Blood Prince Council Boss Fight Strategy Guide

blood prince council strategy guide tactics

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Blood Prince Council Hit Points: 5,620,000 (normal) – 22,500,000 (heroic)

The Blood Prince council consists of three princes who all share the same health pool.  Only one becomes active at a time, starting with Prince Valanar.  After that, the order they become active in is random.  You’ll need three tanks for this fight, one for each prince.  One of those tanks should be a ranged tank, preferably a warlock.  Defeat the Blood Prince Council in 10 minutes or less.  Otherwise they’ll berserk and wipe the raid.  Here’s a quick Blood Prince Council boss strategy guide to get you started.

Blood Prince Council Boss Abilities

Prince Valanar

  • Empowered Shock Vortext: 7,000 physical damage, knockback, unlimited range
  • Shock Vortext: Physical damage and knockback.
  • Kinetic Bomb: 12,000 physical damage to all raid members near it if it hits the floor, Knockback 200 yards

Prince Keleseth

  • Empowered Shadow Lance: 85,313 – 89,687 shadow damage, 40 yard range
  • Shadow Lance: 17,063 – 17,937 shadow damage, 40 yard range
  • Shadow Resonance: Summons the Dark Nucleus
  • Dark Nucleus: 1,000 damage, reduces shadow damage taken by 35 percent, lasts 6 seconds

Prince Taldaram

  • Conjure Empowered Ball of Flames: Damages nearby raid members on the way to its target, explodes and causes fire damage, the amount of damage caused on impact depends on how many raid members were damaged along the way to the target
  • Conjure Ball of Flames: 10,000 fire damage when the Ball of Flames explodes
  • Glittering Sparks: 16,152 fire damage over 8 seconds, reduces movement speed 20 percent

Blood Prince Council Boss Strategy Guide

  1. Start out by positioning each of your tanks by all three Blood Princes.  The ranged tank goes to Blood Prince Keleseth.  All ranged DPS and healers should be spread out across the area evenly.  Melee DPS should start further out from the princes, but ready to run to Prince Valanar after he casts Empowered Shock Vortex.
  2. Prince Valanar casts Empowered Shock Vortex as soon as he becomes active, so melee DPS can approach after this is cast.  Obviously, melee DPS should run away from Prince Valanar when he first activates later in the fight, but they can start out a distance away.
  3. Ranged DPS should focus on keeping the Kinetic Bombs in the air.  They’re the white glowing balls of light, and they will explode if they hit the ground.  Assign about two (more for a 25-man) ranged DPS to keep the balls up.
  4. The next prince to activate is random, but you’ll know when they switch because Prince Valanar’s health will suddenly go to zero.  Switch to the Blood Prince that has health inside his health bar.  The other two will be empty.
  5. For Prince Keleseth, use a ranged tank to hold aggro on both the prince and his Dark Nuclei.  The ranged tank should not get within melee range however, because he hits hard.  All raid members other than the ranged tank must not hit the Dark Nuclei because the ranged tank needs the buff from them to stay alive.  The ranged tank should stay away from Prince Keleseth but close to the Dark Nuclei.
  6. As soon as Prince Taldaram activates, he will Conjure Empowered Ball of Flames.  This targets a random raid member, but it gives off sparks along the way to the raid member.  It’s very important for all raid members who can get into the path of the ball of flames to do so and take some of the damage.  This will keep it from killing the targeted raid member when it reaches him because the ball gets smaller as it spits sparks.
  7. It’s pretty much rinse and repeat from there, using the proper strategy for the right Blood Prince.
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