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Updated: Cataclysm Useful Macros for Each Class

Quick update this morning. We’ve released the initial update to all of our macro guides for each class. You can now find new and improved macros for each class on our macros page…check them out!

This is only the first round of updates here at Zug Gaming, and you can expect a lot more. But we also want to hear from you! We know you’ve got kick-butt macros and we would love to feature your personal macro creations in our guides. If you have a macro you’d like to share please drop us a comment below or send me an email via the contact form.

  1. Rogue Focus Macros
  2. Druid Focus Macros
  3. Warlock Focus Macros
  4. Happy Birthday to Zug Gaming!
  5. Priest Focus Macros


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