Ulduar Instance Guide & Boss Strategies

Ulduar is blizzard’s newest instance creation and the first major patch development project for Wrath of the Lich King. This instance features some of blizzard’s finest design work and will certainly be one of the most challenging dungeons yet.

Ulduar is the first dungeon to be developed with various in-fight difficulty levels. Of course, there are normal and heroic (10 / 25 man) modes, but in addition many fights now have a “hard mode”. This works similar to the way Sartharion worked, with the addition of each drake ramping up the overall difficulty of the fight. All normal, heroic, and “hard mode” difficulties will be covered below in the individual ulduar boss strategies guides below.

ulduar-strategy-guideUlduar Boss Strategies

  1. Flame Leviathan Boss Strategy Guide
  2. Naxxramas 10-Man Instance Guide & Boss Strategies
  3. The Violet Hold Instance Guide
  4. New Ulduar Items and Badge of Conquest Items
  5. Patch 3.1 Uldar Information

Author: Zuggy

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  1. Hello, Can you please send me the addons list that Priest had in Uldar videos?

  2. which video are you referring to

  3. Hodir Video Strategy (10 man) in this movie
    p.s thanks

  4. it’s not my video, but it looks like the following:

    dominos, grid, sct, xperl (not sure on this)

  5. The addons i see are, PItbul unit frames, Healbot, Quartz cast bar, and dominoes or bartender action bars.


  6. What was the song for the Hodir 10-man video lol

  7. Tiesto – Elements Of´╗┐ Life

  8. hey zuggy i would like to say thx for this after reading ur ulduar guide i led my grp thru it with ZERO wipes on our first try =)

  9. @Bromorla – hey, that’s great news! Way to go. For a first time through with zero wipes that’s really impressive…onto heroic mode now!

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