Blood-Queen Lana’thel Boss Fight Strategy Guide

blood queen lana'thel boss fight strategy guide tactics

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Blood-Queen Lana’thel: 14,200,000 (normal) – 59,400,000 (heroic)

It is vital that every single DPS raid member be putting out the highest possible DPS.  You simply won’t be able to defeat her if your DPS isn’t high enough.  You’ll need at least 9,000 DPS on each DPS raid member for the 25-man version of this raid, and 7,500 DPS for each DPS raid member for the 10-man version.  The battle against Blood-Queen Lana’thel comes in two phases: ground and aerial.  Here’s a quick Blood-Queen Lana’thel boss strategy guide to get you started.

Blood-Queen Lana’thel Boss The Abilities

Blood Mirror

  • Links all of the tank’s damage with another raid member
  • Causes shadow damage on that raid member
  • Hits whoever’s standing closest to the tank

Delirious Slash

  • 50 – 75 percent weapon damage
  • Bleed effect
  • 4,500 – 6,750 damage every three seconds
  • Lasts 15 seconds

Vampiric Bite

  • 12,025 – 13,975 damage
  • Physical damage
  • Grants Essence of the Blood-Queen

Essence of the Blood Queen

  • Increases the damage you do by 100 percent
  • Gives you the ability to heal yourself with your attacks
  • Lasts 60 seconds
  • Your threat from your attack disappears

Frenzied Bloodthirst

  • Causes raid member infected with Essence of the Blood Queen to need to bite another raid member.
  • Instant cast
  • Lasts 15 seconds

Uncontrollable Frenzy

  • Increases damage dealt 100 percent
  • Increases health 5,000 percent
  • Increases healing 1,000 percent
  • Instant cast

Pact of the Darkfallen

  • Causes damage to nearby targets
  • Shadow damage

Shroud of Sorrow

  • 4,500 damage every 3 seconds
  • Shadow damage
  • Instant cast
  • 40 yard radius

Swarming Shadows

  • Creates a void underneath targeted raid member
  • 2,313 – 2,687 damage every 1 seconds
  • Shadow damage

Twilight Bloodbolt

  • 9,250 – 10,750 damage
  • Also damages raid members who are nearby the target
  • Shadow damage

Bloodbolt Whirl

  • 9,250 – 10,750 damage
  • Shadow damage
  • Hits all raid members

Blood-Queen Lana’thel Boss Fight Tactics

  1. The most important thing to remember about the fight against Blood-Queen Lana’thel is the biting.  She bites a random raid member early on in the battle.  Then after about a minute, that raid member must bite another raid member, or he will become mind-controlled.  The biting is important because it increases the amount of damage you do by 100 percent.  Therefore, the first one you should bite is your top DPS.  When that raid member needs to bite someone, he should bite the next highest DPS, and so forth.  Healers and tanks should only be bitten after all the DPS members have already been bitten.  You want your highest damage dealers doing the most damage possible, because you’ll wipe the entire raid if you don’t kill Blood Queen Lana’thel before you run out of raid members to bite.  Each raid member can only be bitten once.
  2. Keep your ranged DPS and healers spread out evenly to avoid the abilities that damage nearby raid members in addition to the target raid member.
  3. Healers, pay attention to which raid members have Blood Mirror cast on them.  You must heal through this ability because you could end up with a squishy raid member taking as much damage as the tank.  You really can’t afford to lose any raid members during this battle.
  4. If a circle appears under you, just keep moving to stay out of it.  All nearby raid members should also move to stay out of it.  Swarming Shadows will kill you if you keep standing in.
  5. If Pact of the Darkfallen is cast on you, look for the other raid members you’re linked to.  A red line will connect all the linked players.  Linked raid members must run together and meet to get rid of Pact of the Darkfallen.
  6. Healers, prepare for the aerial part of the battle after the ground part.  All raid members will be hit with Bloodbolt Whirl during the aerial part, so be prepared for heavy healing.
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