Beta Gaming Tester Guide Review

There are a lot of guides and websites on the Internet that promise a route to becoming a professional game tester of some kind or another. So for those with the dream and those who have tried any of them out before, T Dub Sanders’ newest guide over at is nothing new. The guide doesn’t even look new to those that have been trying this for a while. But, if you scratch the surface a bit and start looking at what this guide really offers, you’ll find that it is one of the best on the market and incredibly adept at presenting a route that nearly anyone can follow if they are really serious about getting a job in this field.

beta-gaming-tester-guide-reviewTo start with, the guide doesn’t mince words. You’re not going to be told over and over again how easy the process is. Not to be pessimistic, but this is a real career with a lot of competition and a great deal of envy from those that have been seeking out a route to get there for some time. So, when it comes to finding out how to actually become a game tester, you want a guide that is going to be realistic about what it expects of people. It should tell you that the process is easy and could be done by nearly anyone – it should showcase the actual steps and the path to really getting ahead.

That is where excels where so many others fail. After all, people may want to be helped, but they don’t want to be patronized and this guide provides just that sense of calm that is truly needed to excel in the field. Anyone truly serious about making a run for a career that is full of opportunities to advance, should be reading this guide because it shows every possible path to getting the job along with the skills you’ll need, all the things you’ll need to deal with and the myths of the career that you are probably harboring right now.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure that T Dub Sanders had it in him to write something about a career like game testing. After all, this is the WoW guy – the one that has been working on PvP and beginner’s guides for the last few years. But, after reading his newest, I have to say that for anyone really serious about finding a job as a game tester, there isn’t a better option out there right now. You need to read T Dub’s guide.

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  1. I tried the guide a few days back. I would say it’s a a real eye opener for those who want to start a career in getting paid to play video games. I’d give it a 7.5/10

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