The Lich King Boss Fight Strategy Guide Tactics

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the lich king boss fight strategy guide tacticsAfter you defeat the bosses of the Frozen Halls, you come to the Frozen Throne, which is where the Lich King is.  This is the fight you’ve been waiting for, and it won’t be easy.  The fight against the Lich King has a lot of moving parts, so you’ve got to be on your toes.  One of the most important things to remember up front about the fight against the Lich King is that you only have 15 minutes to take him from phase one of the fight to phase four.  Phase four begins when the Lich King is at 10 percent health.  If you don’t do it within that time frame, then he will enrage and wipe the raid instantly.  Here’s a quick Lich King Boss Strategy Guide to help you out.

The Lich King hit points: 17,400,000 (normal) – 78,300,000 (heroic)

The Lich King Boss Abilities

Summon Drudge Ghouls

  • 3 Drudge Ghouls

Summon Shambling Horror

  • Shockwave ability

Soul Reaper

  • 50,000 damage
  • Shadow damage
  • Increases Lich King’s physical damage dealt 100 percent after 5 seconds
  • Only cast on the tank

Necrotic Plague

  • 150,000 damage every 5 seconds
  • Shadow damage
  • Lasts 15 seconds
  • Jumps to a nearby unit if the raid member hit with this dies from it or if it is dispelled
  • Stacks with each jump
  • Increases the Lich King’s power with each jump

Plague Siphon

  • Increases physical damage dealt 2 percent
  • Lasts 30 seconds


  • 9,425 – 10,575 damage + exponentially increasing damage per second
  • Shadow damage
  • 50,000 yard radius
  • Removed when your health is full

Remorseless Winter

  • 9,425 – 10,575 damage per second
  • Frost damage
  • 45 yard radius

Pain and Suffering

  • 2,828 – 3,172 damage plus 500 damage every 3 seconds
  • Shadow damage
  • Frontal cone
  • Stacks up to 5 times

Summon Ice Sphere

  • 10,000 damage
  • Frost damage
  • Knockback

Summon Raging Spirit

  • Spawns periodically
  • Uses Soul Shriek

Soul Shriek

  • 18,850 – 21,150 damage
  • Shadow damage
  • Frontal cone
  • Silences for 5 seconds


  • 3,000 damage
  • AoE Shadow damage
  • Gets bigger and more powerful every time it hits a raid member

Summon Val’kyr Shadowguard

  • A Val’kyr Shadowguard tries to pick up a random raid member and drop them off the top of Icecrown Citadel

Harvest Soul

  • 7,500 damage per second
  • Lasts 6 seconds
  • Transfers soul to Frostmourne

Vile Spirits

  • Summons 10 Vile Spirits
  • 30 second cast time
  • 14,138 – 15,862 damage when they become active
  • Shadow damage
  • 5 yard radius

Fury of Frostmourne

  • 1,000,000 damage
  • Shadow damage
  • Hits all raid members

The Lich King Boss Strategy Guide

  1. Start out by tanking the Lich King on the edge of the platform across from the throne.  DPS must take out the adds quickly, but not too quickly.  The reason you don’t want to take them out too quickly is because of a little ability called Necrotic Plague.  Healers need to dispel this off of players who get infected, but every time they do, it jumps to a nearby character.  Necrotic Plague can also jump to the adds, so make sure any raid member who gets infected runs to a mob as soon as they are infected so they can pass the Necrotic Plague to the adds instead of other raid members.
  2. You’ll know when the Lich King is at 70 percent health because he immediately moves to the center of the area and casts Remorseless Winter.  All raid members must run to the platform that extends out during the battle.  This should get them far enough away to avoid Remorseless Winter. 
  3. While you’re on the platform extension, kill the adds that spawn.  Assign about one or two melee DPS to the adds.  Ranged can stay on the Lich King.  These adds do have a silence ability, so all casters and healers should stay behind them to avoid it.  Ranged DPS must target the Frost Orbs and bring them down before they reach the raid to avoid a wipe.  The Frozen Orbs look like white balls of light, and they move slowly enough so it’s pretty easy to take them out before they reach the raid.
  4. DPS must stay spread out during this phase of the fight to keep from spreading Pain and Suffering to each other.
  5. As soon as the Lich King kneels, all raid members must run back to him because the platform extension will disappear.  There are also lines that appear in the ground, radiating from the Lich King when this happens.  At this point, go back to tanking the Lich King in the same position you started tanking him in at the beginning of the fight.  Avoid the dark pools that appear on the floor during this phase.  They will not only kill you, but get stronger the longer you stand in them.  Move out of these immediately.  Tanks must kite the Lich King out of these pools to keep melee DPS in the fight. 
  6. All DPS, especially ranged, should pick up the Val’kyr Shadowguards that spawn during this phase of the fight.  If they don’t, then whoever is picked up by these adds will be dropped off the side of Icecrown Citadel and die. 
  7. The Lich King will move back to the center of the area and cast Remorseless Winter again when he reaches 40 percent health.  Just rinse and repeat what you did earlier by running to the platform extension and taking out the adds with the silencing ability.  Ranged DPS stay on the Lich King.
  8. When the Lich King kneels again, run back to him again.  DPS should start picking up the next wave of adds that spawns.  Beware of this round of adds however, because they explode.  Kill them before they explode to avoid the majority of their damage.  If you’ve got a good ranged tank, this would be the time to use him.
  9. Healers, watch out for Harvest Soul.  Make sure you heal all raid members through this.  Raid members who are healed through Harvest Souls then get sucked into Frostmourne.  They should fight their way out to weaken the Lich King even further.  Just remember that if you die while you’re inside of Frostmourne, then you strengthen the Lich King, so it’s very important that you fight your way out successfully. 
  10. DPS raid members have a pretty straightforward fight inside of Frostmourne.  Just kill the spirit as quickly as you can.  Healers however, don’t need to fight to kill that spirit.  King Terenas is also inside of Frostmourne, so just heal him until he kills the spirit for you.  All raid members who get sucked into Frostmourne (especially healers) much watch out for the stacking debuff on King Terenas.  Interrupt this debuff to keep King Terenas in the fight.
  11. Phase four begins when the Lich King is at 10 percent health.  Remember, you’ve got 15 minutes to get him to this point, or the entire raid will die.  When the Lich King battle does reach phase four, everyone dies (but not really)!  DO NOT RELEASE when you die at the beginning of phase four.  It fades to black and is very deceiving, making you think that you did die, but DO NO RELEASE!  Watch the interaction between the Lich King and King Terenas.  King Terenas will then resurrect all raid members and hold the Lich King at bay while you finish him off.  DPS burn him down with everything you’ve got.
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  1. I am pretty sure that no one touches the adds at anytime other than the offtank. The plague ticks kill them and this way you leave dps on LK. My group only ever has 2 horrors spawned by the time we get to 70% and the 2nd of the 2 dies right as he starts to phase transition.

  2. On 2nd phase make sure you move out of the big vortex deal (Defile), our group wiped on it countless times because it takes up the entire room

  3. Note: the frost orbs only have 6k hp I thaught (not 100% shure) we assigned 1 ranged on them 2 kill it.
    Also we use an affliction lock+firemage that rly helps for getting down the spirits.

  4. Also you can decline the ress and see how tirgon kills it :)

  5. How do you fight your way out of the Frostmourne?
    My guild is has only started raiding the last few months. We’ve extended the last few weeks and are on Sindra now, soon to be at LK.
    But, It’s unclear to me how someone needs to fight their way of Frostmourne.

  6. Sorry. Is it a different realm you enter? ..where there’s just a spirit to kill and King Terenas and no one else?

  7. @Storm – I don’t really understand what it is exactly that you’re asking

  8. if u get in the frostmourne, this is how to get out:

    if u are dps!!!! get the add down
    if u are healer!!! heal the friendly target inside frostmourne

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