Amazing Ulduar Yogg Saron Audio

When it comes to voice acting in World of Warcraft…well, let’s just say it leaves much to be desired. The overall dialogue and voice overs in general typically come off as a rushed afterthought. That said, with Ulduar it really looks like blizzard is taking the voice acting to a completely new level we’ve yet to see in WoW.

Take a listen to this quick 3 minute audio clip featuring Yogg Saron from Ulduar. The overall quality and intensity of the voice over is quite impressing and adds a whole new level of immersion in the dungeon.

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Author: Zuggy

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  1. Fucking sweet. His laugh looks like Baal’s from D2 Throne’. Still, nothing will beat the “TOO SOON, EXECUTUS!”

  2. ”I will break you as I broke him” Lich King talking to Yogg Saron about how he took over Arthas? While torturing Yogg Saron?

    ”You will learn, no king rules forever, only death is eternal.” Arthas talking to Yogg Saron from the Lich King’s mind?


  3. haha…right on, Nox. Can’t wait to see this boss first hand.

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