New Ulduar Items and Badge of Conquest Items

Badge of Conquest Items

Ulduar Normal (10) and Heroic (25) Items

General Vezax (25)

General Vezax (10)
Not Yet Available

Iron Council (25)

Iron Council (10)

Kologarn (25)

Kologarn (10)
Not Yet Available

Freya (25)

Freya (10)
Not Yet Available

Thorim (25)
Not Yet Available

Thorim (10)
Not Yet Available

Hodir (25)

Hodir (10)
Not Yet Available

Flame Leviathan (25)

Flame Leviathan (10)
Not Yet Available

Ignis the Furnace Master (25)

Ignis the Furnace Master (25)
Not Yet Available

XT-002 Deconstructor (25)

XT-002 Deconstructor (10)
Not Yet Available

Razorscale (25)

Razorscale (10)
Not Yet Available

Algalon the Observer (Hard Mode only boss)

All Bosses:

*No Blizzard confirmation on which difficultuies will drop the fragements. So far the general consensus appears to be they will only drop in 25 man hard mode.

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Author: Zuggy

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  1. Wow, casters are really getting fucked over with all that no-good spirit wasting all of the itemization points. Glad I made a dk.

  2. woot for mp5!

  3. ele shams getting shafted…again…i guess ill start building up my enh set

  4. I’ll be livin that enhancement dream with you, pissedele…live the dream.

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