Best Professions for Rogue

best professions for rogueWhen you reach level 80, it might be time to take a look at your professions.  It’s always good to choose two gathering professions so you can make plenty of WoW gold on the way to level 80, but when you reach level 80 you’ll have no problem making a lot of gold in a short amount of time, even without gathering professions.

Best Professions for Rogue: Skinning

Skinning is probably the best profession for any rogue to have.  If you didn’t choose skinning as one of your two gathering professions, go back and level it up.  Skinning gives you Master of Anatomy, which gives +40 to your crit chance, a valuable plus for any rogue.

To give your skinning a boost, try to get your hands on either Finkle’s Skinner, or a Zulian Slicer.  Both add 10 to your skinning skill.  As a rogue, you may want to specifically look for the Zulian Slicer because you can dual-wield it for +20 to skinning.  The Zulian Slicer drops off High Priest Thekal in Zul’Gurub.  It’s probably easiest to check the auction house for it.

Best Professions for Rogue: Leatherworking

The profession which pairs best with skinning is leatherworking.  This is a good choice for rogues also, especially the elemental leatherworking specialization.  Leatherworking will also help you with some gear until you get fully geared after you run some instances.  In general, the gear you can make with leatherworking will be better than the gear you get from drops, except for drops from the bosses in most instances.

Elemental leatherworking is the best specialization for rogues because the pieces you’ll be able to make give valuable pluses to agility, which is one of the rogue’s key attributes.

After you level leatherworking all the way to 450, check out the offerings from Braeg Stoutbeard in Dalaran.  He sells rare and epic patterns for both leather and mail items.  You’ll find Stoutbeard outside the leatherworking shop.

Best Professions for Rogue: Engineering

One other profession that works best for rogues is engineering.  This one might now seem obvious, but rogues can definitely benefit from the epic goggles you gain access to at level 450.  The Weakness Spectralizers is probably one of the best head gear items for rogues in the game, and you have to be an engineer to make it.  The Weakness Spectralizers give you 73 to agility and 90 to stamina.  They’re also socketed, with a +8 critical strike rating when you use the socket.  These goggles also give you +43 to critical strike rating and increases your attack power by 148.

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