even begun.

If the rogue trinkets the sap you should immediately blind him and stay on the priest. Following the blind you can hit him with a back to back fears followed by the vanish sap. Of course this is an absolute ideal scenario, as with any double DPS team things can quickly go wrong. But, if you’re able to pull off this type of well timed CC you have virtually assured yourself the win.

If you are unable to sap the rogue you have a few options.

  1. Wait for stealth buffs to come up and force them to engage your warlock. This gives your rogue maximum time to find and sap the opposing rogue, allowing for the best possible opener.
  2. If your rogue is unable to find the rogue / if the opposing rogue jumps the warlock you’ll have no choice but to open up on the rogue yourself. At this point the rogue’s gear choices will really come into effect.

If the rogue is wearing a large amount of tier 6 you should remain on his. Especially if you’ve already successfully secured the opener. The warlock should do what he can to position himself away from the rogue (out of LoS of Shadowstep if at all possible). At this point it really comes down to your crowd control. Keep the rogue locked down as much as possible and start the fear train on the priest.

If you’ve got enough pressure on the rogue at this point you’re in great shape. The priest will likely blow his trinket, at which point we can blind / vanish / sap combo the priest and finish off the rogue. In the event the rogue isn’t dead by the end of this CC train your fear will be off diminishing returns so you can simply start the fear combo up again and repeat the process.

I really view this matchup with 2 basic opening goals.

  1. You sap the rogue and bomb the priest
  2. You force the rogue to open on your lock and bomb the rogue

However, I would like to remind everyone there is no absolute strategy here that must be followed. If the rogue just isn’t dropping don’t be afraid pull a switch on the priest. Sometimes the sudden change in target can be enough to through the priest off his game and put him in a position where your team can gain the upper hand. Your crowd control and rotations are going to be more or less the same regardless of your actual target selection. It’s far more important to react quickly to the changing game.

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Rogue / Rogue vs. Priest / Rogue 2v2 Arena Strategy

August 9, 2008 by · 2 Comments 

rogue 2v2 strategyThis match-up is usually longer than most other combos. You can play it like Priest/Warlock, but it’s hard if you don’t get the sap off the rogue. If you’re sapped that can possibly work in your advantage, but usually it’s a bad thing(depending how far apart the priest and rogue are.)

Rogue 1

Get on the priest, burn your first set of cooldowns on him. The opposing rogue will likely counter open on you, but continue to wail on the priest. If you’re dotted think of them as a comfort zone to trinket. Your ultimate goal is to force the priest to trinket.

Rogue 2

Counter open the counter opening rogue. Use everything you’ve got on him, and lock him down as much as possible. You and your partner together have to pressure heals from the priest. Meaning you have to pump out damage to panic the priest into having to desperately heal his partner, while your partner forces the priest to have to heal themselves. Try to avoid dotting the rogue as you might have to keep him fresh for a blind.

Once either target trinkets simply blind them and train their partner. If both are resilient and neither decide to trinket they will likely die within the same time, as one can only survive so long on instants. To simplify the strategy in one phrase: Split dps, until one slips up.


You can play this out like priest/Warlock

Rogue 1

Hop on the priest, hit the rogue with a blind once he comes out and continue to dps the priest. If the priest lives through your onslaught and your partner is under pressure peel the rogue off him to let him bandage.

Rogue 2

Get on the priest as well, hit the rogue with a second blind. You both now have 5 seconds to kill the priest, or vanish sap the rogue. If the priest lives through your damage and the rogue is pressuring your partner peel him off to give your partner a chance to bandage.

I personally prefer strategy number one, but everyone has a preference. This is kind of a hard match-up so don’t take it too hard.

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Rogue / Rogue Vs. Priest / Rogue 2v2 Arena Strategy

July 25, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

rogue 2v2 arena tacticThis Strategy is no  longer valid and has been completly rewritten, click the link to view the updated strategy. Rogue / Rogue vs. Priest / Rogue 2v2 Strategy.

Playing rogue / rogue vs. priest / rogue 2v2 is no easy task. This team is easily one of your hardest match-ups being Undead or a Human would really help here, but hey who knew racials would play a factor 4 years ago??? Moving on this match will be about medium length, so not quite as fast as the others.

Rogue #1

If you or your partner finds the opposing rogue call it out, sap him, /laugh at him. Now get on the priest with a CS==>Expose Armor combo and wail on him. Blind the rogue to force his trinket, call it out to your partner and do everything in your power to down the priest asap.

Rogue #2

If you found the rogue and are done /laughing at him, then go help out your partner, duh. Use a garrote opener going into a KS Lockdown. Once your partner forces the rogue’s trinket hit him with another blind(again due to DR you have 5 sec to down the priest or before you have to vanish/sap him) Do everything in your power to kill that priest. The blind orders can be interchangeable depending on who’s closer to who.

“The rogue isn’t Shadowstep, and decided to do what’s best for his combo?! SAY WHAT?!!!”

If the rogue isn’t Shadowstep(thus having no cheat death) he or she could also be a viable kill target. Toss a few bleed effects, lockdowns, and 2-4 openers on him he’s done.

I’ll say it again, it’s a hard match-up guys, so don’t let it bring you down if you lose.

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Rogue / Rogue Vs. Warrior / Druid 2v2 Arena Strategy

July 19, 2008 by · 2 Comments 

rogue arena strategyRogue / Rogue vs. warrior / druid 2v2 can be a difficult match up. If you get the opener you win, if not you’ve probably lost. Pay attention if your opponents are human and if that’s the case stay away from them for 20 seconds. Once the match begins you have about 2 minutes to find the druid(before stealth detect eyes come up). If you don’t find the druid, don’t worry Zuggaming has you covered on what to do.

If you find the druid…

Rogue #1 Strategy

Alert your partner the druid has been found, wait for them to get near you, then open up with a cheapshot going into an expose armor. Get ready to pop Evasion + GS because the warrior is going to be wailing on one of you. Blind the warrior and call his trinket. If your partner needs to bandage try to slow down the warrior any way possible to let them get away.

Rogue #1 Strategy

Once your partner finds the druid and you’re alerted hit the warrior with a real quick sap and get ready to down the druid. Open with a garrote going into a kidney shot(as your partner opened with CS and did an expose armor). You should also be ready to pop Evasion + Ghostly Strike as again the warrior will be wailing on one of you. Once the warrior pops his trinket on the first blind, you hit him with a second and continue to kill the druid. If your partner needs to get away to bandage stunlock the warrior or slow him down any way you can.

If the druid can’t be found:..

Rogue Arena Strategy

Both open with garrotes on the warrior followed by ruptures, once the druid pops vanish and do all of the above.

Hopefully you two will find the druid as it will make the match easier, but if not best of luck to you.

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