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In this week’s community spotlight I’d like to shine the light on one of the newest WoW pvp resource sites, WoW Contender’s primary goal is to develop a duel ranking system, to showcase the very best duelists on each server. In addition, they provide quality strategy guides and other resources.  I could tell you all about it, but I think Skorne, the site’s administrator does a much better job…

I wanted to find the best duellists (PvPers) in WoW, so I created a site that ranks players depending on how they perform in their duels. We provide a duelling service for WoW players where they can organize in game duels and bet gold safely on those duels. There are 5 contender ranks to attain ranging from Peasant to Champion and it is a players rank and score that sets them apart from other players and what determines the best duellists.
I would also like this site to become a great source of PvP information, where players can discuss tactics and strategy and upload their duel clips for others to see and learn from.
Please check out the video tutorial on how to setup your first in game duel.

WoW Contender is still a very young site, but even in these early stages it’s easy to see this resource is going places. If you’re interested in joining WoW Contender’s duelist ranking system make sure to stop by and get registered…it only takes a few minutes and you’ll be good to go!

Check out WoW Contender here

Author: Zuggy

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