Festergut Boss Fight Strategy Guide Tactics

festergut boss fight strategy guide tactics

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The second wing of Icecrown Citadel opened January 5th, and there are three new bosses to kill in the 10- and 25-man raid.  There’s a great deal of strategy involved with all four bosses, so you’ll want to study this article before you head in.

Festergut Boss Strategy Guide

The key to beating Festergut is killing him before he berserks.  If he goes into berserk mode, he will explode and likely wipe the entire party. You’ve got five minutes to kill him before the berserk phase begins, so make sure you’ve got high enough DPS to take him out in time.

Festergut Boss Abilities

Hit Points: 9,000,000 (normal) – 40,440,000 (heroic)

Gas Spore

  • Hits two random party members
  • Causes 1,950 – 2,050 damage to nearby party members after 12 seconds
  • Physical damage
  • Instant cast

Gaseous Blight

  • 4,388 – 4,612 damage
  • Shadow damage
  • Hits all party members

Inhale Blight

  • Increases Festergut’s damage by 30 percent.
  • 3.5 second cast

Pungent Blight

  • 48,750 – 51,250 damage
  • Shadow damage
  • 3 second cast
  • Damages every party member

Vile Gas

  • 4,875 – 5,125 damage every two seconds
  • Lasts six seconds
  • Causes infected party members to vomit and damage other nearby party members for about 4,000 points

Gastric Bloat

  • 9,750 – 10,250 damage
  • Nature damage
  • Damage increases 10 percent each time it’s cast
  • Causes Gastric Explosion when it reaches 10 stacks.
  • Instant cast
  • Lasts 100 seconds

Gastric Explosion

  • Kills the infected party member
  • 29,250 – 30,750 damage to nearby party members.
  • Shadow damage

Festergut Boss Strategy Tactics

  1. Use two tanks to draw Festergut into the middle of the room.  All ranged DPS should fan out around Festergut, keeping at least 10 yards in between them.  Melee DPS should take their usual position behind Festergut.
  2. Unlike most abilities in any other boss you’ve ever fought, make sure all party members get hit by Gas Spore.  It causes minimal damage, but protects against Festergut’s Pungent Blight ability, which hits for 50,000 damage.  Festergut will cast Gas Spore three times, hitting two players each time.  The raid members who were hit by Gas Spore will have a colored ball above their heads.  All raid members who were not hit by it should run over to the nearest affected party member to catch the Gas Spores.  Infected DPS standing closest to the tanks should also make a point of running to the tanks to make sure they get the Gas Spores.  Tanks should hold their position and let infected players come to them.  DPS must resume their positions when Gas Spore is not being cast in order to avoid killing each other with Vile Gas.
  3. Tanks should taunt off each other throughout the fight, keeping an eye on each other’s Gastric Bloat stack.  When the first tank’s stack reaches 9, the second tank must taunt Festergut off of him or he will explode, possibly causing a raid wipe.  The number 9 is very important because the infected tank’s DPS keeps going up with each stack, so higher numbers are better until 10, when he immediately explodes.
  4. Healers, be ready for the tank switch and heal other raid members through the other abilities.  As long as your DPS follow the pattern of spreading out and running back in to get the Gas Spores, you should be able to focus on your two tanks.

Festergut Strategy Guide Video

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