Anub’arak Boss Strategy Guide

anub'arak boss fight strategy guide

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Anub’arak is the fifth and final boss in the Trial of the Crusader instance.  For this encounter in Trial of the Crusader, you’ll basically need to know how to use Anub’arak’s abilities against him.  If you can keep him from burrowing, you’ll avoid one set of attacks which can really do a lot of damage.  Let’s start out this Anub’arak boss strategy guide with a look at his abilities.

Hit points: 19.77 million
The Loot: Tier 9, ilevel 232 items

Anub’arak Boss Strategy Guide: The Abilities

Leeching Swarm

  • Leeches 20% of your health per second
  • Takes at least 250 health points
  • Hits multiple party members at once
  • 50,000 yard range
  • 1.5 second cast

Nerubian Burrower

  • Spawns 2 at a time
  • 50% physical damage debuff
  • Stacks


  • Reduces movement speed in a given area by 80%
  • Instant cast
  • The result of hitting down a frost sphere
  • Protects your party members from some of the other attacks if you play it right.

Pursued by Anub’arak

  • Anub’arak chases a raid member
  • 50,000 yard range
  • Lasts a minute
  • Instant cast

Pursuing Spikes

  • 2,828 to 3,172 damage
  • Physical damage
  • Left by Anub’arak when he starts to pursue a raid member
  • Tosses you up in the air
  • Armor does NOT affect this attack
  • Cannot penetrate Permafrost
  • Instant cast
  • 4 yard radius


  • Anub’arak burrows into the ground
  • 2.5 second cast

Summon Scarab

  • A Swarm Scarab emerges


  • 11,310 to 12,690 damage
  • Physical damage
  • Ignores armor
  • Doesn’t penetrate Permafrost

Anub’arak Boss Strategy Guide: Step by Step Boss Fight Tactics

  1. Start by tanking Anub’arak right in the middle of the ground.  Use one main tank on the boss when this encounter begins.  Save one off-tank for the Nerubian Burrowers, which will start to pop up during the first part of the encounter.
  2. Watch for the frost spheres floating above your heads.  Shoot down a bunch in the middle of the area, right under the place where you’re tanking Anub’arak.  You’ll start to see plenty of Permafrost on the ground then, which will keep Anub’arak from being able to burrow.  This is a good thing!
  3. Make sure one healer is assigned only to heal your main tank.  Anub’arak hits VERY hard.  Assign two other healers for DPS and the off-tank.  Also split your DPS into teams.  The majority will target Anub’arak, and you’ll need about three others to help the off-tank with the Nerubian Burrowers.  Kill ALL the Nerubian Burrowers before Anub’arak reaches 30% health.
  4. If you’re unable to keep Anub’arak from burrowing, then have one or two ranged DPS focus on knocking down plenty of frost spheres.  The larger the Permafrost area is on the ground, the fewer party members will be hit by his Impale ability.
  5. When Anub’arak burrows, he’ll also start to pursue one of your party members.  That player should make sure he’s ALWAYS on top of a Permafrost area to keep from getting impaled.
  6. The final phase of the encounter begins when Anub’arak is down to 30% health.  Basically you’ll see a constant cast of Leeching Swarm when this part of the encounter starts, so healers need to be ready.  They’re going to have to bite the bullet and heal the whole party through Leeching Swarm because it doesn’t end until you’ve defeated Anub’arak.
  7. Don’t over-heal during this final part of the Anub’arak encounter.  Healers need to keep all party members alive, but if they over-heal, then they’re just extending the encounter because Anub’arak gains life while party members lose it.
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