1-450 Alchemy Leveling Guide

This guide is outdated, please visit the following link to view our  most up to date guide: Alchemy Leveling Guide 1-525

1-450-alchemy-leveling-guideAlchemy goes well with herbalism, especially if you’re power-leveling the two professions together.  Leveling herbalism at the same time you’re leveling alchemy will make it much cheaper and a lot faster.  If you’re already an herbalist, you can always farm for the herbs to save yourself some gold, or just buy them on the auction house if gold’s not an issue.

Having a good alchemy leveling guide is important if you want to get it done in just a few hours.  This 1-450 alchemy leveling guide will show you which recipes to focus on to level your character to the top of the alchemy profession quickly and easily.

Alchemy Leveling Guide: Levels 1-60

  • Go pick up Apprentice Alchemy at the trainer.
  • Levels 1-60: Minor Healing Potions—The first 60 levels are quick and easy.  All you need are 60 Empty Vials, 60 Peacebloom, and 60 Silverleaf
  • Go pick up Journeyman Alchemy at the trainer.

Alchemy Leveling Guide: Levels 60-130

  • Levels 60-110: Lesser Healing Potions—Use 50 of the Minor Healing Potions you just made to create Lesser Healing Potions.  All you need is 50 Briarthorn
  • Levels 110-130: Healing Potions—You need 20 Leaded Vials, Briarthorn, and Bruiseweed for this one.
  • Go pick up Exert Alchemy at the trainer.

Alchemy Leveling Guide: Levels 130-215

  • Levels 130-150: Lesser Mana Potions—You need 20 Empty Vials, Mageroyal, and Stranglekelp for this one.
  • Levels 155-185: Greater Healing Potions—You need 30 Leaded Vials, Kingsblood, and Liferoot for this recipe.
  • Levels 185-215: Elixirs of Agility—You need 30 Leaded Vials, Strangekelp, and Goldthorn to make this one.
  • Go pick up Artisan Alchemy at the trainer.

Alchemy Leveling Guide: Levels 215-300

  • Levels 215-230: Elixirs of Greater Defense (Leaded Vial, Wild Steelbloom, Goldthorn) and Greater Mana Potions (Leaded Vial, Goldthorn, Khadgar’s Whisker)
  • Level 230-231: Philosopher’s Stone- Make this and keep it for later.  You’ll have to buy the recipe for it from a vendor in Gadgetzan.  You need 4 Iron Bars, 1 Black Vitriol, 4 Purple Lotus, and 4 Firebloom.
  • Levels 231-250: Superior Healing Potions (Crystal Vials, Sungrass, and and Khadgar’s Whisker) and Elixirs of Greater Water Breathing  (Crystal Vials, Ichor of Undeath, and Purple Lotus)
  • Levels 250-275: Elixirs of Shadow Power (Crystal Vials, Ghost Mushroom), Elixirs of Greater Agility (Crystal Vials, Sungrass, and Goldthorn) and Superior Mana Potions (Crystal Vials, Sungrass, and Blindweed).
  • Levels 275-300: Major Healing Potions– You need Crystal Vials, Mountain Silversage, and 2 Golden Sansam for each, so a total of 50 Golden Sansam to make 25 of these.
  • Go pick up Master Alchemy at the trainer.

Alchemy Leveling Guide: Levels 300-360

  • Levels 300-335: Elixirs of Healing Power (Imbued Vials, Golden Sansam, and Dreaming Glory), Volatile Healing Potions (Imbued Vials, Golden Sansam, and Felweed), Major Mana Potions (Crystal Vials, 3 Dreamfoil each, 2 Icecap each), Elixirs of Major Strength (Imbued Vials, Felweed, Mountain Silversage).
  • Choose an alchemy specialization at alchemy level 325.  You can choose from potions, elixirs, or transmutations.
  • Levels 335-340: Mad Alchemists Potions (Crystal Vials and 2 Ragveil each), Super Healing Potions (Crystal Vials, Sungrass, and Khadgar’s Whisker)
  • Levels 340-360: Super Mana Potions (This recipe is available from vendors in Blade’s Edge Mountains or Zangarmarsh.)  You need Imbued Vials, 2 Dreamfoil each, and Felweed for this recipe.
  • Visit the trainer and learn Grand Master Alchemy.  You can do this as early as level 350 if you wish.

Alchemy Leveling Guide: Levels 360-450

  • Levels 360-380: Elixirs of Major Shadow Power (Imbued Vials, Nightmare Vine, and Ancient Lichen), Icy Mana Potion (Imbued Vials, 2 Talandra’s Rose each), Spellpower Elixir (Imbued Vials, Tiger Lily, Goldclover).
  • Levels 380-400: Potions of Nightmares (Imbued Vials, 2 Talandra’s Rose each, Goldclover), Elixirs of Mighty Strength (Imbued Vials, 2 Tiger Lily each), Pygmy Oil (Pygmy Suckerfish), Elixirs of Mighty Agility (Imbued Vials, 2 Adder’s Tongue each, 2 Goldclover each)
  • Level 400: Northrend Alchemy Research– 10 Goldclover, 10 Adder’s Tongue, 4 Talandra’s Rose, 4 Enchanted Vials.  This can only be done every 3 days.  You’ll discover new alchemy recipes through research.
  • Level 401:  Alchemist’s Stone—Philosopher’s Stone, Earthstorm Diamond, Skyfire Diamond, 2 Fel Lotus, 5 Primal Might
  • Levels 401-425: Elixirs of Mighty Agility, Runic Healing Potion (Imbued Vials, Goldclover, 2 Icethorn each), Runic Mana Potion (Imbued Vials, Goldclover, 2 Lichbloom each), Elixir of Lightning Speed (Imbued Vials, Deadnettle, Crystallized Life), Transmutation of Earthsiege Diamond (Dark Jade, Huge Citrine, and Eternal Fire, Skyflare Diamond (Bloodstone, Chalcedony, and Eternal Air)
  • Levels 425-450: Flask of the Frost Wyrm (Enchanted Vials, Frost Lotus, 5 Lichbloom, and 5 Icethorn), Flask of Stoneblood (Enchanted Vials, Frost Lotus, 3 Crystallized Life, and 7 Lichbloom), Flask of Endless Rage (Enchanted Vials, Frost Lotus, 3 Goldclover each, 7 Lichbloom each), Flask of Pure Mojo (Enchanted Vials, Frost Lotus, 3 Pygmy Oil each, 7 Icethorn each)
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