3 Gold Tips for Cataclysm Preparation

cataclysm gold tipWith Cataclysm right around the corner it’s high time we start really thinking about what we need to do to prepare. A lot of things are going to change…a lot. A new expansion brings in a host of new items, which will impact demand of existing item markets. However, the supply side of the equation is also dramatically impacted, opening the door to new item markets in Cataclsym that might not be as strong currently. Enough talk though, let’s get down to it.

1. Liquidation Extravaganza

The first step, and perhaps the most important, is simply getting rid of your old items. A great quantity of items that you have been selling now on the auction house for huge profits are going to see huge hits in their profit potential. Each day we draw nearer to Cataclsym (which is still rumored to launch 11/2) we’re going to see the prices of items begin to deflate, it’s already started in certain item markets. If you have large quantities of items that are going to be affected then you need to take steps now to sell them for the maximum price you can get out of them.

Now, you must ask yourself the simple question…is this item going to gain or lose value in the expansion? A good rule of thumb for deciding if an item is going to lose value is to simply see if that item is going to have a direct and upgradable replace in the expansion.

Here’s a few items that are generally going to see decreases (because they are going to be replaced) in their value.

  • Epic gems
  • High end armor / weapons
  • Raid Drops (crafting mats, rep stuff, etc.)
  • Reputation based items

2. Stockpiling Potential Cash Cows

With as many changes as expansions bring to WoW it’s quite difficult to tell 100% what’s going to go up or down in price, but what we can do at this point is make calculated risk / reward purchases. For example, certain item markets started to crash in price after the Cataclysm announcement, some where crashing even before that. In some cases items have decreased dramatically. 6 months ago Eternal Water were selling for 12-15g on my server, 3 months ago 5-8g, today they are 1-2g, and they show no sign up of going back up. Now, there’s no assurance that this item will be worth any more in Cataclsym, but what we can be assure of is that the supply will rapidly dry up resulting in the potential for the price to go back up to higher levels.

Here’s what we are really looking for items

  • Items that are dirt cheap and have lost a lot of their original price
  • Items that used in crafting or other “static” type activities
  • Items which will have a dramatically lower supply

Any items that are used in crafting profession, especially the more common crafted items, are great to look for. Especially those whose supply is going to diminish with the expansion. Enchanting materials are also generally good investments.

3. Assured Static Valuable Items

Just because the expansion is coming out doesn’t mean that everything is going to drop in price. We can already start semi-stock piling a few items that are likely to increase as demand will remain the same, while the supply will likely decrease. Here’s a few items you’ll want to check out.

  • Pets – especially those that are vendorable are a great investment, they can almost always be sold for more than they cost. Even more, there is always the chance that they will be removed forever from the game. Pets are always desired by players and are a great auction house item. If you have already check out the recent vendorale pet guide we put out a few days ago.
  • Bags – 16 slot bags, like the netherweave bag, will be a good buy. Players of all levels always want 16 slot bags because they are offer the most slots for the most reasonable amount of gold.
  • Cloth – as we get closer to the Cataclysm release date a lot of players will be dumping basic items they’ve had stockpiled for super cheap amounts. Cloth, especially netherweave cloth, will be one you want to be on the watch for.
  • Profession Items – any profession items that are used to go from around 375 – 475 from WotLK will be a great buys because they are going to see a huge drop in supply, but still be moderately demanded for people leveling up new professions

As with any gold making strategy the most important factor inĀ  your success will be your ability to deal with risk management. Each time you buy an item to sell on the auction house you are taking a risk, some risk is good, but you need to manage the overall level of risk / reward relationship in order to ensure you don’t lose gold on poor investments…while also maximizing your profits on moderately risky investments.

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