Warlock Talent Builds

warlock-talent-buildWarlock tal

ent builds are unique for pvp and pve. ZugGaming has a great guide to Warlock talent builds to keep you on your way. The success of a warlock in pvp order generic cialis depends a lot on his pet, while in pve it depends on dot timers and cast rotations.

Warlock PvP Talent Builds

The main role of warlocks in pvp is to output damage and crowd control, similar to mages. Warlocks are mostly cloth tanks, so all pvp specs will consist of soul link spec to decrease damage taken by the warlock.

Warlock PvE Talent Builds

Warlocks main purpose in raids is to dps. There are some Warlock talent builds designed to increase the raid dps, but most of them are purely the highest damage output. Warlocks can raid as either affliction or destruction spec depending on personal preference.

Warlock Leveling Talent Builds

Warlocks are one of the best class to level with life tap and drain soul, the class requires almost no down time (credit tsintilas). Most warlocks choose to level as Demonology because of the ability of the pet to tank and output a lot of damage itself.

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  1. dude your pvp affliction talent tree build link only shows 6 talents built in…might wanna fix that

  2. @Haryy, thanks for pointing that out. I know all of our talent guides are currently broken, in the process of fixing all of them…should be ready within a week or less.

  3. Your destro pve build is complete only to level 25

  4. Hey doc…I know, I do apologize. We’ve got all our new talent guides fixed up, hoping to get them up in the next day or so.

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