Cataclysm Fishing Achievements

cataclysm fishing achievementsFor all you fishing lovers out there, here’s a brief overview of the major Cataclysm fishing achievements we’ll get to do!

  • [Realm First! Illustrious Angler] – first to 525 fishing skill on your realm. Awards the title, “Illustrious Angler”
      If you’re not first, don’t worry, you can still do the normal version of this achievement. You just won’t be able to earn the special title for the first person.
  • [Fish or cut Bait] – complete each of the Stormwind / Orgrimmar fishing daily quests
  • [The Limnologist] – catch 50 different kinds of fresh water fish (inland)
  • [The Oceanographer] – catch 34 different kinds of salt water fish (coastal)

Guild Fishing Achievements

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