Site News and Happy Halloween!

First off, happy Halloween to everyone! Enjoy some candy, tricking, treating, and other “festivities”. This year I decided to test my pumpkin carving skills, the first pumpkin I’ve carved since I was probably 13 years old.


Needless to say…my carving did not go well. Apparently you can’t have floating bits of pumpkin for “A’s” and steak knives are not well suited to carving letters. Also, pumpkins do not have spell check. A sad fact I learned only after showing my friends my fancy pumpkin design.

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Site News

A few quick site news points you’ll want to be aware of. With Cataclysm right around the corner we’ve been feverishly preparing for the big launch, and I can tell you we’re going to hit the ground running day 1 for Cataclysm. We’ll have all your major guides ready, including:

  • Updated Class Talent Guides for level 85
  • New Macro Class Macro guides featuring new skills and abilities
  • Dungeon and boss guides for all new 5, 10, 25-man encounters
  • 1-525 Profession Guides, including a guide for archaeology
  • New gold making guides, reputation, PvP, and more!

Dominate WoW Gold Update

I’ll have more specifics about our updated gold guide in the coming days, but I can tell you it’s going to be big. We’ve been testing and working out new strategies for Cataclysm. We’ll be releasing our updated guide before Cataclysm even goes live, so you’ll hit the ground running day 1 of Cataclysm.

We’ve already released phase 1 of our gold guide update, check it out… Zuggy’s WoW Gold Guide

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