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 Rogue Arena Specs post 3.1 
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Post Rogue Arena Specs post 3.1
I know its a way off, and they haven't announced all of their changes to the rogue class just yet, but the combat tree is getting some big buffs, and nothing has been divulged about the other trees. If you haven't seen anything about the proposed changes, here's a link to Zuggy's compilation.

With that in mind, and combined with the buff to slice and dice in 3.0.9, Erk is beginning to reconsider the combat tree in arenas post 3.1. I have already been reading some mutilate nerf posts where some highly rated people have started wielding their faster PVE daggers in the arena to boost their white damage. Even though that further reduces their burst, many of them have reported great success from the change. While I have enjoyed mutilate a lot, with all the haste buffs the combat tree will be seeing (among other buffs) might just be too good to ignore.

Including the announced probable changes to the talents I have chosen, this is what I am considering. They have put so much haste into the combat tree with mace spec and the change to lightning reflexes that I really think that maces might be the way to go again if I am not specing for bigger crits.

Without the stun effect, I don't think standing toe to toe with a warrior will ever be as viable as it once was, but again, I have a feeling that the day of the combat rogue might be coming back. Whether that's a welcome idea or not, I have yet to decide. Putting down my daggers will be hard, but I've got the Naxx 10 offhand mace collecting dust and the blacksmithing mainhand isn't bad.

Any comments?

Edit: Rethinking talent choices, maybe something like this would be more effective.


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