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Hilarious Death Grip Bug

February 9, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

Yet another hilarious death knight bug, once again affecting the death grip ability. I don’t want to ruin the surprise so I’ll let you check out the video and see for yourself what you’ve been missing out on.

On a brief sidenote, do be aware that game masters are aware of this bug and have given warnings to players who they felt were exploting the bug. Never the less, it’s still pretty damn funny.

World of News Morons

February 4, 2009 by · 6 Comments 

Is this honesty how “normal” people view World of Warcraft players or other gamers?

This fine investigative “journalism” piece is nothing short of a joke. It’s hard to believe that this type of a story could even make air, let alone pretend to have any air of legitimacy to its relevancy to true gamer trends or factual basis. In any regard, I won’t ruin the video for you…watch and enjoy for yourself.

Tier 8 Armor Sets Video Preview

January 29, 2009 by · 1 Comment 

Quick video preview of the new tier 8 armor sets.  As usual not all that impressive. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like blizzard has given up any hope of unique looking armor sets since T3. Priests look holy…tanks looks ponderous…and druids look like, well they look just plain ridiculous. Congrats!

Frost Mage 2v2 Arena Video

December 29, 2008 by · 2 Comments 

frost_mage_arena_pvpAll you mages out there that have been feverishly waiting for the first good PvP videos can rest easy tonight, the wait is finally over! A good friend of mine on Smolderthorn, Xtk, recently released his first 2v2 mage arena video with his partner, Xmo. The video is shot from Xmo’s PoV and features the duo against a wide variety of 2v2 teams. Both mages play the 20/0/51 frost talent build.

Overall I really enjoyed this video and feel that it gives and excellent overview of how to play the combo, and arena mage in general. That said…there were a few things that bothered me.

What Annoyed Me?

  1. To say the music was bad would just be inappropriate, the first track is the single worst song I’ve ever heard in a WoW video. The others weren’t much better, but at least they didn’t scream at me for a solid 4 minutes.
  2. In true Neilyo-esque fashion Xmo insists on the continual zoom in on the “impressive” stuff. This type of narcissistic and egotistical crap just flat out pisses me off. I don’t need a special close up on every God-forsaken iceblock and counterspell to “prove” that you’re good. In all honesty if the other mage in this video wasn’t my friend I would have turned it off immediately.

What were the pros?

  1. I loved the variability of teams and the overall excitement of each game. It was a great video to watch both from an educational and entertainment perspective.
  2. Great tempo throughout the video, once things actually got going it moved at a nice pace.
  3. Excellent introduction, really liked the music used here and crispness of each cut. Well done.

Video Details

  • Category: Arena PvP – 2v2
  • Classes: Mage / Mage
  • Talent Specs: Both Frost, 20/0/51
  • Players: Xmo & Xtk
  • Download: Filefront
  • Stream: Below

Note from Author, Xmo:

Xmo and Xtk 2v2 Double Frost Mage Arena

Two Undead Males mindlessly zerging to extremely emo music.


All clips taken around 1700-1800 on BG1.

*At the time of rendering we were highest double frost mage in the world, this is no longer true.
*In no way do we think double frost mage is a great combo, it’s powerful but often extremely frustrating.

Songs -
Start Something by Lost Prophets
I’m a Fake by The Used
Vitamin by Incubus
Madness6(Remix) by Cheshyre
Worth Dying For by Rise Against

Contact us on Smolderthorn realm forums for questions/comments.

Thanks for watching and enjoy.

The Craft of War: Blind, Amazing WoW Fight Sequence

December 29, 2008 by · 13 Comments 

There are few World of Warcraft videos that leave me with a feeling of sheer and utter awe. To say The Craft of War: Blind left me amazed would be an injustice. It’s without question the best World of Warcraft video I’ve ever seen. It was created by Percula, a professional animator who clearly has some skills in high end video editing software. I really don’t know what else to say…it’s amazing, watch it, tell your friends!

Hopefully this is the first of many videos from Percula.

Note from the Author, Percula:

Earlier this year I got pretty bored and decided to do something creative in my spare time. I’ve been wanting to do a fight scene for a while and decided to develop a story using World of Warcraft. Animation is what I do and I decided to use my skills in making something.

This is only the second personal creative work I’ve ever posted so I’m a bit nervous about it. The first being an image I painted years ago which…um… we don’t talk about. :) It’s a bit nerve-wracking to post creative work for others to judge.

I’ve thought about making this a series but I’m faced with an impending layoff so my future is unclear. If I get a positive reaction I’m sure I’ll be working on something else in the future.

40 Man Raid vs. 1 Elemental Shaman?

November 3, 2008 by · 7 Comments 

In this little gem of a video we have 2 central adversaries…in one corner the might of an alliance 40 man raid, in the other corner a lone horde elemental shaman. The battle for Thunder Bluff is about to go down and there may be only one victor…

Beyond that I think the video pretty much speaks for itself.


3.0.2 Patch Notes – Changes, Info, and News

October 14, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

Important Links

New Arena Maps



Major Features

  • Free talent respec for everyone
  • Dalaran no longer resides in Hillsbrad, it has been moved to Northrend.
  • Barber shops have been introduced to all capital cities.
  • Achievement system has been implemented.
  • Hit, critical strike, and haste rating now modify both melee and casters.
  • Orgrimmar and Dalaran arenas have been introduced (see above)
  • Spell pushback has been changed.
    • When casting a spell:
      • The first and second hit will add .5 secs each to the cast time.
      • All hits after the second will have no effect.
    • When channeling a spell:
      • The first and second hit reduces current duration by 25% of total duration each.
      • All hits after the second will have no effect.
  • Spell Power has been implemented. Read this guide for a full break down on how this works, spellpower changes explained.
  • Inscription has been implemented and you can train it up to 375

PvE and Raid Changes

To coincide with the upcoming new talents and mechanic changes for classes in the next patch, we are making some adjustments in existing raid content to provide a smooth transition when the upcoming patch is released. The creatures and bosses in raid dungeons that were introduced in The Burning Crusade will have their health reduced (by 30%), and most will have their standard melee damage output reduced as well, but their spell and ability damage are not being changed. These changes are being made in all raid dungeons from Karazhan to Sunwell Plateau as well as the outdoor encounters of Doom Lord Kazzak and Doomwalker. On top of this Illidan is also doing his part and will stop casting Shear on players. (source)

Arena Season 4 Notes

We’re currently planning to end the fourth Arena season on October 14, 2008, and as always — this date could easily change. This Arena Season is only ending in respect to the ladder, meaning we’ll be taking a snapshot of the season’s ladder and then go through our normal process to determine who is eligible for the end-of-season rewards. This process should take approximately one week. It’s very important for players who feel that they may be eligible for the arena-specific title and/or Armored Nether Drake to refrain from transferring their character to another realm between the date outlined above, and when the end-of-season rewards are physically awarded.

Upon the end of this Arena Season, teams and ratings will not be wiped, and will carry forward allowing players to earn points each week and purchase gear until the launch of the expansion (November 13, 2008). (source)

Mana Tomb Stealth Farming

October 8, 2008 by · 20 Comments 

If you’re a rogue then you may already be aware of this, if not…sit down, because you’re going to be floored when you realize how much gold you could have been making for years! Stealth farming in the mana tombs is one of the quickest and easiest ways for a rogue to make some serious gold. You don’t need amazing gear, any particular talent spec or God-like skills, all you need is a level 70 rogue and 350+ lock picking.

Stealth farming mana tombs as a rogue really could not be any more simple.

  • Walk in Mana Tombs on normal mode
  • Kill the 2-3 mob packs guarding each of the 2 chests
  • Loot the chest
  • Walk out, reset theinstance, repeat.

Your server will ultimately determine the amount of gold you are able to make using this strategy, but in my experience the mana tomb farming runs have yielded as much as 500 gold per hour. Check out the video to see how it’s done.

The Battle for Undercity – WotLK Cinematic Video

September 25, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

Pretty cool new in-game video, featuring the Battle at the Wrath Gate / The Battle for Undercity. This video reminds me a lot of the the very popular Tales of the Past videos. It really is very well done, though the voice acting was a bit “meh” in my opinion.

I won’t say much more than that fear fear of spoiling the video / story for everyone. Please note, the following video reveals many of the story elements regarding wotlk and arathas. If you want to save all the surprises for expansion then don’t watch this video.

On a side note…am I the only one that thinks this looks like a LotR rip off? wrath gate…black gate, drakes flying in at the end…eagles flying in at the end. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s very similar in many ways.

WotLK Zone and Instance Exploration Video

September 22, 2008 by · Leave a Comment 

Great WotLK exploration video from Muffins of Muradin. You may remember Muffins who created the original WotLK exploration video, featuring zone and dungeon exploration for levels 70-77. His newest creation, which graphically speaking is far better executed, features his WotLK experiences for levels 77-80.

The video is well done and shows many of the highlights and unique zone features we’ll all get to encounter in the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King expansion. On a side note, if you can just download the movie. It’s much higher quality than the stream is.

SPOILER ALERT: The footage in this video features clips from WotLK, includes zones, instances, bosses and other features of the expansion.


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