An Interview with Markco Polo

Markco's 20k Leveling Gold Guide

Markco's 20k Leveling Gold Guide

Today we have a very special interview with a great friend of mine and one of the WoW’s most knowledgeable and well known bloggers, Markco Polo. Earlier this week I had the chance to sit down with Markco and asked him a few questions…including some stuff about gold making in Cata (trust me, you’ll like what he has to say). So let’s hop right to it.

1.  Hey Markco, many thanks for sitting down for our interview. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself as a person, player, and of course your blog?

Thank you for having me on your blog for this interview as I’ve been a reader of your site for quite some time. As Markco’s 20k Leveling Gold Guide and an avid world of warcraft player I have been masquerading around azeroth for over four years now and made over one million gold about half way through wrath of the lich king. Played an arms warrior in bc and held high ranks in 2v2 but never achieved gladiator. That changed when I went prot in s6 and earned the title of gladiator with a 2555 rating alongside my ret paladin partner, thunderion. Here’s a funny youtube video of us trashing a few people in arathi basin with most of the gear we got gladiator in.

Raiding wise I never really managed to stick with it long enough to get into progression raiding. PvP was just too important to me and so I would just do enough pve to get geared and the rest of the time was spent killing alliance.

I started the Just My Two Copper blog during season 5 of wotlk and never knew it was going to grow into the current community it is today. What used to be just a blog is now a hub of forums, tools, tutorials and other sites all collaborating to create the best source of wow gold news in the world. Not bad for a prot warrior huh? You probably thought all we knew how to do was press 1 through 4 while fighting a boss’ crotch!

It’s true, I did think this. =)

2. Cataclysm is absolutely loaded with changes to virtually every aspect of this game, what change are you most looking forward to?

BG’s being more important than arenas as well as professions being more valuable earlier on. BG’s can be very fun even without rewards, I can’t image how popular/entertaining they will be when the best pvpers fight there for the best rewards. I’m sad to see the calculated play style of arenas become secondary to massive BG battles but welcome the change of pace. Since blizzard openly stated that they do not intend prot pvp to be viable in arenas I hope that BG’s will be its saving grace. With world pvp nonexistent thanks to the dungeon finder I can only hope that BG’s are going to be where it’s at in cataclysm.

I am definitely looking forward to professions creating more valuable items while you level than they do currently. I’m also excited to see gathering professions being capable of earning experience. These are very exciting times for professions and we’ll just have to see what blizzard has in store for cataclysm auctioneers.

3. What changes do you think will have the greatest impact on the WoW economy?

PvP craftable gear is going to be huge in cataclysm since you will always be able to craft the 2nd best pvp and pve items throughout the expansion. When a new tier of raiding/pvp is released then a new tier of craftable items will also appear which are only slightly worse than high end epics. Even today I still sell rare quality pvp/pve gear and I can only imagine how profitable that market is going to be come cataclysm.

I’m also interested in seeing what happens with inscription as there have been what seems like a brand new change every week in the beta.

4. What’s the most important piece of advice would you give Zug Gaming readers to help them prepare for making gold in Cataclysm?

Saronite ore is going to be your ticket to gold when stockpiling. Here’s a post I made for ferraro on the topic which will explain more in depth the ways to make gold with this item.

This is a great point here, and one which everyone should take a hard look at on your server. Make sure to check out Zug Gaming’s recent, 3 Tips for Cataclysm Gold Prep

5. Looking back at WotLK what would you say was your favorite / most successful gold making strategy?

The strategy is nerfed now but back in the early days of season 5 you could craft cobalt chestpieces and disenchant them for about 10x the value of the mats it took to make them. Was like growing gold on trees and made me a good 14k gold per week.

6. What’s your favorite WoW memory (any expansion)?

We were fighting Void Reaver in burning crusade and the main tanks died. I being an arms dps warrior dutifully swapped on my tanking shield and sword and rotated cooldowns until the boss was dead. I told each healer when to use their cooldowns to keep me alive and chained my cooldowns. Having taken the boss from 6% to 0% in a mix of pvp and pve dps gear the raid leader noticed a tanking piece dropped and said: “Man I don’t know if [main tank’s name] or markco should get these.”

Definitely one of my more favorite moments in burning crusade. That or when my 2v2 druid partner at the time would “dc” in an arena because he didn’t realize that his f4 button was his nature’s swiftness and pressing alt with that would cause issues… He never told me about that until about a year later after he’d already quit. Let’s just say I wasn’t happy.

Aside from writing one of the most interesting and informative blogs in WoW, Markco is also the author of what I consider one of the best gold making guides out there. It’s jammed packed full of Markco’s tactics and secret strategies, make sure to check it out at Markco’s

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