Upcoming Mana Regen Redesign

If you’ve raided in any capacity as a healer in WotLK then you are already fully aware how trivial mana regeneration has become for the vast majority of boss encounters. This of course dramatically reduces the overall complexity involved in the healer process. Managing your mana and healing efficiently has always been a large part of the healing game, but not any more.

It’s a large enough problem that blizzard has formally acknowledged it and they are apparently working on a redesign solution to be implemented in a future patch.

We think mana regen is too trivial at the moment in PvE and just right or too difficult in PvP (depending on the class). Now part of that is because the content is easy. Part of it is because we’ve given players a lot of reasons to avoid having to worry about the FSR. Part of it is just generous talents (like Illumination). Part of it was the change to let Int scale regen to some degree. The whole package is something we’re looking at. Mana regen is supposed to be part of the game – you aren’t supposed to graduate out of it with enough gear.

mana_regeneration_redesignIt’s hard to say if the current system is fundamentally broken or if it’s a problem compounded by over simplistic instances. Either way, I don’t think there’s any denying that spirit based regeneration is far and away superior to MP5. This in effect causes a rift in the way healing and itemization is handled by paladin / shamans vs. druids / priests. I wouldn’t say this is necessarily a negative, but it’s something that needs a serious look by the developers.

The underlying  problem is simple…healing is too easy. Quite frankly there is no “mana management” any longer for healers. As a shaman or a paladin you are essentially spamming start to finish, where mana gain talents and insanely large mana pools suffice in lieu of spirit based regeneration. As a priest or druid  the spamming is marked with brief periods of standing around while insane not casting regeneration allows for incredible amounts of regeneration.

It’s great to see the developer’s are at least acknowledging there’s a problem, but more importantly I’m excited to see what type of solutions Blizzard has planned.

For more information on these recent changes I highly recommend checking out Phaelia’s recent post regarding this topic, it’s a great write up from the druid’s perspective and gives a complete break down of these issues. Highly recommend reading!

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  1. Warriors and rogues also need spirit gear. On my warrior, I’m always barely able to have enough rage to use all my spells in a row.

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