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WotLK Retribution Paladin Guide

September 5, 2008 by · 2 Comments 

wotlk retribution paladinSo I’ve lately been reading a lot how retribution paladins are going to be in wotlk, and it’s looking pretty awesome. I recently got my very own beta test key as well, so I’m able to test S3 geared retribution paladin in wotlk already…my thoughts so far? Awesome!

First, after reading of patch notes of beta and some forums I felt like we were just lacking something. We had more nuke, but no interrupt, no stuns, no mortal effect, and no slow effect. But after a bit of testing it feels like the class is balanced properly and working as intended.

In many ways the vary definition of what a ret paladin is is changing. It’s not just like a warrior copy like it’s been during Buring Crusade, but it’s actually hybrid like it was before TBC. Critical strike rating is now spellcrit and crit, that means if you have ~35% melee crit, you also have ~35% crit with spells, which is once again awesome. We also get more spellpower from talents, that means heals are much more effective than at the currently are. I’m able to get 6k healing crits with holy light really often, putting retribution paladins on about the same heal to damage scale of elemental shamans.

Additionally, since mana regen will be much better in expansion, we’re not completely out of mana after one or two holy light.

I want to be able to heal if I have mana pool, and that’s definitely what they’re aiming for. We are supporting dps, not main dps in PVP for example. The class is much more apt at performing a viable role as a support and situational DPS as opposed the main insta-gib style current retribution paladins have to assume.

Some retribution paladins may not like the way retribution is going to work in PVP but personally I think it’s a great idea. Taking hybrids back to hybrids in wotlk adds a whole new level of depth and strategy for PvP.
Below I’ve written a small guide of some of the big changes coming for paladins in wrath of the lich king.

  • Blessing of Might, it’s getting a huge buff, and retribution tier 1 “BoM boosting talent” is getting buffed as well.
  • Conviction, (Currently 5% melee crit), Is now boosted to 5% crit with all spells and attacks. (Melee, healing and offensive spells!)
  • Eye for an Eye, now reflects 20% of damage from all critical hits you take, instead of 30% from just spell critical hits you take.
  • Sheath of light, “Increases your spell power by an amount equal to 10/20/30% of your attack power and your critical healing spells heal the target for 20% of the healed amount over 12 seconds.”
  • Repentance, so called combat sap now. Lasts for 1 min, 1 min cooldown, pretty awesome instance utility.
  • Sanctified wrath, PALADIN EXECUTE! 50% more crit for hammer of wrath, and 1 min less cool down on Avenging wrath. Additionally adds some kind of “offensive damage reduction” effect for Avenging Wrath.
  • The Art of War, haven’t been able to test this yet, but it says your hand of freedom spell has 100% chance to remove stun effect. Not sure if it means you’re immune to stun while it’s active (Which would be ultimate support in PVP), but even if it only removes stun effects when you cast it on someone, it’s huge deal. As an additional effect it also reduces the damage you take by 3%.
  • Righteous vengeance, more burst, right. 25% Increased critical strike damage bonus for your judgements and this new aoe spell, Divine storm. People are complaining of this, when paladins are able to get huge crits with judgements, so I could believe they’ll nerf this or replace it with something.
  • Divine storm, awesome AoE for soloing and maybe for instancing, together with concentration it’s awesome. It also heals you and your party for 20% of the amount of the total damage you’ve done, so I could imagine like 4 retri paladins + healer doing instances aoe’ing anything they need to kill. I’ve tested this and it’s really nice if you pull like +5 creatures into same spot and kill them without any problems.

Paladin PvP Guide – Holy Paladins

September 4, 2008 by · 8 Comments 

paladin pvp guideWelcome to read the first part of “Paladin pvp guide”. We’ll start with abilities and spells and cover additional topics with each part in this series.

Aura Swapping

Most of the paladins I’ve played against typically do not swap auras in different situations, even if it might help them a lot of. With Aura swapping you are actually changing those auras in constantly throughout the match. It is extremely important to swap these auras though. Using different auras allows you to get a huge advantage throughout the duration of the match and the better you get with using each situational buff the better off you’ll be.

Frost resistance aura – 70 frost resistance. Use it against any team where the primary source of damage is a frost mage.

Shadow resistance aura – 70 shadow resistance. Use against priest and warlock teams. This can really be a clutch buff, because one or two extra fear resists throughout a long duration match could very easily tip the tide in your favor.

Devotion aura -Devotion aura can be another very beneficial buff when used under the right circumstance. Generally speaking this aura is ideal on any team where melee damage is the primary damage output.

Blessings and seals

<Blessing of Sacrifice>
Really useful and important ability that people should use MUCH more. When to use it? I suggest to use it always against warlock teams, reducing so much of damage income to warrior. It’s really effective against rogue teams with the same reason, but they also can’t blind you, sap you or gouge you. You should always try to keep it up on your warrior against rogue and mage teams, that way you cannot be crowd controled nearly as effectivly.

Tip: You can sacrifice warlock’s pet instead of the warlock himself, that way you can keep both sacrifice and blessing of freedom up.

Tip: Keep the blessing of sacrifice up on your friend, that way you can’t get sapped, sheeped, blinded for too long.

<Blessing of Freedom>
The “Ultimate Kite” ability. This is one of the abilities that make the paladin class viable in arena. Excellent ability for pillar kiting, if you have your movement speed enchant or gem and your enemy doesn’t it’s pretty much impossible for them to catch you.

<Blessing of Protection>
Personally, this is one of my favorite paladin abilities, it’s simply dominating against melee teams. When using it with Divine shield and blessing of freedom rotating against rogue teams for example, there is really small change you could actually get killed. Blessing of protection only has 3 minutes cool down, so you’re able to BoP yourself, Divine shield after that if needed, and BoP again nearly asap after Forbearance has gone off.

Tip: Blessing of protection removes blind. If someone is about to die on the opposing team for example, and your friend gets blinded and can’t get out by himself, this is good thing to know.

<Seal of Justice and Judgement of Justice>

Judgment of justice basically kills resto druids, especially in 2s / 3s.

Unleashing this Seal’s energy will judge an enemy for 20 sec, preventing them from fleeing and limiting their movement speed.

That means that your opponent can’t run with more than 100% speed. Druids in travel form run just as fast they would run without it, or mutilate rogue who uses movement speed on talents can’t run faster than 100%. Even if the rogue uses his sprint (If it’s not improved sprint), he won’t run faster than he’d run without it. But you also need to remember that there are minor stuff that improves movement speed as well, and removing that from someone while you have it by yourself, might be dramatically.

Tip: Most of the people don’t know it’s also useful as seal. Seal of justice, has a change to stun your target on melee hit. When would you need really short stun? Interrupting warlocks or hunters while they’re recasting pet and while your partner is being cycloned and your hammer of justice is on cool down.

<Seal of Wisdom and Judgment of Wisdom>

The only use I find for seal of wisdom in arena is in heal fights against certain classes. Because it doesn’t really last that long to get benefits from it, I’d only use it in few situations. For example, if you’re playing 2v2 against healer + hunter team, judging it on pet and sealing yourself with it could save a lot of mana from you.

However, lately I’ve started to play really offensively against hunter + healer teams, so I judge seal of command on the pet every time it gets off from cooldown. (I’m currently playing with 47 / 0 / 14 holy spec with a warlock).
Other abilities


Mana cost 340, it’s a lot compared to damage it does, but sometimes you just got to go offensive and this spell is ideal for killing warlock pets. Together with Holy shock, judgment of righteous / judgment of command and hammer of wrath, it’s a lot of nuke damage. Using this technique is ideal for bombing pets, though you’ll want to make sure you pull them out of line of sight so it cannot be healed as easily.

You lose a lot of mana dropping the damage, but you’re able to drink after that so you may have to take the risk. Don’t start nuking the pet by yourself before it’s already pretty low and you’re away from opposite teams healer. If you start nuking it you’ll end up losing mana while opposite healer just heals it to full with mana cost of 300.

<Holy shock>

Your only instant healing spell, use it wisely. You can use it either offensively or defensively. If you’re playing against double dps team in 2v2 this is a spell you should have on cooldown all the time. Granted it is quite mana costly, but sometimes it’s the only way to get caught up on heals.


Great way to detect stealth classes using Rank 1 and randomly casting it while mounted or even without.  It’s also a great way to kill snakes from hunter’s viper / snake trap (Correct me if the name is wrong). Don’t use highest rank when you use it, use rank 1 or few ranks higher.

Rogue Stealth Guide

August 28, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

rogue stealth guideIn theory this rogue stealth guide should be very simplistic. In essence, you gain stealth to become semi-invisible. However, there are many factors which can dramatically influence your ability to remain surreptitious during combat.

Basically, default level of stealth is 300 (Rank 4 at 70), same with druids Prowl (Rank 3 at 70). There are several ways to improve your stealth; various trinkets, a few boots, talents, enchants, potions, and presumably glyphs in the expansion.

At 61-70 lvl, there are overall 4 boots that increase your stealth (2 boots before TBC, Boots of Displacement and Darkmantle Boots ):

The Master’s Treads (+5 Stealth levels)
Silent-Strider Kneeboots (+5 Stealth levels)
Whisperwalk Boots (+5 Stealth levels)
Nightscape Boots (+5 Stealth levels)

Jewelcrafting trinkets:

Figurine – Shadowsong Panther (+5 Stealth levels)
Figurine – Nightseye Panther (+5 Stealth levels)
Figurine – Black Pearl Panther (+3 Stealth levels)

Enchants and consumables:

Enchant Cloak – Stealth (+5 Stealth levels)
Sneaking Potion (+30 Stealth levels)
Stealth of the Stalker (+8 Stealth levels)

Rogue/Druid talents, skills and racials:

Master of Deception (1/5, +3 Stealth levels)
Master of Deception (2/5, +6 Stealth levels)
Master of Deception (3/5, +9 Stealth levels)
Master of Deception (4/5, +12 Stealth levels)
Master of Deception (5/5, +15 Stealth levels)
Vanish (Rank1 to Rank 3, +70 Stealth levels to stealth with Rank 3, 370 stealth in total)

Feral instinct (1/3, +5 stealth levels)
Feral instinct (2/3, +10 stealth levels)
Feral instinct (3/3, +15 stealth levels)

Night elf racial:
Shadowmeld Passive (+5 Stealth levels)

That pretty much covers it as far as stealth improvement goes, but now let’s move on to your detection chance.

Detection is pretty much like a counter of stealth, you don’t have be a stealth user yourself to get additional stealth detection. There are many ways to improve your stealth detection such as engineering goggles, talents, consumables, racial abilities, class abilities, etc.

Engineering goggles:

Hyper-Vision Goggles (+30 detect, when “used”)
Catseye Ultra Goggles (+18 detect, no level requiment but 220 engineering required)
The Night Watchman (+10 detect, random world BoE drop)
Bloodvine Lens (+10 detect)
Deathblow X11 Goggles (+5 Stealth detection)
Quad Deathblow X44 Goggles (+5 Stealth detection)

Talents, race/class abilities:
Heighened senses (+3 Detect, Rank 1 rogue talent)
Heighened senses (+6 Detect, Rank 2 rogue talent)
Perception (+50 Detect, Human racial ability)
Hunter’s Track Hidden (+30 Detect, Hunter class skill)
Warlock Felhunter’s Paranoia (+30 detect, Warlock class skill, pet)
Druid PVP Gloves (+10 detect, druid PVP reward)

Additionally, there is also one other special “Buff” called Shadow sight in arena that increases detection for an unknown amount. I’m pretty sure that it’s something unreachable by normal means, lets say over 1000 stealth detection. It could be even more considering you can see virtually any areas of the arena where a rogue or druid might be stealthed.